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Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Volteon, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Volteon

    Volteon Back I guess??

    Almost everything posted by hemslow

    Platinum information by GameFAQs

    "Where to aim and FAQ by Kyogre35


    Post One

    Macho Brace
    Power Items
    EXP Share
    Jump & Trip

    Post Two

    Hot Spots


    Before you even think about EV training, you will need to have a Pokémon with the correct nature and good individual values. Take a look at the Smogon University Breeding Guide.


    Effort values, or ‘EVs,’ (sometimes referred to as effort points or ‘EPs,’) are gained by battling your Pokémon. EVs that are gained in battle are added to a statistic depending on the Pokémon that you defeat. Each Pokémon can earn 510 EVs with a maximum of 252 EVs allocated for each statistic. Every 4 EVs that a Pokémon earns in one statistic adds a one point increase to that statistic by the time the Pokémon reaches LV100.

    127 points can be added to your Pokémon by level 100 from successful EV training with a maximum of a 63 point increase (252/4) in one statistic. As EVs gained are added to the total statistic by level 100, a direct effect may not always be visible when leveling up, especially in lower levels. If you EV trained a higher level Pokémon the effect would be more noticeable when leveling up as there are less levels to reach LV100 and therefore less levels to spread the EV gains across.

    Any Pokémon that is caught in the wild or hatched from an egg will not have any EVs. If you level up a Pokémon in Day Care or use the item Rare Candy the Pokémon will not gain EVs.


    To train a Pokémon to gain EVs you need to battle Pokémon in the wild or face off against other trainers within the game. You must defeat the Pokémon in battle to gain EVs. You will not gain EVs by battling online, or in the Battle Tower. Basically, wherever you will earn experience points you will also earn EVs.

    EVs are hidden values and must be calculated manually. Make sure you know the amount of EVs the Pokémon you are facing will give you so that you can accurately record your EVs. If you are unsure, the Serebii Pokédex displays EVs that Pokémon will emit from battle.

    Let’s say I have a Lapras and I would like to increase my special attack statistic to its full potential. Gastly will give me 1 EV in special attack, so going to the Old Chateau and defeating 252 Gastly will give me the maximum 63 point increase to the special attack statistic of my Lapras. If I tried to further EV train the special attack statistic after gaining 252 EVs, the EVs would be wasted and would have no effect.


    Fortunately you can speed the EV training process up using items. HP Up, Protein, Iron, Calcium, Zinc and Carbos can all be used to raise EVs. Each of these items will add 10 EVs to the corresponding statistic. These items are limited to 10 of each item per Pokémon. The items can be purchased from the Veilstone Apartment Store. Below is a list of the statistics they will raise.

    HP Up - HP
    Protein - Attack
    Iron - Defense
    Calcium - Special Attack
    Zinc - Special Defense
    Carbos - Speed

    Macho Brace

    The Macho Brace will double the amount of EVs that you earn. For example, defeating Floatzel would usually give a Pokémon 2 EVs in speed but a Pokémon holding the Macho Brace will receive double the EVs, 4. The only disadvantage to this item is that it will cut your speed statistic in half whilst it’s being held. The Macho Brace can be obtained by showing 3 types of Burmy to a boy who lives in Pastoria City, directly above the Pokémart.

    Power Items

    Power items are the fastest method of EV training your Pokémon. There is a power item for each statistic, each one will give 4 EVs in the corresponding statistic each time you defeat a Pokémon. Each of the power items can be obtained by trading 16 battle points at the Battle Park. Like Macho Brace, holding a Power Item will cut your speed statistic in half.

    Let’s say I battle and defeat a wild Floatzel. Usually this would give 2 speed EVs. Holding the Power Anklet will gain an extra 4 EVs in speed, totaling 6 speed EVs altogether. Power items will always give the 4 EVs in the corresponding item statistic regardless of the Pokémon you face. For example, let’s say we battle and defeat the same Floatzel that will give 2 speed EVs. This time, if the Pokémon is holding the Power Bracer instead of the Power Anklet the 2 speed EVs will be gained from the Floatzel as well as 4 EVs in attack from the Power Bracer.

    Power Weight - HP
    Power Bracer - Attack
    Power Belt - Defense
    Power Lens - Special Attack
    Power Band - Special Defense
    Power Anklet - Speed

    EXP Share

    EXP Share is another useful item for EV training as EVs are gained each time experience is gained. If a Pokémon in your party is holding the EXP Share item, it will gain the same EVs as if it was the active Pokémon in battle.

    Let’s say Lapras is my active Pokémon and I have a Drifloon in my party holding EXP Share. Lapras defeats a Gastly and gains 1 special attack EV. Drifloon will also gain 1 special attack EV. If Lapras was holding a Power Item, Lapras would gain 1 special attack EV and an extra 4 EVs in the relevant stat. The EXP Share Pokémon, Drifloon, would not gain the extra boost from the Power Item that Lapras was holding, it would only gain the 1 EV in special attack that the Gastly emits.


    Pokérus is a Pokémon virus that will double the amount of EVs you earn in battle after all item increases. For example, if Lapras with Pokérus battles and defeats Floatzel it will gain 4 speed EVs, instead of the usual 2 speed EVs. If Lapras with Pokérus was holding the Power Anklet it would gain 2 speed EVs from Floatzel plus 4 speed EVs from the Power Anklet, this would then be doubled by Pokérus to give an end result of 12 speed EVs. Finally, if Lapras was holding the Power Bracer it would gain 2 speed EVs from Floatzel plus 4 attack EVs, these would then both be doubled by Pokérus to give 4 Speed EVs and 8 attack EVs. Pokérus will not multiply the effect of HP Up, Protein, Iron, Calcium, Zinc and Carbos.


