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Dragon Battle! Ash VS Iris!! (1154)


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One of those silhouettes was Volkner and Luxray.


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So IRis kinda help ash win, start from calm happynite and help him learn Draco meteor

I knew it ash going take the win, Gratz Ash hope after this no more skipping rank,


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I'm sorry people that Draco Meteor was badass I don't care what you guys watched.

Also LOL how Ash's Pokemon all show up ONLY because its a PWC match.

I don't want to dwell on this since posts were nuked last time, but Taiwanese twitter account leaked that Ash would win/reach rank 99 and Volkner would be back

I don't recall any mention of Volkner as for the rest of the so called "leak" it was pretty damn obvious what was going to happen.

Haxorus was obvious to anyone paying attention and of course Ash would rank 99 if he won because it is hyper class, as he shouldn't be shooting up 20 ranks. That's it, that's all the leak said.
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