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This War Is Ours!
Thank You TheMaster and good morning to everyone. have a good one all


Wanna hug?
Why... is the whole xat empty? It's like the first time since I'm in drac that the xat is empty D= I'm lonely >=


Fierce Kanto King
Hates rain weather teams... They are causing problems for my revolver teams... but pfft nothing I can't handle. I have battled some clan members from other clans last night all wanting to punt me a few levels down. I will be honest that some gave me a hard time and managed to beat me but, not before hellishly doing damage to them to only leave the battle one on one. So my call out to any of you desperate punks from other clans, since I can't post in you school girl group threads. I am always willing and fawkin able, I am not a *****. Feel me? Yea you know who you are.


Casual Shiny Hunter
If I am xat active, do I need to post activity posts?


I wouldnt think so. BGP and the other leaders show up there enough to realize you haven't fallen off the face of the Earth.


may or may not be getting a job soon
depends on how much they make me work


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