    If you miscalculate EVs whilst training, accidently apply EVs to the wrong statistic or change your mind about your EV spread there are berries available to reduce your EVs. All the berries can be obtained from the Berry Master who lives on route 208.

    The berries will drop EVs in the corresponding statistic by 10, or if the amount of EVs in the statistic was over 100, the berry would reduce the stat to 100. For example if Lapras had 96 EVs in special attack each Hondew Berry would reduce the EVs by 10. If Lapras had 216 EVs in special attack, the first Hondew Berry would reduce the EVs to 100 and every Hondew Berry used thereafter would reduced the EVs by 10.

    If you are completely unsure of the amount of EVs your Pokémon has, using 11 of each berry will clear all EVs.

    21 Pomeg Berry - HP
    22 Kelpsy Berry - Attack
    23 Qualot Berry - Defense
    24 Hondew Berry - Special Attack
    25 Grepa Berry - Special Defense
    26 Tamato Berry - Speed


    EV training can be completed at any level but it is best to complete EV training on your Pokémon at as low a level as possible to make leveling up your Pokémon an easier process. If you complete EV training at low levels you no longer need to worry about recording EVs and it becomes faster to reach LV100.


    EV spreads for competitive battling can be found on Smogon Univeristy. Depending on the moveset and purpose of your Pokémon, you may want to create your own. When creating you’re own EV spreads there are some vital things that you will need to take into account. Jump and trip points, speed, HP and defenses.

    Jump & Trip

    The nature that you give your Pokémon will effect EV training due to a 10% increase of one statistic and a 10% decrease of another statistic. Because of these percentage gains/losses the EVs that you invest into the effected stats will differ.

    252 EVs is the maximum that can be placed into one statistic equaling a 63 point gain. If a nature is beneficial to a statistic the 10% increase of the statistic will actually add more than 63 points from 252 EVs. 1 extra point is added at each of the following ‘jump points.’ If you maximized a nature beneficial statistic, or at least passed all the EV jump points an extra 6 points will be gained. The maximum point increase becomes 69, instead of 63.

    Jump Points: 16 56 96 136 176 216

    For example, if I had a Jolly natured Scyther and placed 176 EVs into speed I would gain 44 points from the EVs (176/4) and an extra 5 points as I have passed 5 jump points, totaling a 49 point gain. Jump points can only ever effect a nature beneficial statistic, they have no effect to a nature hindering statistic or a neutral statistic.

    Trip points work similarly to jump points. If a nature hinders a statistic the 10% decrease will add less than 63 points from 252 EVs. 1 point is deducted at each of the following ‘trip points.’ If you maximized a nature hindering statistic, or at least passed all the EV trip points, 6 points will be deducted from the statistic. The maximum point increase becomes 57, instead of 63.

    Trip points: 20 60 100 140 180 220

    Jolly Scyther will decrease the special attack statistic by 10%. Let’s say I want to invest 100 EVs into the special attack statistic of my Scyther. I would gain 25 points from the EVs (100/4) but loose 3 points as I have passed 3 trip points, totaling a 22 point gain. Trip points can only effect a nature hindering statistic, they have no effect to a nature beneficial statistic or a neutral statistic. As you can see from the ludicrous example above, trip points should never really come into play as there should be no reason to EV train a statistic that you have chosen to decrease with nature.


    EVs invested into speed should be calculated to outrun a base speed benchmark. Investing speed EVs to reach a benchmark will preserve your EVs for other statistics. The downside to EV training to a benchmark is that you will be unable to outrun Pokémon of the same type who have invested maximum EVs into the speed statistic.

    To decide what benchmark of Pokémon you would like to outrun, take into account the purpose and moveset of your Pokémon. If you have an out-and-out sweeper such as Scyther, investing fully into the speed stat will be more beneficial than benchmarking.

    Let’s use Leafeon to work out how to EV speed to a benchmark. With a jolly nature Leafeon has a maximum speed stat of 317, with 252 EVs, 31 IVs and 10% nature increase inclusive. Outrunning base 90 speed Pokémon will put Leafeon at a good advantage. Base 90 speed Pokémon can reach a maximum of 306 in the speed stat assuming they also have a speed beneficial nature, 252 EVs and 31 IVs.

    The idea is to calculate how many EVs it will take to match the maximum possible speed of base 90 speed Pokémon, then outrun them but either 1 or 2 points. It’s up to you whether you choose to outrun by 1 or 2 points. The reason to outrun maximum speed by 2 points is to outrun those who have EV trained their Pokémon to outrun the same benchmark by 1.

    First, subtract 69 (for maximum EVs, as both Pokémon in this example have a speed beneficial nature) from the maximum speed of the Pokémon you’d like to outrun and the maximum speed of the Pokémon you are EV training. If you wanted to use this same calculation while using Pokémon with a neutral nature or hindering nature in speed, deduct only 63 or 57 points for maximum EVs, (As detailed in the jump & trip section.)

    Stage One
    317-69 = 248
    306-69 = 237

    Next, subtract the stage one result for the base 90 speed Pokémon from the stage one result of Leafeon. Multiply the result by 4 to calculate the EV equivalent of point difference between the two speed statistics. Subtract the EV equivalent from 252 to calculate an estimate amount of EVs Leafeon will need to invest in the speed statistic to match the base 90 speed Pokémon statistic of 306.??In this case, this can only be an estimate as Leafeon has a beneficial nature in speed which will add jump points to the speed stat, throwing the calculation off slightly. If this same calculation was done with two neutral natured speed statistics, or at least Leafeon with a neutral speed statistic, this result would be exact.

