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Dracaena Tournaments

beat alice 1-0

first turn explosion wat o.o


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Lost to Bgp 0-5, way too many non attacking moves :<
Yeah kinda smashed.
Just confirming my status of hax god :p
Edit: Replay

Edit2: We will be doing a VGC 2014 tournament soon to coincide with the Worlds championships this weekend. The rules for VGC 2014 can be found here. Not all rules will apply since we are using Pokemon Showdown, such as the time limits, but for the most part we will follow these rules. As with a VGC tournament, the team you use for your first battle must be used for the rest of the tournament, and battles will be Bo3. You cannot change the team or any of the pokemon on it in any way between battles or rounds. After your first battle, you will send your team that you used to someone outside of the tournament to verify you continue to use that team.
1. BGP
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Sol Badguy
I'll sign up since I'm good at VGC!


Exploding Biscuits!!
I guess I'll join. If something comes up and I'm not slightly better before it would start, I'll let people know

Edit: With how my mouth feels so far, it looks like I should be fine to participate. It's not oozy and it doesn't hurt as much (although I'm still taking my pain killers and putting ice on it) so unless something goes drastically wrong (again, I'll keep people informed), I'm in and will be working on getting rid of any issues my team may appear to have (WARY)
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Tattooed Tooth

So many flags!
I'm in, hopefully in time. <.<


Exploding Biscuits!!
Lost both of the two battles I had against Tooth

gg and maybe you can give me some pointers for the future (WARY)

Tattooed Tooth

So many flags!
Good games, let's wait until the end of the tourney. x)