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Dr X's House of Trades

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by DrX_Ohio, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. DrX_Ohio

    DrX_Ohio PokéPeddler

    Hey! Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I have been playing off and on since the original games and have decided to begin a trade shop to further my collection. I do have a few points to get out of the way first:

    1) I do have a life outside of the game and I am usually available:
    • Mon-Fri: 6pm-10pm EST
    • Sat-Sun: 10am-11pm EST
    • (Possible times outside of the above hours by request)

    2) I follow the Forum Rules and Expectations

    3) I do not provide Hacked and do not expect to recieve any. If you see any issues with something I have, please contact me and I will remove it from my list.

    4) I have no issues with clones. My offered Pokemon will generally be cloned unless otherwise noted.

    5) I will show you respect and I expect the same in return

    6) I want to make sure we both walk away happy from a deal. If there are any issues please contact me and we will work to resolve it.

    7) I will continue to update my shop as often as I can so check back often

    8) When trading with me, please let me know what item you want me to attach to a Pokemon:
    • 1) The official item (if possible in Gen VI)
    • 2) Masterball
    • 3) Rare Candy
    • 4) PP Up Max
    • 5) Ability Capsule
    • 6) Other

    9) I clone back. The process will work by us trading the two as normal, then I will trade you back for anything you happen to want to get rid of. The only thing I ask in return is you keep me in mind for future trades so I can continue to build my collection. Repeat customers may find a surprise on the return trade.