    Stage Two
    248-237 = 11
    11x4 = 44
    252-44 = 208

    Now, work out the point gain in speed Leafeon will acquire from 208 EVs with a speed beneficial nature. 208 EVs will equal a 52 point gain (208/4.) 208 EVs also passes 5 jump points. Add the jump points to the point gain then add that to the stage one result.

    Stage Three
    208/4 = 52
    52+5+248 = 305

    As you can see the outcome is a point short due to not passing the last jump point with the EVs. We need to make the speed stat of Leafeon 306 to equal base 90 speed Pokémon, so 4 more EVs will have to be invested. This requires Leafeon to invest 212 EVs (208+4.) Now you need to make the decision of whether you would like to outrun by 1 or 2 points, as explained earlier. In this case, by adding 4 more EVs, the speed statistic of Leafeon will pass the last jump point, 216, and become 308 which is perfect for outrunning the 306 maximum speed statistic of base 90 speed Pokémon.

    A complete formula will look like this.

    Stage One, Two & Three
    x = ((252-(((s-e)-(o-e))*4))/4)+j+(s-e)

    s = maximum speed of Pokémon
    o = maximum outrun speed
    e = EVs (57/63/69)
    j = jump points


    When you are calculating the EVs invested into the HP statistic of your Pokémon that will also be holding either the Leftovers or Black Sludge item it is recommended to calculate your total HP stat to be divisible by 16 for maximum recovery.

    Find the IV of your HP stat. Next, find the maximum your HP stat could reach with 31 IVs and 252 EVs. If you don’t know, check the Serebii Pokédex. Also, have a rough idea of the amount of EVs you would like to invest to the HP statistic. The following calculators can be used to calculate your IVs. (If you don’t know what IVs are, take a look at the Smogon University Breeding Guide.)

    Serebii IV Calculator
    MetalKid’s IV Calculator

    I’ll use Leafeon to demonstrate calculating the HP. Let’s say Leafeon has 31 IVs in HP. Leafeon has a maximum HP statistic of 334 and I would like to invest around 120 EVs to my Leafeons HP statistic. 120 EVs will give a 30 point gain.

    Subtract 94 (63 points for maximum EV training and 31 points for maximum IVs) from your maximum HP stat, in this case 334. Next, add the HP IVs, in this case 31, and the statistic points from the EVs you want to invest, in this case 30 points (120/4.) This will give you the actual HP stat at LV100.

    Stage One
    334-94+31+30 = 301

    Divide the actual HP stat at LV100 by 16. If this number is whole then your HP stat is divisible by 16 and you will receive maximum Leftovers and Black Sludge recovery.

    Stage Two
    301/16 = 18.8125

    This Leafeon does not have a HP statistic that is divisible by 16 as the outcome of the above calculation is not a whole number. We now need to find out how many more EVs to invest to the HP statistic so that it is divisible by 16. To do this we need to ignore the integer (everything to the left of the decimal place) from the stage two calculation and subtract the decimal from 1. In this case we ignore the 18 from 18.8125, then subtract 0.8125 from 1. Then, multiply the result by 16 to find the point increase, and then multiply the result of the point increase by 4 to display the extra number of EVs that will need to be invested.

    Stage Three
    1-0.8125 = 0.1875
    0.1875x16 = 3
    3x4 = 12

    So my Leafeon will need to invest an extra 12 EVs to the original 120 EVs that I intended to invest in the HP statistic so that the HP statistic will be divisible by 16, gaining maximum Leftovers and Black Sludge Recovery.

    A complete formula would look like this.

    Stage One
    x = (m-94+i+e)

    m = maximum HP statistic at LV100
    i = actual IVs
    e = actual point gain from EVs

    Stage Two
    y = (x/16)

    x = outcome of stage one

    Stage Three
    z = ((1-(y-INT(y)))*16)*4

    y = outcome of stage two

    If your Pokémon is not going to be holding either the Leftovers or Black Sludge item, it is advisable to make your HP stat an odd number to round down the effect of certain damage, such as weather effects.


    EV training a defensive Pokémon can be a lot more rewarding if you know what statistics to invest in. Firstly, always choose a nature that will increase the higher base statistic out of defense and special defense. More statistic points will be gained overall from a nature raising the higher defensive statistic and placing more EVs to the lower defensive statistic than the other way around.

    Taking damage is calculated against the multiplication of the defensive statistics and the HP statistics. If you are looking to invest the majority of your EVs into defensive statistics so that your Pokémon is able to take big hits you will want to try to match the defense, special defense and HP statistics as best you can. Therefore, If your Pokémon has a high base HP, and lower defensive statistics, raise the defensive statistics. If your Pokémon has a low base HP but has high base defensive statistics, raise HP.

    Lapras has a relatively high base HP statistic of 130, while its base defense statistic is 80 and special defense is 95. Lapras would gain best results from a special defense beneficial nature and EVs invested into both the defense and special defense statistics.

    Cloyster has a poor base HP of 50. It’s defense statistic is 180 and its special defense statistic is only 45. Use the nature to increase the defense statistic and invest EVs heavily into HP and special defense.

    You may also decide that it is best to maximise just one of the defensive statistics of a Pokémon with the intention of keeping the Pokémon away from either physical or special attacks and sponging the effect of the other. This is put to good effect on a Pokémon such as Drifblim, who is more likely to take special attacks and less likely to take physical attacks due to immunities. Drifblim already has a high base HP so using the nature to increase special defense and investing maximum EVs in special defense too will allow Drifblim to switch in well to special attacks and also have a respectable survivability.


