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*1/1/10 - 1/1/18*

Welcome to Dracaena - Home of Nature's Dragon.

Dracaena hopes that members can form new, long lasting relationships and improve their battling skills. Dracaena's ultimate goal is to have as much fun as possible. We're a laid back guild that just likes to have fun and be social. You don't live so long trying to do anything and everything without having member loyalty! Loyalty is the one thing we stress and we're proud to have so many loyal and great members.
Without them, this guild's success would not have been possible.

If you have any ideas for the guild just pm any of the leaders, we're always open for new ideas to try and make the guild better. Be sure to visit the guild chat (link can be found in some sigs, or you can just ask for it).


Post 1: OP/Info
- Leaders
- Guild News
- Rules
- Joining
- Links
- Credits
Post 2: Rank Up Information
- Rank Up Information
Post 3: Plant Group
- Plant Group Information
Post 4: Draco Group
- Draco Group Information
Post 5: Hydro Group
- Hydro Group Information
Post 6: Events






~Drac is being rebooted for Sun and Moon! Post changes are currently in progress!~


We try to keep things chill here. But general guidelines for the sake of establishment...
1. Follow all forum/guild subforum rules
2. To join, fill out the application below and post it to the thread.
3. Show activity once in awhile, be it through the thread or chat
4. Don't be dumb


Please post the following application or send it to BGP_, Purple_BlitzXD, or TheMourningKing as an application, preferably whoever's group you're joining if you PM. You will not need a test battle in order to join.
PO/PS, Wifi, or both:
Battling Experience:
Did anyone recommend you? If so, who?
Group you want to be in:

*If you don't get a response via PM from your leader or they're away, post your application on the thread and we will add you on the spreadsheet to try and keep things up to date so the leader isn't overwhelmed when they come back.


This Thread
Tournament Website
*Chat: Ask for it or it's in my signature and the spreadsheet.

Zek - Old Main Banner, Userbars
Astral Shadow - Model userbars, Plant Group Banner, Headers
Purple_BlitzXD - Checkerboard userbars, Toxic Group Banner
BGP_- Banner, Headers
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*These sections are subject to change as we work out the kinks of the system*
Our rank up system is modeled after an RPG system. That means EXP, skills, boosters, etc. Each group has 8 tiers that you can level up in. There are 3 different types of EXP to gain: Battle EXP, Community EXP, and Tournament EXP. You get Battle EXP for doing well and partaking in battles, Community EXP for participating in practically anything, and Tournament EXP based on tournament participation/performance. The EXP you get for these determines that category's level. Category levels become increasing difficult to raise as you get higher. A full list of the required EXP for every category level can be found on the guild spreadsheet. EXP can also be awarded in halves. If rounding is necessary, we will generally round down for reduction modifiers and round up for boosters.

Your Overall Level determines which of the 8 tiers you are in. The overall level is the combination of all 3 category levels. You can be level 21 by being level 7 in all 3 categories, by being level 21 in community, or by being level 10 in battling and 11 in tournaments, for example. The requirements for each tier is as follows:

Methods for gaining EXP and BP can be found in the spreadsheet.
*We'd appreciate if you would keep track of a few things you've done and post them every so often so we don't have to update every little thing. You may help keep track of your own values so long as you're doing so correctly.
*We are tracking everything, including tier placements, in the spreadsheet so we can keep after each other's groups in case someone is unable to.


As seen in the previous table, you have the ability to obtain 2 permanent skills by reaching tiers 3 and 6. Whenever you reach these ranks, you can post saying which skill you would like to have. These have a variety of effects, and a full list of obtainable skills can be found in the spreadsheet. Each group also has its own group skill that all members of that group will have. This skill will give a 1.5X boost to certain EXP, but a .5X reduction to another. It is best to choose wisely which group you would like to join based on this. One of the obtainable skills, however, can negate the negative effect of your group skill. Some skills can also be used as boosters for a one time use in exchange for BP. More on that below.


Boosters can be thought of as items. Boosters can be bought for a variety of effects, usually involving ways to increase EXP/BP or affecting skills. Some of the skills are able to be used as a one time use booster in exchange for BP. These again will all be listed in the spreadsheet, but boosters are bought using BP.

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♥Heart of Ice♥


Group Skill: Gregarious
Earn 1.5X Community EXP (rounded up), but .5X Tournament EXP (rounded down).




*You may use your appropriate tier as a userbar*
*Levels and EXP/BP will be tracked on the spreadsheet*


Levels 50+
Exclusive Discord Role

Levels 46-49

Levels 41-45
Unlocks Second Skill

Levels 36-40

Levels 31-35

Levels 21-30
Unlocks First Skill

Levels 11-20

Levels 0-10

Inactive List


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Group Skill: Gladiator
Earn 1.5X Battle EXP (rounded up), but .5X Community EXP (rounded down).




*You may use your appropriate tier as a userbar*
*Levels and EXP/BP will be tracked on the spreadsheet*


Levels 50+
Exclusive Discord Role

Levels 46-49

Levels 41-45
Unlocks Second Skill

Levels 36-40

Levels 31-35

Levels 21-30
Unlocks First Skill

Levels 11-20

Levels 0-10

Inactive List


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Group Skill: Gallant
Earn 1.5X Tournament EXP (rounded up), but .5X Community EXP (rounded down).




