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And, as if by magic~
g'mornin' peeps. kso if you haven't heard by now, Movie Night is gonna happen this Friday at 8 PM sharp EST (Eastern Standard Time). That applies to the East Coast of the U.S. So for people in California, it's 5 PM. Do the math for your own places 'cause I ain't gonna bother with everywhere that we have members from. :3
That's at like 1 AM for me :(


♥Heart of Ice♥
Aiight guys, movie iz gonna be up in a few once we get situated :3 soooooo hop onto chat for the livestream link!!


t(-.-t) trollin
well the fact that no-one never messages me on swapnote makes me feel important, also i might be able to battle soon enough on pokemon showdown, but still no xat, whats new with the clan though, anything impressive?


Well-Known Member
Go back to xat :(
Im there now!!!!
So on another note, my luck with my phone starts getting better for me to receive another taste of bad luck related to my computer at home.....WHILE IM NOT THERE lol. Anyways, i'm going to try and update the spreadsheet today if this computer puts up with it long enough and then i'll probably try to look into taking metronome tourney sign ups!
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