    EV -Effort Value
    EP -Effort Point
    IV - Individual Value
    EXP - Experience
    HP - Hit Points
    INT - Integer


    Try the links below to help you learn more before deciding on your final EV spreads.

    Maximise Your Chances Of Winning

    Effectively Apply EVs

    Damage Formula

    Maximising Defenses
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2009
  2. Volteon

    Volteon Back I guess??

    again, this part was posted by Kyogre35.
    Platinum information by GameFAQs.

    I will use this format to explain the best places to EV train for every stat.
    Where (What Route):
    Who (What’s the trainer’s name, or if it’s a wild Pokemon):
    Pokemon and levels: (The levels aren’t exact so prepare for an over under situation)
    Total EV’s:
    Notes (If any):

    P.S.: I will only give wild Pokemon if there appearance rate is high.

    So here we go…….
    HP #####################

    Where: Route 212 on the water, closer to Pastoria city.
    Who: Wild Pokemon.
    Pokemon and Levels: Quagsire and Wooper around level 40.
    Total EV’s: Wooper 1 EV, Quagsire 2 EV’s.
    Notes: Pretty high levels, but there the only ones to appear here.

    Where: Route 209 right below Solaceon Town.
    Who: Cowgirl Shelly
    Pokemon and Levels: 5 Bidoof’s
    Total EV’s: 5 Hp EV’s
    Notes: Very nice spot to train. And even better while holding the Power Weight.

    Where: Route 213 on the beach.
    Who: Tuber Jared
    Pokemon and Levels: 3 Gastrodon around level 50
    Total EV’s: 6 Hp EV’s.
    Notes: Great spot to train, probably my favorite for Hp training.

    Where: Route 230
    Who: Swimmer Sam
    Pokemon and Levels: 1 Chinchou and 1 Lanturn around level 50.
    Total EV’s: 3 Hp EV’s
    Notes: Nice quick Battle since there is only two Pokemon.

    Where: Route 219
    Who: Tuber Mariel
    Pokemon and Levels: 2 Marills around level 30
    Total EV’s: 4 Hp EV’s
    Notes: Short battle, probably best when training lower level Pokemon.

    Where: Route 213
    Who: Tuber Jared
    Pokemon and Levels: Gastrodon x3 Level 51
    Total EVs: 6
    Notes: Thank God for this guy. Though it requires rematching, I'm happy that Cowgirl Shelley's 5 Bidoofs have been avenged.

    Where: Route 226
    Who: Swimmer Lydia
    Pokemon and Levels: Marill (2), Spheal (1), Wailmer (1) Levels 54
    Total EVs: 4
    Notes: Inferior to Tuber Jared but he's there.

    Where: Route 230
    Who: Swimmer Sam
    Pokemon and Levels: Sealeo (2), Gastrodon (2) Levels 53
    Total EVs: 4
    Notes: Also inferior to Tuber Jared but he's there.

    Attack ######################

    Where: Route 213 in the hidden area.
    Who: Swimmer Sheltin
    Pokemon and Levels: 3 Gyarados around level 30
    Total EV’s: 6 Att EV’s
    Notes: Very good spot, only problem is he’s a swimmer….

    Where: Route 229, fishing with Super Rod.
    Who: Wild Pokemon
    Pokemon and Levels: Gyarados with levels from 20 to 55
    Total EV’s: 2 Att EV’s
    Notes: Only Gyarados appear here, so this is a great spot, but the ranging levels are a problem.

    Where: Cycling Road, third male when enter from the top.
    Who: Cyclist John
    Pokemon and Levels: 2 Staraptors around level 60
    Total EV’s: 6 Att EV’s
    Notes: It takes a few battles to evolve this trainers Pokemon, so don’t train right when you get there and battle him a few times to have him evolve.

    Where: Route 225
    Who: Ace Trainer Quinn
    Pokemon and Levels: 1 Pinsir and 1 Mightyena around level 50
    Total EV’s: 4 Att EV’s
    Notes: Not great, but not bad.

    Where: Solaceon Town
    Who: Wild Pokemon
    Pokemon and Levels: Unown around level 20
    Total EV’s: 1 Att EV, and 1 Spec Att EV.
    Notes: This is a GREAT spot to train mixed sweepers, a warning, Unown give 1 EV in BOTH Spec Att and Att.

    Where: Twinleaf Town Pond. Fish with Super Rod
    Who: Wild Pokemon.
    Pokemon and Levels: Gyarados and Seaking from levels 20 to 50
    Total EV's: Seaking and Gyarados both give 2 Att EV's.
    Notes: Nothing wrong here.


    Where: Route 203
    Who: Lass Madeline
    Pokémon and levels: Staraptor (3), Bibarel (2). Levels 38.
    Total EVs: 5
    Notes: A few rematches, and you'll have an early Attack EV hotspot.

    Where: Cycling Road
    Who: Cyclist John
    Pokémon and levels: Farfetch'd (1), Dodrio (2) and Staraptor (3). Levels 57~59
    Total EVs: 6
    Notes: You'll need quite a few rematches for this one. Before this rematch, though, he has two Staraptors which give 3 Attack EVs each, so yeah.

