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Dracaena Tournaments

Tattooed Tooth

So many flags!
Beat neo 2-1 games gg's
So now me and tooth for final, rovert vs. neo for 3rd
Play a lot of SSB4 today so we'll be free to finish this tomorrow. x)


Exploding Biscuits!!
I just want to go ahead and say it. I signed up for the tourney solely for a new experience/something to do. I haven't thought about the tourney at all aside from like a total of 30 minutes between the first two rounds. That being said, I would like to forfeit my match against Neo (assuming I am allowed to do so) and spend my time doing what is more important to me right now (school, finding a job, and spending time with my boyfriend)

Tattooed Tooth

So many flags!
Lost to BGP, 1-2

I should learn to not change things if they work. u.u

Squirel Princess

Goldenrod City
Im in for CC :D


Sol Badguy
I'll be in


Well-Known Member
1) BGP
2) Shadow
3) EK
4) Ambree
5) Neo

Gonna try to get 8 at least, might do more and have byes idk. Remember this tour is double EXP!
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Squirel Princess

Goldenrod City
annoying but ok :)