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♥Heart of Ice♥
Good morning guys :3 !!~


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Yes we do, and leaving for the weekend again. Starting to get a little busy with school so i may start having activity issues...at least more often than usual


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BW2 OU tourney:
1. Rey
2. Shadow
3. Scizor64
4. TerraWolf
5. TheMaster
6. TMK
7. PokeExpert
8. Avizion
9. Geo
10. Metroid78
11. SWD

Sign up people, we need 16! Also, i dont have the code, but yeah im pretty sure nobody uses it


Statter Master
Ok then. I cant find a good active community apart from the default ones :3

I'd sign up but you know the deal with my computer

And i wish post counts would be aloud in the clans section since its the only place i really post anymore.


Feelin' The Flow
so doing 20 battles in a day and reaching top rank and/or having it cheated and lied to in order to get top rank is worthy too? Not always the case, but there needs to be a more bullet proof system, and it's not fair to just let some people get demoted. And honestly nobody should be arguing this since we did it back in may/june.....
i did that stuff a long time ago though just like the other old members

Team Legend's Dragonite

W1nN!n6 you mad o.0?
Activity post, how is everyone. School has been rough but I passed all my final exams, also my birthday past a week ago so I'm now 20, just a couple of more weeks until b2w2, super stoked


Aiming For The Top
Man I can't wait for the new games and the new MD game looks epic too, other then that I am planning on making a NU team with specs electrode.
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