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so apparantly we're not going now cuz saturday was cancelled, but i can say i wont be home next week cuz going to grandma's, so i'll be on less next week
Sign Ups for Mario Kart 7 Tourney:
1. BGP
2. Terra
3. Royal
4. Quake
5. Blue
6. King Fross
7. SG
8. kyuremaster
9. SWD
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Reading your destiny


I'm a f***** Ponyta
was never really in the clan, but leaving to TA


t(-.-t) trollin
just noticed themaster is a leader..... gone too long

Team Legend's Dragonite

W1nN!n6 you mad o.0?
Just posting to show im still here, with pokemon nationals last week just been poke-exhausted but it was amazing.
Alright, Since BGP Dropped out of the MK7 Tourney, he put me in charge of it.

Here are the final rules:


Teams of 2

Points Decided by 2 teammates' scores added together.

2v2 races (4 Players per race)

Double Elimination (Lose twice, you are out)

Items: All

Speed: 150CC

The Racetrack Choosing Process:
Each player chooses a stage.
Order of 4 stages decided pre-match
No Repeated Stages.


Toad Circuit
Cheep Cheep Beach
Music Park
Rock Rock Mountain
Piranha Plant Slide
Wario Shipyard
Rosalina's Ice World
Rainbow Road

Bowser's Castle 1
Luigi's Mansion
Mario Circuit 2
Coconut Mall
DK Pass
Maple Treeway
Koopa Cape
Airship Fortress

King Fross

When teaming up with someone, MAKE SURE BOTH PLAYERS AGREE TO THE TEAM.
Also, lets push the deadline till tuesday so we can try to push to 16 players instead of 8.

Make sure to contact me via PM here or tell me on Chat if you want to enter the tourney so I can update the player list. After all players are registered, you can start partnering up.
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to clarify the reason why i have to drop out and give charge to someone else, i'm not gonna be home monday-thursday and friday night-saturday night next week, so no wifi. Then the following week we're leaving around noon thursday and won't be home til the 30th, and i won't have any internet access at all. So yeah...
D=, But I'm getting bendy to join and teaming with him

I would prefer to team with Bendy, Blue, or Quake.

Any of you 3 want to team with me? (if there is a dispute over who is to be teamed with me, I say settle it in a PO battle (Wary))
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