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Won vs BestGamePearl 5-0 (Little bit of hax on his side, I also got a lil bit although none of the hax mattered) which once again adds me 1 point.
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maybe i can beat u at chess (wary) lol

hey pplz im back :3
but y am i banned on the chat
idk, but mods cant unban, so u'll have to catch kabz or tom

looking for battles, so yea.


Unfortunately, there remains one spot unfilled in the GL tourney so it cannot begin until that spot is filled... :( sorry Victoria. Therefore: SOMEONE JOIN THE FLIPPIN TOURNEY!!! (D)


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This is probably a stupid question, but how do I join the chat? It says I have to private message an owner... who exactly is this and how do I send the message?
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