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Dragon Ball Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Bronzong#1, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Bronzong#1

    Bronzong#1 Cell Shaded

    Part A: Introduction
    If you like/love the series known as Dragon Ball then this is the club for you.
    This club was made by me in tribute to one of my favorite animes: Dragon Ball. So here people can discuss about Dragon Ball whether they be newbs to the series or nostalgic veterans like me. I really hope that this club goes over well here and we have a great time.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
    Part B: Rules; Please follow these rules and if you don’t I will ban you from the club if necessary.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
    Part B1: Here are the General Serebii Forums Rules:

    1. Don't ask for illegal content, discuss cheating devices or cheat codes
    This includes episode downloads (this especially here), Gameshark, Action Replay, ROMs, etc

    2. Limit the use of foul language
    Try not to evade the swear filter too much as well

    3. Don't spam
    Basically, posts that contribute nothing to the thread or topic.

    4. Don't post in topics that are a month old
    Stickied threads and special cases such as posting Fan Fiction are exceptions to this

    5. Don't post multiple times in a row
    There are a few special cases where this is allowed.

    6. Stay on topic within threads
    If you want to talk about something completely different, make a new thread or use the search button to find the right one.

    7. Don't post inappropriate or offensive material
    Porn or anything else "not safe for work"

    8. Don't troll or flame users. Be respectful.
    Includes the use of language that's racial, religious, rude, sexually explicit, insulting, threatening, abusive, hateful, ethnic, or just a general intent to annoy others.

    9. Don't minimod
    This means posting simply to say something along the lines of "This should be closed." or "UserA, you spammed."

    10. Don't make/use multiple accounts.

    11. Don't evade bans or let a banned member use your account
    Results in more bans/permaban/IP ban

    12. Don't advertise other sites in posts/threads.
    Put the links in your signature.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~
    Part B2: My Rules;
    -Please don’t bash other people for their favorite character choice
    -Don’t make fun of people for being new and getting trivia wrong etc.
    -Listen to the owner and co-owner of this club
    -Read the rules
    -Have fun and enjoy DB
    -Don’t pester the owner and co-owner about things like the weekly trivia isn’t up yet you have'nt changed my rank etc. We will get to it eventually.
    Part B3: Sign–up form: This should consist of:
    Your Username:
    Favorite Character:
    Why you joined this club:
    I pledge to stay faithful to this club’s rules and will always like Dragon Ball.
    The word kamehameha at the end of your sign-up

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
    Part C:Members
    Super Goku:

    Perfect Cell:

    Super Vegeta:

    Super Gohan:

    Semi-perfect Cell:

    Imperfect Cell:

    Super Piccolo:






    7 tyranitars
    tepig rules
    Crimson Darkness
    cookies kill you
    StonE EdgE

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

    Part: D-Ranks -: You will rank up by posting intelligently in the club, contribute to the club, or answer 80% of the ten trivia questions correctly
    Super Goku:- You are the one unstoppable force
    Perfect Cell:- You're quest for perfection has been obtained
    Super Vegeta:- You are once again so close to being the best but yet there always seems to be someone stronger.
    Super Gohan:- You have been training for this day and soon you shall beat the ones above you
    Imperfect Cell:- You're quest for perfection has merely begun
    Super Piccolo:- Welcome to the big leauges everything is getting tougher now
    Goku:-You are the top fighter in your class
    Vegeta:-You are proud and only beaten by one, Kakarott
    Piccolo:- you are strong and beat by few, yet somehow you're rivals always beat you
    Krillin: - You're training has payed off and are one step closer to being a great fighter
    Gohan:- You are training hard but you have a long way to go to the top
    Raditz: You are a weak Saiyan and born to find your brother Kakarot

    Everything above the squiggly line is a high rank


    Part E: Banners, Pictures and userbars: None yet- -

    Part F:
    1. Where did Goku meet Yamcha?
    2.Which Android (from DBZ) is entirely synthetic?
    3.Who is Tien?
    4. What is the dragon summoned from the Dragonballs on Earth's name?
    5.How many Cell Jr.s are there?
    6. How many were depicted in the anime?
    7. How many times has Piccolo died?
    8. What was Goku's father's name (one on Earth)?
    9. What Dragonball is on top of Gohan's hat?
    10.How many episodes of GT are there?
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2011
  2. @MiGo

