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Dragon Battle! Ash VS Iris!! (1154)


Disappearing isn't that bad, actually.
Alder got done super dirty in the anime by not even being related to the Larvesta line. His damn hair is supposed to resemble Volcarona's design (not to mention Volcarona also got done really dirty in its weak debut episode).

OH MY GOD, I just realized anime!Alder is a cheap man's Naruto's Jiraiya.
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Disappearing isn't that bad, actually.
...So he's Brock, who has done all those things and more during his tenure
I know he's an older Brock, but the fact is Naruto's Jiraiya bears a really uncanny resemblance to this interpretation of Alder.

I mean, Brock was never thought as a pathetic guy whenever he pinned for girls and got injured. Alder, on the other hand, was seen as pathetic when he went through that by everyone who saw, especially Trip.


no i am not, besides Alder's ace in the anime appears to be afro bull by default considering we never saw any of his other pokemon.

All i'm saying is that in my own opinion, It really feels like Iris' actions during this battle were caused by her love for dragon pokemon, if Ash had not used dragons against her then I believe things would've been different and she would've been more focused on winning, because I feel like Ash's dragons distracted her from going for the win.
Man, I was just joking. No need to go for the serious reply. I understood the point you were making. I just wanted to add a humourous remark.


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I’m curious if Iris became a champion before Ash. Considering the clues given within this episode I’d say it happened before he became one.