    Where: Route 213
    Who: Swimmer Sheltin
    Pokémon and levels: Gyarados x3 (2). Level 32.
    Total EVs: 6
    Notes: One of many trainers with loads of Gyarado

    Where: Route 215
    Who: Jogger Craig
    Pokémon and levels: Luxray x2 (3). Level 59.
    Total EVs: 6
    Notes: In case you don't like killing Gyarados.

    Where: Route 218
    Who: Fisherman Miguel
    Pokémon and levels: Gyarados x2 (2), Octillery (2). Level 51.
    Total EVs: 6
    Notes: More Gyarados, but you have an Octillery to improve versatility.

    Where: Route 210 North
    Who: Wild
    Pokémon and levels: Bibarel (2), Machop (1), Machoke (2), Scyther (1). Levels 28~30.
    Notes: Pretty good spot. If you use the Pokeradar, Bagon also give 1 EV.

    Defense #######################

    Where: Iron Island. First you go into the entrance at the front. Then go down the steps on the left, after going down the elevator go down the stairs on the left.
    Who: Wild Pokemon
    Pokemon and Levels: Graveler, Geodude, Onix, and Steelix all around level 30.
    Total EV’s: Onix and Geodude both give 1 Def EV, Steelix and Graveler both give you two.
    Notes: Very good spot, just run from the Golbat that sometimes appear here.

    Where: Route 210 in tall grass at the top right.
    Who: Ninja Boy Fabian
    Pokemon and Levels: 3 Geodude around level 20
    Total EV’s: 3 Defense EV’s
    Notes: Not great but gets the job done. You have to talk to him first so he gets out of the tall grass so you can use the Poke’ Radar. Also get plenty of Max Repels so you don’t run into Pokemon.

    Where: Ruin Maniac Cave
    Who: Wild Pokemon
    Pokemon and Levels: Hippopotas and Geodude around level 20
    Total EV’s: Both give 1 Def EV
    Notes: Very good since they’re the only Pokemon that appear here.

    Where: Route 212, bottom left of the route.
    Who: Collector Dominique
    Pokemon and Levels: 3 Geodude’s around level 20
    Total EV’s: 3 Def EV’s
    Notes: Good defense trainer, It's straight forward no strigs attached.

    Where: Route 224
    Who: Ace Trainer Jamie
    Pokemon and Levels: One Metagross around level 56
    Total EV's: 3 Defense EV's
    Notes: Quick easy battle, but a high level Pokemon.


    Where: Iron Island
    Who: Wild
    Pokémon and levels: Graveler (2), Geodude (1), Onix (1), Steelix (2). Levels 30~35.
    Notes: It's still the best one, and the addition of Steelix just made it even better.

    Where: Route 207
    Who: Hiker Kevin
    Pokémon and levels: Geodude x3 (1 EV each), Onix (1). Level 17~19.
    Total EVs: 4
    Notes: Easy for low-levelled ones.

    Where: Route 228
    Who: Pokemon Ranger Krista
    Pokémon and levels: Lairon (2), Marowak (2). Level 57.
    Total EVs: 4
    Notes: Kinda okay. At least they're higher-levelled.

    Spec Att #######################

    Where: Solaceon TownWho: Wild Pokemon
    Pokemon and Levels: Unown around level 20
    Total EV’s: 1 Att EV, and 1 Spec Att EV
    Notes: This was also in Att so look there for notes.

    Where: Old Chateau
    Who: Wild Pokemon
    Pokemon and Levels: Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar all around level 15
    Total EV’s: Gastly gives 1 Spec Att EV, Haunter gives 2, and Gengar gives 3
    Notes: To get the best results here insert R/S/E/FR/LG into the DS and go to the 5th room on the second floor.

    Where: Route 214
    Who: Psychic Abigail
    Pokemon and Levels: A Gengar, Misdreavus, and Alakazam all around level 60
    Total EV’s: 6 Spec Att EV’s and 1 Spec Def EV.
    Notes: The only reason I put this in here is that 2/3 of her Pokemon give 3 Spec Att EV’s. So when she switches in the Misdreavus switch out to a level 100 Pokemon or some Pokemon that you want to EV train in Spec Def.

    Where: Bottom of Route 214
    Who: Collector Douglas
    Pokemon and Levels: 3 Roselia around level 20
    Total EV’s: 6 Spec Att EV’s
    Notes: Great Spot! Nothing wrong here.

    Where: Route 212
    Who: Pokemon Ranger Jeffrey
    Pokemon and Levels: 2 Prinplup around level 20.
    Total EV’s: 4 Spec Att EV’s
    Notes: This is just a straight forward place to train.

    Where: Resort Area
    Who: Wild Pokemon
    Pokemon and Levels: Golduck with levels 40 to 55
    Total EV’s: 2 Spec Att EV’s
    Notes: The best spot, they’re the only Pokemon that appear here.

    Where: Route 212, need HM Cut. Right when you go into Route 212 from Pastoria City there will be two trees to cut down below you, cut them and go across the bicycle path to a Trainer that's behind the trees.
    Who:Scientist Shaun
    Pokemon and Levels: Two Alakazam around level 60
    Total EV's: 6 Spec Att EV's
    Notes: Great Spot to train! It will take a few battles to evolve his Pokemon into Alakazam.

    Where: The three lakes on the water
    Who: Wild Pokemon
    Pokemon and Levels: Golduck and Psyduck around level 20 to 40
    Total EV's: Psyduck gives 1 Spec Att EV and Golduck gives 2.
    Notes: Only Pokemon that appear here so a great spot


    Where: Old Chateau
    Who: Wild.
    Pokémon and levels: Gastly (1). Levels 14~17.
    Notes: Earliest one, and probably really good because it's the only one you'll find. If you insert a GBA cartridge, Haunter and Gengar will appear and they give 2 and 3 Sp. Atk EVs respectively.

