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Draft Based League Tournament (open)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Leagues' started by Dice_, Feb 19, 2016.

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  1. Dice_

    Dice_ New Member

    This League is now CLOSED signing up is pointless, sorry!

    I thought it would be cool to get a bunch of people together and do a tournament, so i tried to find a good draft league online, yet couldn't find any. So I stumbled along here and thought some people might also want to play.

    I hope to get 8 people, including myself, to play, though 16 would be amazing and I would find a way to fit in any number below 16.
    As far as the rules go, we would draft 3 pokemon from each tier, OU, UU, RU, NU and PU. Then for 12 weeks we would battle with someone to try and get points. The points are determined from the ratio of pokemon left, so if you won 3-0 you would get 4 points from that week. After the 12 weeks, everyone will have participated in 12 battles and will have racked up a certain amount of points. The 4 players with the most points will go to the semi finals, where points no longer matter and whoever wins both of their matches will win the tournament.

    The draft will take place on my teamspeak server, which anyone is free to go into before, during and after the tournament if you are a player. The time of the draft will be discussed between players so that we can find a good time for everyone, but if we cant find a suitable time for everyone then someone will have to draft after everyone else. Alongside of this, the matches played out can either be played on Showdown or the real games and that can be decided by the battlers.

    If you have any questions I would like to hear them and I will update this page with the answers and pm you back.

    If all goes to plan, i will probably buy some game for the winner on steam or something, so there is that too

    So that it is easier to organise, if you want to participate could you fill in an application as follows...
    1) Age (preferably 13 or above)
    2) Country
    3) Can you use teamspeak? (If you havent got it, it's client on pc is free)
    4) What is your teamname?
    5) Say something about yourself (I don't know why this is here, but it is, embrace it)

    Current Members
    Me (Norwich City Nidorina)
    GeoPerson (Richmond City Relicanths)
    Rabinov (Michigan Murkrows)
    Smlllte (Texas Treekos)
    SeanClinton (Swampert Mayhem)
    Spolandr (Stockholm Bravieries)
    SturdyStibrava (Helsinki High Jump Kicks)
    Graanen (Toronto Staraptors)

    Hope to talk to you later and battle you in the league!
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2016
  2. Dedier

    Dedier New Member

    I would like to participate
    2)Colombia(born in Italy though)
    3)I can use it
    4)Rome Gallades
    5)I just recently moved to Colombia and i'm a pokemon breeder, i've been trying to breed competitive shinies
  3. Rainbowtaco32

    Rainbowtaco32 New Member

    I would really like to join!
    3)I can if you accept me
    4)Adelaide Honchkrows
    5)I am a youtuber
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