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faults & feats
oh meh laptop is back and running btw.

and xD i can scout some clans.


Rehab, no. Dead.
**** it. Lets war TSS. They have a war line up of Gray, Gray, Gray, Gray, and Gray. It also come with subs of Gray and Gray
gray is in TET

Defeated Jets 3-0 in a OU match even though he says my starmie sucks :( . 2 points.
*31 points*


Im a RockStar Gamer
I contacted my opponent about our UU Tourny match and he wasnt ready so Im not sure what to do....


Exploding Biscuits!!
so I finally mastered RNG (I think) and I am willing to do some RNGs for some people. I may say no due to time constraints, but I will at least put the offer out there. Hiro can add that to my list of jobs if he wants (chew)
Not open for further replies.