*You may use your appropriate tier as a userbar*
*Levels and EXP/BP will be tracked on the spreadsheet*








Inactive List


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Tournaments will be kept track of here. To view brackets/completed tournaments, see our challonge page.
Current Tournament: None


Current War: None
War History(13-8-3):

Vs. Secret Organization of Lumineon Followers - 1/29/10 - 2/15/10 (2-3 loss)
Vs. Serene Savages - 2/18/10 - 3/7/10 (2-2, unfinished)
Vs. The Guardians - 5/6/10 - 5/11/10 (2-3 loss)
Vs. Pseudo Legends - 9/18/10 - 10/1/10 (unfinished)
Vs. Iron Warriors - 10/22/10 - 11/2/10 (0-3 loss)
Vs. Team Rocket - 11/23/10 - 12/7/10 (2-3 loss)
Vs. Beasts of the Night - 1/18/11 - 1/25/11 (0-3 loss)
Vs. Pure Hotness - 1/29/11 - 2/5/11 (3-1 win)
Vs. Time To Rise - 2/26/11 - 3/1/11 (4-0 win)
Vs. Bully's Playground - 4/21/11 - 4/23/11 (0-3 loss)
Vs. Glide Von Vier - 8/16/11 - 8/20/11 (4-3 win)
Vs. Burning Earth - 11/13/11 - 11/27/11 (2-2 win, forfeit)
Vs. Team Enchanted Garden - 12-11-11 - 12/19/11 (4-2 win)
Vs. The Elemental Trinity - 12-21-11 - 12-28-11 (4-2 win)
Vs. Primus Et Ultimus - 1-16-12 - 1-17- 12 (4-1 win)
Victory Cup(clan-wide tourney) - 1-26-12 - 3-2-12 (Runner-Up)
Vs. Pimp Purple Pokemonz Clan - 3/11/12 - 3/12/12 (3-0 win)
Vs. The Gentleman's Club - 3/15/12 - 3/19/12 (3-0 win)
Vs. The Eevee Elite - 4/2/12 - 4/18/12 (4-3 win)
Vs. Magnet Risers - 5/16/12 - 5/17/12 (3-0 win)
Vs. Team Legendary - 5/24/12 - 5/26/12 (3-0 win)
Vs. Team Nightmare - 6/11/12 - 6/12/12 (3-0 win)
Vs. Creamery Command - 9/28/13 - 10/10/13 (2-3 loss)
Vs. Cipher - 8/7/14 - 8/21/14 (0-2, unfinished)
Vs. Veneno Oscuridad - 1/6/15 - 1/16/15 (0-3 loss)

2010 - 0-4-2
2011 - 6-2-0
2012 - 7-0-0
2013 - 0-1-0
2014 - 0-0-1
2015 - 0-1-0
2016 - 0-0-0

Current Streak: 2 L
Longest Win Streak: 11

Any special activities/events will be recorded here.
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Fierce Kanto King
Okay I will go with the Credits idea and Kabz you need to show me how to make a spoiler button for the shop. Credits system will be better than points and much easier. I will up date Credits to all members every 7 days. I am working on the shop now so kabz thats all for the moment, Calarus


Grass Trainer
Um Cal, cant u just copy paste, the pm i sent you. It has the intro for the shop, and the spoiler including the pokemon. Then just add whatever you need. BTW just copy/paste over your first post through editing lol.
Also, Cal and Hiro, because im not gna hav internet access till friday, all membership pm's are gonna go to you guys, then I will update on friday. Have Funs :D

Leader Bruno

Team WolfPack
ohhhh new clan, welcome


lol yes, welcome to the clan. :)

EDIT: Also, due to school starting again, i'm gonna be ultra busy 'cause i want to get straight A's this quarter... but i'll try to be on for at least an hour anyway. :/ if i don't reply to something for a day or two though... 3rd quarter is always most hectic for me so... Sorry!

EDIT... Again... (will be updated with new members while kabz is gone... :p) lol: Okay, so far, aside from kabz, cal and i, we have 4 members, Rocko, kac, thomas, and bgp...
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с нами Бог
Hey kabz, your clan is up! I might consider joining if my clan plans dont work. (hope you dont mind me posting here btw) =)


Okay. Welcome thomas (11tjcoulombe) and bgp (bestgamepearl) lol we're getting a lot of former or current delirium members... also... i would appreciate it if people stopped posting here unless they have joined (PM or VM your application stuff to me or cal and then you can post... lol) i'm letting you people off now 'cause i know you... (TCC and Ivan...) but unless you're in the clan, don't post here please. :)
I'm the clans ev trainer, so if you need something ev trained, let me know...

Also, I have a couple ev trained pokes that I can clone and give to people and theese are as below
252hp/252attack w/explosion/curse and shadow punch
252hp/252attack w/cross chop
252spatk/252 speed w/leech seed


Welcome Gonzo206... i'm just gonna call you Gonzo k?... |D lol but yeah, the clan is advancing quickly for just 3 days... already have 5 new members! but 3 are, or were, in delirium... not the point! we need to start setting up clan activities/battling etc etc so we can hopefully attract more people and move to competitive! Woot! lol k, currently doing a project... but when i'm done, i'll UU battle 5 v. 5... (lol i had 6... but then i found out roserade was OU and i was like "NOES!!! NOT FAIR!" so yeah, now i have 5.) lol don't worry 'bout fighting me though. i'm a pushover. only 3/5 of my pokes are even bothered to be EV trained... or was it only 2? |D not the point.
Welcome Gonzo206... i'm just gonna call you Gonzo k?

Yes! I'm in, yeah just call me Gonzo. That username was taken when i got here :p. I can't wait to see what's going to happen here. I know I'm going to have fun.
Hiro, I might be mistaken, but I think it got bumped down again....if not the you could use a venasaur, I could breed you a good one
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