    Last Updated: 4/17/16


    Any Pokemon #1-#720

    Please note that all of the following are UT. (Newly listed PKMN in bold)
    • Arceus – US Event, 2009 Toys R Us, ID:11079 (Timid Lv.100)
    • Arceus – JPN Event, 2009 Movie, ID:07189 (Adamant Lv.100)
    • Arceus – EUR Event, 2010 Movie, ID:02010 (Lax Lv.100)
    • Beldum – US Event, 2014 ORAS Early Dist , ID:11214 (Naughty Lv5)
    • Celebi – US Event, 2016 20th Ann, ID:03016 (Sassy Lv.100)
    • Celebi – US Event, 2014 PokeBank (Bold Lv.10)
    • Celebi – JPN Event, 2010 Movie, ID:07100 (Timid Lv.50)
    • Celebi – US Event, 2011 Gamestop, ID:02211 (Modest Lv50)
    • Charizard – EUR Event, 2015 Game UK, ID:04015 (Quiet Lv36)[/B]
    • Darkrai – US Event, 2012 Dark Explorers, ID:05092 (Adamant Lv50)
    • Darkrai – JPN Event, 2014 Movie PreOrder SC, ID:04194 (Impish Lv50)
    • Darkrai – EUR Event, 2015 Game UK, ID:02135 (Timid Lv50)
      [*]Darkrai – US Event, 2008 Alamos Gamestop, ID:05318 (Hasty Lv.50)
    • Deoxys – US Event, 2013 Plasma Event, ID:05083 (Timid Lv100)
    • Dialga - US Event, Shiny 2013 Gamestop, ID:08193 (Careful Lv.100)
    • Diancie – US Event, 2015 Wifi, ID:07245 (Naive Lv50)
    • Diancie – US Event, 2014 Gamestop, ID:10274 (Modest Lv50)
    • Diancie - JPN Event, 2014 Movie Event, ID:07194 (Impish Lv50)
    • Dragonite - US Event, 2016 Lance, ID:03046 (Naive Lv62)
    • Dragonite - KOR Event, 2016 Lance, ID:03046 (Adamant Lv62)
      [*]Dragonite – US Event, 2015 Roaring Skies, ID:06225 (Docile Lv.55)
      [*]Eevee – US Event, 2010 Shiny Video Game Championships, ID:05080 (Hardy Lv.50)
    • Emboar– US Event, 2015 Serial Code Hidden Ability, ID:01295 (Adamant Lv50)
    • Entei - US Event, Shiny 2011 Gamestop, ID:01171 (Adamant Lv.30)
    • Genesect – US Event, 2012 Wifi, ID:10072 (Modest Lv15)
    • Genesect – JPN Event, 2013 Shiny Movie, ID:07133 (Hasty Lv100)
    • Gengar – US Event, 2014 Phantom Forces, ID:10134 (Naive Lv25)
    • Giratina – US Event, Shiny 2013 Gamestop, ID:09303 (Impish Lv.100)
      [*]Gyarados – JPN Event, 2015 Poke Center, ID:06265 (Lonely Lv.20)
      [*]Heatran – US Event, 2010 Pokemon Ranger WiFi, ID:03060 (Quiet Lv.50)
      [*]Heracross– US Event, 2014 Mega Stone Event, ID:08134 (Adamant Lv.50)
      [*]Ho-Oh – JPN Event, 2016 Poke Center Opening, ID:03166 (Modest Lv.50)
    • Hoopa – EUR Event, 2016 Second Chance, ID:10235 (Hasty Lv50)
    • Hoopa – US Event, 2015 McDonalds, ID:11275 (Rash Lv50)
    • Hoopa – JPN Event, 2015 Movie, ID:07185 (Brave Lv50)
    • Jirachi– US Event, 2003 Wishmaker Colosseum Disc ID:20043 (Docile Lv5)
    • Jirachi– JPN Event, 2009 Wifi, ID:06199 (Naive Lv100)
    • Jirachi– China Event, 2015 Shiny Mikki Mall, ID:12015 (Careful Lvl 25)
    • Jirachi– US Event, 2010 Gamestop, ID:02270 (Lax Lv5)
    • Jirachi– US Event, 2016 20th Ann, ID:04016 (Adamant Lv100)
    • Jirachi – JPN Event, 2014 Tanabata Festival, ID:08014 (Relaxed Lv10)
      [*]Jirachi – JPN Event, 2013 Decolora Adventures, ID:07013 (Impish Lv.50)
    • Keldeo – US Event, 2012 Gamestop, ID:08272 (Timid Lv15)
    • Keldeo – JPN Event, 2012 Movie, ID:06232 (Adamant Lv15)
    • Keldeo – US Event, 2013 Second Chance, ID:01163 (Modest Lv50)
      [*]Keledo – JPN Event, 2014 Poke Scrap, ID:12014 (Naive Lv.15)
    • Manaphy – US Event, 2007 Nintendo World, ID:10187 (Hasty Lv.50)
    • Manaphy – KOR Event, 2015 Water Tribe, ID:07235 (Calm Lv.1)
    • Manaphy – US Event, 2007 Toys R Us, ID:09297 (Careful Lv50)
    • Meloetta – US Event, Gamestop, ID:03013 (Hasty Lv.50)
    • Meloetta – JPN Event, 2012 Movie Giveaway , ID:07142 (Hardy Lv15)
      [*]Meowth – JPN Event, 2012 Best Wishes, ID:12072 (Hasty Lv.15)
    • Mew – US Event, 2016 20th Ann, ID:02016 (Impish Lv.100)
    • Mew – JPN Event, 2010 Wifi, ID:11219 (Relaxed Lv.5)
    • Mew – US Event, 2008 Pokemon Ranch , ID:01000 (Serious Lv50)
    • Mew – US Event, 2010 Wifi , ID:10160 (Naive Lv5)
    • Mewtwo – US Event, 2012 Wifi, ID:02112 (Bold Lv70)
    • Palkia – US Event, Shiny 2013 Gamestop, ID:09093 (Modest Lv.100)
    • Pikachu- JPN Event, 2016 Pokecenter Fly/Surf, ID:02056 (Adamant Lv10)
    • Pikachu- KOR Event, 2015 Shiny Beginner, ID:10095 (Serious Lv10)
      [*]Pikachu – US Event, 2012 World Championship, ID:08122 (Timid Lv.50)
    • Raikou - US Event, Shiny 2011 Gamestop, ID:01031 (Rash Lv.30)
    • Rayquaza – US Event, 2015 Shiny Ancient Origins, ID:08055 (Relaxed Lv70)
    • Rayquaza – JPN Event, 2016 Shiny PC Hiroshima, ID:01185 (Gentle Lv70)
    • Regice – US Event, 2016 PokeBank Hidden Ability, ID:50031 (Timid Lv50)
    • Regirock – US Event, 2016 PokeBank Hidden Ability, ID:50031 (Careful Lv50)
    • Registeel – US Event, 2016 PokeBank Hidden Ability, ID:50031 (JollyLv50)
    • Samurott – US Event, 2015 Serial Code Hidden Ability, ID:02105 (Rash Lv50)
    • Serperior – US Event, 2015 Serial Code Hidden Ability, ID:01225 (Serious Lv50)
    • Shaymin – FRE Event, 2009 Movie Event, ID:04019 (Timid LV50)
    • Shaymin – US Event, 2009 Toys R Us, ID:02089 (Mild Lv50)
      [*]Shaymin – JPN Event, 2014 Poke Scrap, ID:12014 (Naughty Lv.15)
    • Suicune - US Event, Shiny 2011 Gamestop, ID:01311 (Relaxed Lv.30)
      [*]Tyranitar – JPN Event, 2012 Japan Strongest Pokemon, ID:09152 (Modest Lv.100)
    • Victini – Caught In US Black Liberty Garden using Liberty Pass (Bashful Lv15)&(Jolly Lv15)
    • Victini – US Event, 2011 V-Create Movie14 (Rash Lv50)
      [*]Victini – JPN Event, 2014 Poke Scrap , ID:12014 (Timid Lv.15)
      [*]Volcanion – JPN Event, 2016 Movie Serial Code, ID:04166 (Modest Lv.70)
    • Xerneas – JPN Event, 2015 Shiny XY&Z, ID:10295 (Mild Lv.100)
    • Yveltal – JPN Event, 2015 Shiny XY&Z, ID:11055 (Gentle Lv.100)
      [*]Zapdos – JPN Event, 2016 Poke Scrap, ID:03016 (Lax Lv.70)
    • Zekrom – US Event, 2012 Event, ID:03102 (Docile Lv.100)
    • Zoroark – US Event, 2015 Sly BREAKThrough, ID:11065 (Mild Lv.50)
    • Zygarde – FRE Event, 2015 XY&Z, ID:11125 (Careful Lv.100)

