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Noooooooooooo. You don't say?
hey dont worry, considering it's 10 ppl it should be easy to throw together an all star, n00b smashing lineup!


This War Is Ours!
Id like to say hi to everyone, thanks for accepting me Purple_Blitz and i hope i can help in anyway i can :)


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Just letting you all know that when I am back to my prime in this Gen, I will be leaving so I am thanking you all now for having me. I have TS to revive when this is all over and done, because I have one promise to keep and that is to war Dracaena before my permanent retirement; which is still very far away. I have noticed that many clans just don't have that power feeling haha, besides everyone needs a common enemy and I am that naughty to be that playboy to give some spice. Progress Update: 1381 But I want higher and I am sure to get there with more tests. People who should be looking forward to see me for a battle, you know who you are. Kanto King out..
What server are you playing on? If its on the Smogon server that's not bad. If it's on the Pokemon Online server 1381 is basically nothing.

If 1381 is "back to your prime" you should keep working on your prime. Your old buddy Ald hit 1700 on Smogon a while back. Not going to let him beat you are you?


Fierce Kanto King
You mean to tell me that all this training was for nothing if I'm not on smogon? What the fawk?!!!! I have been busting my *** on Pokemon online server to hear this.... Fawk.. And you think I'm gonna let half pint win? Hahaha oh no no no not by a very fawking far long shot. I'll move servers tomorrow after work, thanks for the heads up.


oh i gave up~

i shall stay as Pervy Maniac rank since purp is always busy~

will not battle for clan points until i got 5th gen part 2 battle team ready.

so...inactive for battling~ i shall do more resourceful things like studying. i won't be dropping by in xat room that often now.
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