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Dragon Battle! Ash VS Iris!! (1154)


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Dragon Battle! Ash VS Iris!!​

Ash has received a letter from his old friend, Iris, challenging him to a battle. Ash eagerly takes the challenge and he and Goh go to Oplucid City in the Unova region to meet Iris. Iris has been training hard and has become the Champion of the Unova region and wants to put Ash's Dragon-type Pokémon to the test. Being able to see the hearts of Ash's Dragonite & Dracovish, the battle is to be tough. Will Ash be able to defeat his old friend?

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Kyoya Gaen

I'm just glad we haven't gotten spoiled with the result of the battle or Haxorus for that matter. Even though them keeping Axew's fate so secretive is almost paradoxically a spoiler in itself XD

All in all, I smply am happy to see Iris back in such a great role.


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Iris teasing Ash and Ash being all annoyed has always amused me. And in general they had a sibling-like relationship in BW with Cilan as their big nerdy, weirdo brother. So I'm hoping we get more of that here.
I never understand why some people were that mad about it, like, you know, ash is actually a kid (10 years)


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Pretty much. Ash acted childish, because that was his BW depiction, and Iris teased him for that.

Though I think some people interpreted that as Iris looking down on Ash and hating him!!!
Well the fact that she became the official champion of a region before Ash (since she is probably the champion before the Manalo Conference) proves that she was at some point right looking down on Ash...for the people with that interpretation, because I don't think those were her intentions