    @MiGo Scouting Legion

    Your Username: @MiGo
    Favorite Character: Androids 17 and 18 (I like them both)
    Why you joined this club: I like dragon ball z and DBZ kai. :3
    I pledge to stay faithful to this club’s rules and will always like Dragon Ball.
  3. Bronzong#1

    Bronzong#1 Cell Shaded

    You are accepted @MiGo hopefully more people will join soon
  4. @MiGo

    @MiGo Scouting Legion

    I do hope so too. Hey if it would help i could try and get some banners made for the club ranks.
  5. Bronzong#1

    Bronzong#1 Cell Shaded

    I was thinking userbars but banners will be good too
  6. @MiGo

    @MiGo Scouting Legion

    Either one works i guess. Lemme see if i can find any sprites for DBZ, cuz i cant remeber alot of their games. :3

    But yeah, i looovvve the Androids. Just 17 and 18 though. 16 is ok.....but its mostly 17 and 18. 19 and 20 didnt appeal to me at all :p
  7. Bronzong#1

    Bronzong#1 Cell Shaded

    Ok but I just found 17 too arrogant for my taste and his arrogance was his downfall personally I like 16 the most out of the Androids
  8. 7 tyranitars

    7 tyranitars Well-Known Member

    Your Username:7 Tyranitars
    Favorite Character:Gohan :D
    Why you joined this club:Dragonball is awesome nuf said?
    I pledge to stay faithful to this club’s rules and will always like Dragon Ball.
    Ka-me-ha-me-HA! (<- hope that counts)
  9. Bronzong#1

    Bronzong#1 Cell Shaded

    Yes that is good enough and you are ACCEPTED. Editing Member list now
  10. 7 tyranitars

    7 tyranitars Well-Known Member

    So shouldn't we need a topic? :D

    What was your favorite Dragonball? normal Z or GT?

    Mine definiatly Z and like it ever more in Kai now (watching it in Japanese)
  11. Bronzong#1

    Bronzong#1 Cell Shaded

    Yes we do....

    Mine is also Z definitely and Kai is also good it gets me all nostalgic for the original but Kai is still a good re-vamp in it's own right
  12. tepig rules

    tepig rules OM NOM NOM

    username tepig rules
    favorite character Goku
    why you joined this club because i love dragon ball
    i pledge to stay faithful to this club's rules and will always love dragon ball

  13. Jameson1

    Jameson1 Mes amis

    Username: Jameson1
    Favorite Character: Vegeta/Teen Gohan/Future Trunks (I can't decide...)
    Why you joined this club: I like DBZ, especially the music composed by Faulconer/Morgan/Smith
    I pledge to stay faithful to this club's rules and will always love Dragon Ball
  14. Bronzong#1

    Bronzong#1 Cell Shaded

    Alright both of you are accepted editing members list now
  15. @MiGo

    @MiGo Scouting Legion

    Mind if i make a topic? :3

    What is your favorite Dragon Ball Z saga?

    Mine personally is the Android saga. The Androids just rocked in general in my opinion, although they were kinda imbociles in the Imperfect cell saga. They stayed where cell was even though they were told a bunch of times to get away from him.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2011
  16. Bronzong#1

    Bronzong#1 Cell Shaded

    Mine was the Cell games saga definetely just the action and the power of Cell
  17. 7 tyranitars

    7 tyranitars Well-Known Member

    Same it is the Saga that made Gohan my favorite character.
  18. Alfred Jones

    Alfred Jones I'm the Hero!

    Your Username: Crimson Darkness
    Favorite Character: Goku
    Why you joined this club: Long time fan of the Dragon Ball Series
    I pledge to stay faithful to this club’s rules and will always like Dragon Ball.
    *Positions hands* Ka-me-ha-me-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. cookies kill you

    cookies kill you Like a boss

    YES! IVE BEEN WAITING FOR A DRAGON BALL CLUB anyway i think the first rank should defiently be raditz :)

    Your Username: Cookies Kill You
    Favorite Character: Super Buu
    Why you joined this club: Because Dragon Ball Z is my favorite anime ever
    I pledge to stay faithful to this club’s rules and will always like Dragon Ball.
  20. Bronzong#1

    Bronzong#1 Cell Shaded

    Both definetly accepted and good suggestion...and Trivia will be updated on Wednesday

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