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Dragon Battle! Ash VS Iris!! (1154)


The Pokémon Explorer
1) I believe gym leaders have a chance to Challenge the Elite four without having to collect all the badges/winning the regional League.
2) Considering the fact that Iris being Champion has to do with the Black and White 2 Games; Alder retired as a Champion and Iris took this opportunity to challenge and defeat the Elite four to be crowned Unova's new Regional Champion.
I guess it’s possible.


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She ain't getting replaced to make way for your favs
Yeah about that...


Disappointed Haxorus didn't get to interact after that dry bad goodbye that they had. Pikachu wanting to battle was so cute and quite frankly would've made more sense defeating Uselessnite


waiting for the new anime
Yea, after some careful thought. Iris throwing Haxorus out was the ultimate power move and one of the most climatic moments of the anime next to Lillie finding Mohn. Even Ash was shook to his core.

I'm going to be honest, I used the funny reaction emoji because I don't understand you, honestly sometimes you say that Dracovish beating E4 and champion Pokémon is fine and defeating Uselessnite is a mistake... Why?