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Well dudes, as you may have heard on the discord server or through some other means, this is going to be drac's last birthday. It's been a long, fun ride, but it's time to put it away. We've been through a lot of game releases, both pokemon and unrelated, as well as several systems. Many of us are just too busy with our lives now though, and that's a good thing! Pokemon certainly isn't a priority for some of us anymore (and hasn't been for some of us in awhile), but understandably the hardest part about doing this is the fear of losing the community that we built up over 8 years. Even recently, we've had old members come back to say hi and join our discord server just to stay in touch. And, even with this thread's closure, I look to keep the discord server and facebook group running. As far as these go, you can find the discord server link in my signature, maybe some others. If that ever becomes an issue/the link stops working/i get banned somehow, feel free to reach out to someone or myself for a link. If you PM me I'll probably get it eventually, or you can DM me on discord, my tag is BGP#8945. The facebook group I'm not in, but I'm sure purple or someone else can hook you up with that as needed. You could probably check other guild/official serebii discord servers to find someone who has the discord link if you need it as well.

I don't wanna do the usual mentions thing because, as you might expect after 8 years, I have gotten to know so many people that it's hard to even begin listing people. However, if you were a part of Drac in some way at some point, you know how valuable you were to the whole experience, and you are always welcome around the discord server so long as you aren't a total goon.

As far as the serebii side of things goes, I would not like this to be reopened by anyone without me, purple, or tmk's permission. I'm kinda thinking this won't be an issue though given activity levels xD. I'm not going to urge you to do anything on here, and I'm probably done besides lurking so don't worry about what I plan on doing here lol.

But yeah, it's been a pleasure going through this with you all. I'm glad it happened, and I'm sure we'll be able to stay in touch if that's what you want. I have no plans of doing anything to the discord server, and even if I stopped caring I would give it to someone else who will. Think of it as a general gaming chat now :p. It's been fun dudes, feel free to stay in touch.

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