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Dragon Battle! Ash VS Iris!! (1154)

Dragon claw and Thunder Punch canceled each other out and Hurricane might as well have been Gust it didn't even push him back lol.

The Ice Fang was the only attack that fazed him so yes, one hit. It was lame as hell and rushed.
It doesn't cancel each other, but I just rewatch that part and it seems the Dragon Claw did not hit as Angrynite manage to hold Happynite with the Thunder Punch. The Hurricane is clearly shown hurting Angrynite. Dragon Dive and Dragon Claw did cancel each otther.

You might not noticed it, but what Ash said to Dracovish is Eragami (Fishious Rend). So Dracovish landed 2 moves against Angrynite, Fishious Rend followed by Ice Fang.

Blood Red

Iris bragging about being champion when she should be more like our humble king Ash and never mention it lmao
He obviously just thought it'd be funnier if Iris lost to some guy she thought wasn't even a regional champ


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Fishious Rend and ice fang is a pretty devastating combination going forward Ash should keep that combo in mind

It's never gonna be seen again is it

Almighty Zard

He has returned.
So here is the thing. Without sound like a deranged fan I think it was Dragonite who sunk the ship. Iris could very well be an excellent trainer and probably could defeat Ash (she did it with Excadrill) but for some reason something keeps possessing her to use Dragonite despite his terrible losing streak. Couple that with Ash’s Dragonite’s out of nowhere tankness from taking all those Dragon type moves and that’s why he won. She also seemed less interested in taking the battle seriously towards the latter end and was just enjoying what was going on.

She did seem that way the more i watch her actions.

Also I honestly think she helped Ash's Dragonite learn Draco Meteor to an extent (which is an interesting nod to the unova games) due to the "mental" chat she had with it.

people are welcome to disagree, but I really got that feeling out of this.

Sooo where is Excadrill???

I wish I knew, I personally think that should be her ace pokemon but we just had to have a dragon fight here.

So does this battle technically make Ash the Unova champion now?

no it does not.


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Sooo where is Excadrill???
I wish I knew, I personally think that should be her ace pokemon but we just had to have a dragon fight here.
It appeared in a flashback showing Iris's battle with Drayden from BW. Iris could've probably won with Excadrill, but she wanted the match to be a mono Dragon type battle since she's trying to become a Dragon master


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Alola definitely needs to make its re-appearance soon. Since it appeared in episode 37 then reasonably there should be another one around episode 74. It probably doesn't appear as frequently because its regarded as recent.

As for the content, a Moh arc or episode is likely. Also the poster shows Tapu-Koko which has yet to appear in the series. Personally, I would like an episode where Ash gets called back to defend his title.
Maybe next time ash get letter from Lillie who want to challenge him for unova champion tittle after she find her father, and she revealed that she in hyper class so that why there girl shilluoete with clefairy next to her??? Hahahah

Joke aside, i want to see that too good callback to alola games


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I'm glad the gag of Sirfetch'd doing trivial things for Ash while in his cool knight persona is a running gag apparently.


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I personally loved how Haxorus knew Dragon Pulse since it feels like a proper callback to Axew's Dragon Rage (and how its first arc in BW was learning to develop it from a "Dragon Sneeze"), especially with how the energy beam was animated.