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The Umbreon Sage
just an activity post i guess , i haven't been on in a while lol my bad :/
just school work n s**t. :)


^ Thats me :)
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Statter Master
Username: Abrar14
PO, Wifi, or both: Both although i prefer PO
Battling Experience: Decent
Did anyone recommend you? If so, who? Nope
Group you want to be in: BGP's one


Rock Ultimate
while we're at it, can i have free points?

testing on my new team continues.


Fierce Kanto King
Had a battle with Lucs with my 1st HO 5th Gen team. His win hahaha Good game man I learned some new things and called some faults on my side but, none the less exciting. So give him his points cause he got me fair and square.
Ummmmm, hai!!!
Welcome to dracaena abrar *cough* Lateness ftk *cough*
I havent had posted here since a while so this counts as activity :3
EDIT: Forgot to say, beat Cal in a good game earlier today.
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