    Where: Route 212 South
    Who: Scientist Shaun
    Pokémon and levels: Magneton (2), Alakazam (3). Levels 55 and 51
    Total EVs: 5
    Notes: A few rematches, and you'll get a pretty good trainer for Sp Atk. Shame he doesn't have two Alakazams anymore.

    Spec Def #######################

    Where: Route 210 in tall grass in the bottom left.
    Who: Ninja Boy Davido
    Pokemon and Levels: Dustox around level 25
    Total EV’s: 3 Spec Def EV’s
    Notes: Good spot to train seeing Spec Def’s spot’s are hard to come by. Same thing with Ninja Boy Fabian, You have to talk to him first so he gets out of the tall grass so you can use the Poke’ Radar. Also get lots of Max Repels so you don’t run into Pokemon.

    Where: Any big area of water.
    Who: Wild Pokemon
    Pokemon and Levels: Tentacool and Tentacruel, Ranging from level 20 to level 55
    Total EV’s: Tentacool gives 1 Spec Def EV, Tentacruel gives 2 Spec Def EV’s.
    Notes: So this is half-way decent. The best route is Route 218. Also a good spot is the water in front of the Pokemon League. But with this luck is a big factor seeing Pelipper appear here often to. Just run away and you should be fine.

    Where: Route 230
    Who: Swimmer Sophia
    Pokemon and Levels: 1 Mantyke and 1 Mantine around level 50.
    Total EV’s: 3 Spec Def’s EV’s.
    Notes: Good spot, problem is that you’re on water and your Surf speed is SLOW. If you have good patience then go for it.

    Where: Route 230, at the top.
    Who: Swimmer Mallory
    Pokemon and Levels: Seel and Dewgong around level 50
    Total EV’s: 3 Spec Def EV’s
    Notes: Good spot, hard to reset the radar though. Also bring plenty or Max Repels.

    Where: Route 224
    Who: Dragon Tamer Hayden
    Pokemon and Levels: 2 Altaria at Lv 60 via Vs Seeker.
    Total EV's: 4 Spec Def EV's
    Notes: Great Spot, all you need to do is rebattle this one.


    Where: Route 214
    Who: Beauty Devon
    Pokémon and levels: Wormadam x3 (Different Cloaks) (2 EVs each). Levels 24
    Total EVs: 6
    Notes: The only girl with the Wormadam in DP that everyone was looking for now has three of them, and is undoubtedly a godsend for those training for Special Defense.

    Speed #######################

    Where: Route 205
    Who: Fisherman Andrew
    Pokemon and Levels: 6 Magikarp around level 10
    Total EV’s: 6 Speed EV’s
    Notes: Terrific spot. Low levels and you can get more when holding an item.

    Where: Route 229 fishing with Old Rod
    Who: Wild Pokemon
    Pokemon and Levels: Magikarp with levels around 7
    Total EV’s: Magikarp gives 1 Speed EV
    Notes: Very good to. Magikarp is the only Pokemon that appears when fishing.

    Where: Route 225
    Who: Wild Pokemon
    Pokemon and Levels: Fearow, Raticate around level 50. And Rattata and Spearow around level 20
    Total EV’s: Fearow and Raticate give 2 Speed EV’s. And Rattata and Spearow give 1.
    Notes: Good spot, just watch out for the other wild Pokemon that appear here and run away from them.

    Where: Caves
    Who: Wild Pokemon
    Pokemon and Levels: Zubat and Golbat around level 10 to level 60
    Total EV’s: Zubat gives 1 Speed EV, Golbat gives 2.
    Notes: Now this is in here because almost every cave or Tower has Zubat of Golbat. The best places are, the Underground lake where you catch Feebas (SURF), and Snowpoint Temple Floor 1 (Sneasel gives 1 Speed EV to ;)).

    Where:Victory Road, inside the area where you go after you beat the Pokemon League, and battle with the girl with Arcanine. You also need Surf.
    Who: Wild Pokemon
    Pokemon and Levels: Golbat around levels 35 to 50
    EV's: Golbat give 2 Speed EV's
    Notes: Good spot to train. Nothing wrong seeing when you Surf here there the only Pokemon that appear.


    Where: Route 205 North
    Who: Fisherman Andrew
    Pokémon and levels: Magikarp x6 (1 EV each). Level 10
    Total EVs: 6
    Notes: At least this guy wasn't gone from DP like Cowgirl Shelley. Undoubtedly the easiest trainer to get Speed EVs from.

    Where: Route 211 West
    Who: Ninja Boy Zach
    Pokémon and levels: Golbat (2), Crobat x2 (3). Levels 51.
    Notes: Fisherman Andrew has a competitor! This one requires rematches, though, but it's the best one.

    Questions and Answers
    Seeing a lot of questions repeating, I decided to put some of the most common one’s here and hopefully these questions will quiet down. I had to move this because it wasn't seen so READ THIS BEFORE YOU ASK A QUESTION!!!!!!!!!

    Question 1: I EV trained and got 252 EV’s in Attack but the next level up it only went up +3. WHY?
    Answer: This is a common question; the reason is EV’s are spread throughout the levels so you won’t see and immediate gain in one level up.
    Question 2: Is there a way that I can find the EV’s a Pokemon has? Because I think I miscounted.
    Answer: No there is not, we wish there was, but there isn’t. The best thing to do is use EV reducing berries to start all over again.
    Question 3: Does it matter what level I start EV training on?
    Answer: No, but there is a benefit of starting early. If you start early and max out the EV’s for that Pokemon, then you can level it up anyway you wish since you don’t have to worry about EV’s.

