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Fierce Kanto King
Okay okay I got the ball rolling now to get a train and just run the competition over on the tracks cause I am banking hahaha! And just had some awesome sex, woot pwnt! feeling good manz!


Well-Known Member
we can start a new tourney once this one finishes. Speaking of, there's still like 7 total battles left in the final round, get it done so we can move on to a more fun tourney! I also got first word of the tri-war so that may or may not be coming soon!


♥Heart of Ice♥
Hmm... is xat working for anyone? o_O it seems to have spazzed out again. Unless it's my comp, I wouldn't be surprised if it was... lol oh wells!~
Anywhoo, good morning/afternoon/evening everyone ^-^

Nvm, it's my comp .-. lol
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Fierce Kanto King
Agenda: I will be researching fifth gen today and then on PO doing tests on my new teams. So I am willing to let anyone from Drac to test battle with me. I am going to make five teams and test them out today. So hit me up if anyone wants to do tests with me.


The Umbreon Sage
Yeah new tourney sounds good, hopefully i dont get eliminated on the first round this time -_- lol


And hopefully this one will be finished on time. I vote people just get picked at random, activity wins if necessary (to speed up the finishing of this current tourney).
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