    • Spanish Bulbasaur
    • Spanish Gorebyss
    • Spanish Fennekin
    • Spanish Aromatisse
    • Spanish Aurorus
    • French Electivire
    • French Phione
    • French Noctunoir
    • French Sylveon
    • German Braixen
    • Italian Golett
    • Japanese Gengar
    • Japanese Duskull
    • Japanese Kricketot
    • Japanese Lickilicky
    • Japanese Rhyperior
    • Japanese Magmortar
    • Japanese Porygon-Z
    • Japanese Cottonee
    • Japanese Accelgor
    • Japanese Quilladin
    • Japanese Clawitzer
    • Japanese Spritzee
    • Korean Gigalith
    • Korean Tyrunt

    [*]Dream Zubat
    [*]Dream Mawile
    [*]Safari Kangaskhan

    Ask About Offered Services

    • 2016 JPN Championship Landorus
    • 2006 JPN Chansey
    • HA Articuno
    • HA Zapdos
    • HA Moltres
    • Jirachi (2003 JP Movie Tie-in)
    • Mew (2005 JP Movie Tie-in)
    • Mew (2006 US Toys R Us Event)
    • Lugia (2006 10th Aniversary)
    • Pickachu (2012 US World Championship)
    • Regigigas (2009 Toys R Us)
    • Any other Events not listed above or currently being offered up for trade.

    Thank you for your business!
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2016
  2. nel3

    nel3 Crimson Dragon

    i completed a trade with DrX_Ohio, it went very well. DrX_Ohio is a trustworthy member for trading pokemon. i would trade again when i have something to offer DrX_Ohio.
  3. AmphyLucky13

    AmphyLucky13 Purduuuu Says Amphy

    Thank you DrX_Ohio for keeping your word with the trade and being trustworthy. I'd be happy to trade with you in the future.
  4. ashcrimson777

    ashcrimson777 Newb Shiny Hunter

    Awesome service. i got just what I wanted and am very satisfied
  5. lucemon22

    lucemon22 New Member

    Thanks for the help a lot. He was pretty awesome to trade with ^_^
  6. Zak Attack XIII

    Zak Attack XIII Ace Trainer

    Thank u DrX_Ohio for the awesome trades!
    I highly recommend you as a trader here on this forum.
    You responded quickly and was very generous with ur trades.
    I was more then stratified with the trade overall and can't wait to trade here again very soon.
  7. Hades27

    Hades27 Pokeballer

    Dr X is a very reliable source for trading. He never leaves you waiting and always gives you what you ask for. I look forward to trading with him again in the future!
  8. rentin215

    rentin215 New Member

    seeking : 6iv volt tackle pichu static and timid nature and the move fakeout.
    seeking: 6iv adament nature machop with no guard and bullet punch
    up for trade: groudon with mega stone
    event hoopa
    event celebi
  9. Cassian

    Cassian New Member

    Thank u DrX_Ohio for the awesome trades! i hope we can do it again
  10. DrX_Ohio

    DrX_Ohio PokéPeddler

    Update: Added new event Pokemon!!
  11. peterabing

    peterabing New Member

    Thank you very much DrX for your generosity. I'm really happy with what I got. Hoping to trade with you again.
  12. Ursus_Volitans

    Ursus_Volitans Active Member

    Dr X is awesome! Definitely the best trade shop here! If you're looking for an excellent, trust-worthy trade partner, Dr X is your guy!
  13. boofjack

    boofjack Member


    You made my day! I offered him two event pokemon and two shiny pokemon for three of his event pokemon. He said "No... I'll just take the two events and ONE shiny :)" talk about an honest guy! He is your man! I will be coming back to build my pokemon collection. AND he will give you extra items?! What a great service! All Pokemon breeders and traders need to take a lesson from DrX. Keep up the good work man!
  14. DrX_Ohio

    DrX_Ohio PokéPeddler

    Shop Updated with quite a few new events...including the japanese shiny movie genesect!
  15. Tallen

    Tallen New Member

    Thanks for helping me complete the for the first time. You are really amazing. I highly recommend DR X Ohio. Thank you so much.
  16. Ultimategodzilla

    Ultimategodzilla Dragon Trainer

    Thanks for helping me complete my dex, I really appreciate it, man.
  17. DrX_Ohio

    DrX_Ohio PokéPeddler

    Im sure Im with everyone, but I am very interested in the JP Movie Volcanion being released tomorrow. Please contact me if you get your hands on it and I will have it cloned and up for trade when I get my hands on one.
  18. Kevin24

    Kevin24 Event Collector

    world12 pikachu is shiny locked. if someone offers a shiny one it is hacked
  19. DrX_Ohio

    DrX_Ohio PokéPeddler

    Noted, thank you
  20. DrX_Ohio

    DrX_Ohio PokéPeddler

    Working on another big update to my shop (events mostly)...But I do have a Volcanion I received from a contact of mine in jp

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