    NOTE: If you want a question add here then PM me and I’ll put it here to hopefully decrease the amount of those questions. But they have to be common; probably some people will have to ask the question twice.

  3. serenade2

    serenade2 Advanced trainer

    Hi I recently learn to do some EV training with my pokemons.
    I did the EV training for my Giratina and he got his attack stats maxed and his special attack maxed.

    I got a magmortar ;467; from Pokemon Battle Revolution and I would like to get a mixed sweeper pokemon.

    I see a thread on the web site. http://www.serebii.net/potw-dp/467.shtml

    I know how to do EV train with the macho Brace and pokerus. But I dont know how to calculate. The remaining Effort point to gave it in other stat to get a mixed sweeper like this one.

    Mixed sweeper
    -Lava plume
    -hidden power
    -cross chop
    Item Attached: Life orb/Expert belt
    Ability : Flame body

    EV and natures:
    Evs 84 In Attack stat/ 172 in Speed stat/ 252 in special attack

    I dont know how to gave exactly 172 in speed stat and 84 Ep in attack stat.

    I need some help.
    this is the status of my pkm battle revolution's magmortar

    Nature : modest
    Like dry food and A little quick tempered.

    LV : 50(default level and I never trained him)
    Hp: 145
    Atk: 101
    Def: 81
    Sp.Atk: 145
    Sp.Def: 113
    Speed: 98

    Item: Charcoal
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  4. Master Blastoise

    Master Blastoise Objection!

    Modest lowers Attack. So Magmortar won't do much damage with Cross Chop. Make him a special sweeper instead.

    This EV spread should work: 252 sp. attack/ 252 speed/ 6 sp. defence (for Surf, I don't think you're going to survive one anyway but you never know)

    Give Magmortar the Macho Brace.(Keep it on him as long as your EV-training) Then fight The guy with the 6 Magikarp (give 1 speed EV each) on the bridge to Eterna 21 times. 6 x 2 = 12 x 21 = 252 speed Evs.

    Then battle the guy with the 3 roselia (give two sp. attack EVs each) 21 times as well. 6 x 2 = 12 x 21 = 252 sp. attack EVs

    Then battle one tentacool and one Tentacruel to get 6 sp. defence EVs.

    Go for this moveset:
    Flamethrower/ Fire Blast/ Lava Plume (Flamethrower has reliable accuracy and has nice power/ Lava Plume has reliable accuracy and a good burn chance, it's power is a bit low but it's possible/ Fire Blast has a really good power, it's PP and accuracy are low, the choice depends on what you want: accuracy, burn or power)
    Hidden power [Grass]/Solarbeam(For Swampert or another ground type, Solarbeam has to charge and HP grass needs certain IVs, though)
    Focus Blast/anything else with nice coverage which is special and has nice power (You wanted a fighting type attack)
  5. Casimir

    Casimir Good boy.

    So you want to know how to go about getting that EV spread exactly on your mixed sweeper magmortar?

    Let's see, you're holding a macho brace as well as infected with/cured of pokerus (either way, EVs will double)...

    For 84 Attack EVs:
    Attack is rather easy, and there are various ways to get this done.
    I usually just train on wild pokemon in order to get attack done, and seeing as you only need 84 EVs you can get it done relatively quick.
    Some easy wild PKMN options are:
    Shinx - 1 attack point
    Luxio - 2 Attack points
    Machop - 1 Attack point
    Bibarel - 2 Attack points
    Kricketune - 2 Attack points

    In order to reach 84 Attack EVs from fainting pokemon that give 1 Attack EV would leave you having to faint 21 of them, that is if he's infected with pokerus and is holding the macho brace.
    -Faint 21 Machops

    Fighting pokemon that give 2 Attack EVs would leave you needing to faint 10, seeing as they'll give you a good 8 Attack EVs per fainted pokemon.
    This will leave you at only 80 Attack EVs, though. So after fainting 10, you can either take off the macho brace and fight another, or go fight a pokemon that gives only 1 EV in attack.
    10 Kricketunes, remove macho brace from magmortar, fight 1 more Kricketune.
    10 Kricketunes and 1 Machop, without removal of the macho brace.

    For 172 Speed EVs:
    This one may take a bit longer.
    Good wild pokemon to fight for speed would be:
    Zubat - 1 Point
    Golbat - 2 Points
    Ponyta - 1 Point
    Magicarp - 1 Point
    Starly - 1 Point
    Staravia - 2 Points
    Buizel - 1 Point

    A personal favorite of mine is magicarp, because he provides no threat (though none of them really do), magicarp is very common with the old rod.
    There is a fisherman on 205, named fisherman andrew who has 6 Magicarps. It's a tedious task, but gets you to your goal rather quickly.

    You will need to fight 43 pokemon that give 1 Speed EV in order to reach 172 Speed EVs, assuming you have the macho brace and Pokerus on magmortar.
    43 Magicarps

    21 Pokemon that give 2 Speed EVs, then either emove the macho brace and fight another 2 Speed EV pokemon or fight a pokemon that gives 1 Speed EV with the macho brace attached to magmortar.
    21 Golbats, remove the macho brace, then fight another Golbat.
    21 Golbats and 1 Zubat.

    If you wish to go with training thru the VS Seeker, the top part of the guide provides a list of trainers good to EV train on.

