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1 hour until THE day (wary)


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I just wanted to let everyone who told me that the eshop would take absolutely forever and you would have your copies before me, I had my game downloaded and running before 1:10 am (WARY)


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Hey guys. I just picked up X and my friend code is 0275-8301-6915.

Naoto Shirogane

The Detective Prince
for those of you with x and y i can get you any evo stone by super training since i have a fully evd poke if you like one such as dusk stone for the sword poke just ask :)

Naoto Shirogane

The Detective Prince
Thanks to high demand on dittos i now have every 6th gen starter and 1st gen starter, I also have noibat and i can breed any of these for you :) but i would like something in return such as a poke i have not caught :/


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Sorry that I'm not active. Later this month I'll get a 3DS + MK7 and Pokemon Y. Then my activity will increase again, I think.

Oh, and activity post, if I'm not kicked yet.


Exploding Biscuits!!
This is a slight public service announcement. Apparently even if you download XY on two different sd cards, the game will overwrite the extra data it creates (which allows the save file to function) on the 3ds, so you can ONLY have one file going. I found out the hard way after finding a shiny bidoof, but I'm lucky the bidoof was on the new file D:


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Hey guys, just though since X and Y came out I would update on my status.

Well still no Internet, I'm trying so sooner our later we should get a provider.

As for pokemon Y, I got the game yesterday and beat it a few hours ago. Really loved the game, in my opinion best main stream pokemon game. Really loved the characters, story, music everything about it. The game though was very easy, I never lost once in the game. Also I wish their were more Kalo's pokemon, but the variety of poking given to you was really good.
Anyway just thought I should do this since it has been a while.


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Ladies and Gentlemen I am the Kalos Champion.


Il Gran Negoziante
Clearly I'm not as quick as you guys. I just got my first badge, but I'm loving the game so far. Currently running with Frogadier, Riolu, and Litleo as my team. Can't wait to get Tyrunt, Sylveon and Squirtle to finish my squad.
So, I've been snooping around smogon for a little while now, and it seems that the Mega Mewtwo evos have 190 and 154 in their respective offenses.

We're all doomed.
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Naoto Shirogane

The Detective Prince
x and y news

for those who have x and y i am offering you a chance to get free pokes however to get these pokes you must beat me in battle.

here are the list of pokes

all 6th gen starters
all 1st gen starters
sylveon (low stock)
larvitars for those with poke x
and more just ask

the good news

I will ev train any ones pokes for free as long as you are in drac :)
@Rairyan Would you mind EVing my Absol and perhaps getting it to about 25-30? Or higher depending on where I am when you yet to it

Hatsune Miku

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Activity post~ got X a few days ago. My current team atm (as of now)
Blaziken(Lv56 but i rarely use him its just the XP share levels him)
it was such a pain to get sylveon but it was really worth it
i plan on getting rid of this starter
i may keep blaziken but hes to OP
i also plan on keeping charizard because i need a flyer and he has a dragon mega evolution
lucario and lapras are currently being trained
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