    BUT PLEASE KNOW, that the EV spread you have chosen does not provide the last 2 EVs needed to reach a max 510 EVs a pokemon can have.
    Though they wont equal up to a full point, your pokemon will not be able to receive the effort ribbon if those last two EVs are not obtained.

    I type too much to where I'm beaten to it. D:
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2009
  6. serenade2

    serenade2 Advanced trainer

    Thank you alot.

  7. Supertails94

    Supertails94 <--- First shiny

    I'm preparing a sassy electivire as a physical sweeper. I know, not the best nature, but I caught a shiny one with awesome IVs so I'd like to at least make it as good as I can, and perhaps use it to replace the annoyingly delicate Houndoom in my Battle Frontier team. I don't do competitive, if it was meant for that I'd breed for a better nature.

    What EVs should I have? I'm guessing 252 attack, but what else? Speed perhaps?
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2009
  8. DialgaMan

    DialgaMan Well-Known Member

    Hmm small question I EV trained my Modest Mewtwo to a 252 Speed 252 Sp Attack 6 HP

    When I first leveled it after the training with a rare candy it got a boost of +50 Speed, but I had to put out the game and forgot to safe it, but when I turned it on again and did exactly the same it only got +2 does that mean my EV training is gone?
  9. Casimir

    Casimir Good boy.

    For a physical sweeper your best bet would indeed be the basic 252 Atk / 252 Spe EV spread. Sadly, sassy isn't a nature to work in your favor for a physical sweeper. Your final speed stat at level 100 will be lacking a bit of what it could have been.

    If you didn't save it after you gained all the EVs on your mewtwo, you probably did lose all of your EVs.
    If you did save it after gaining them, there are no worries.

    Go check the effort ribbon lady in the ball seal building in Sunyshore City. If your Mewtwo has gained all of the EVs it can gain (the maximum of 510) she will give it a effort ribbon.

    If you still have all of your EVs, it is possible that all of your EVs are slowly factoring in as you level. It's unnatural for a legendary that is usually caught or obtained above level 50 to only gain +2 Speed after being fully EV trained though, but it is possible.
  10. Mr.Pokeman

    Mr.Pokeman Classical Saxophone

    Does the pokerus have any benefit after the pokemon with the pokerus has the max 510 ev's?
  11. Casimir

    Casimir Good boy.

    Not if it has been cured of it's pokerus, no.
    Pokerus just helps EV growth with the effected pokemon.
    If it still is infected with pokerus you could always hold it in the pc and use it as a means to spread pokerus to another pokemon.

    Other than that it wont effect anything else.

    If you have not obtained your maximum 510 EVs and your pokemon is cured of pokerus though, you will still gain double the EVs.
  12. Sephiroth_Strife

    Sephiroth_Strife Well-Known Member

    Did the EVs given by Pokemon change from RSE to DPPt or are they the same? I'm copying them down into my Emerald Pokedex to use for Emerald and Pearl, so I'm hoping I'm not wasting my time.
  13. Icosahedron

    Icosahedron レミオロメン♪

    I'm not 100% sure on this, but given that DPPt pretty much inherited everything from RSE (seriously, aside from new Pokemon, characters, and cities, not much is different), I think it's safe to assume that the EVs given by Pokemon have not changed at all from RSE to DPPt. The main site does have a 3rd Generation Pokedex, so if you're still doubtful, check that.
  14. Sephiroth_Strife

    Sephiroth_Strife Well-Known Member

    Okay, I'm trying to get some of this math straight. Total of 510 EVs available for yor pokemon in question, 252 allowed for 1 statistic. So, hypothetically, if I wanted to balance my EVs across all stats (HP, Speed, Attack, Defense, SA, SD), I'd be putting 85 EVs to each of them (510 EVs/6 stat areas), which would then equal 21 total point increase to each stat? (85 EVs/4 EVs per 1 stat point)

    And if I wanted to boost Attack and Special Attack, I'd get the 252 for Attack and 252 for Special Attack, for a total of a 63 stat point increase upon leveling up? (from the 252 EVs/4 EVs per 1 stat point)

    I'm sorry if this seems like a bunch of stupid questions to ask. I did read through the first post, and understood most of what was going on, I just want to cement the facts in my brain. Plus, it's kind of late here so my mind might not be working fully.
  15. GhostTypeBuster

    GhostTypeBuster Rocket Defector

    That's good to know. I know Pokerus doesn't, but does Macho Brace affect stat vitamins the same way it affects EVs from battle?
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2009
  16. Volteon

    Volteon Back I guess??

    1- Even though I'm sure you won't do this, your calculations are right.

    In other words, yes. You will get the +63, but not all at once.

    Macho Brace and Power items have no influence on vitamins ;D
  17. Sephiroth_Strife

    Sephiroth_Strife Well-Known Member

    Fabulous! Comprehension dawns and I thank you very much!
  18. eevee worshiper

    eevee worshiper Evil She Demon ^_~


    are there any other threads or articles that you would suggest besides the ones that you mentioned?????
  19. Casimir

    Casimir Good boy.

    What exactly do you need help with?

    You can always just post your question here and someone will jump on answering it for you.
    If not that then at least point you in the right direction.

    I personally think this guide right here is the best you'll find on the internet, though.
    Most of the other guides found on google are horribly detailed and don't answer a lot of common questions.
  20. Arceus - The Original One

    Arceus - The Original One Ruler of Isshu

    Depends, forums and threads come and go, I'd look at the 4th Gen Discussion, the D/P Discussion and the Platinum Discussion, your bound to find the information you want there.

    But also, you can post your questions here, and we'll all be happy to help you out!

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