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Dragon Battle! Ash VS Iris!! (1154)


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They did Iris dirty again. She was great as a dragon master and all but they ruined her battling prowess. There were times when she wasn't able to handle the situation. Totally unlike BW Iris who was quite resourceful which was the best thing about her, imo.
Resourceful? The only time I can think of where she did that sort of thing was Emolga vs Sawk, by spamming Attract to lower Sawk's defenses. Otherwise Axew only ever won matches by sheer luck or Des Es Machina Outrage. And Excadrill just muscled it's way through, same with Dragonite


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Is it Draco Meteor? I thought it was formed from Haxorus's Dragon Pulse...
That's what Ash said if I recall! It was formed thanks in part to that Dragon Pulse and Dragonite's Hurricane.


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I like how the anime has slowly transitioned from "Ash loses too much" to "wth why is he always winning" over the years. Like what some people say is totally valid I just think it's a funny observation

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Man. The battle was so stiff before the Draco Meteor. They just ran up in a straight line when moving.

Iris was nicely interacting with Drayden and Ash.

Gou got something. No one cares.

Angrynite tanked the hurricane like nothing but Ice Fang from a newbie Dracovish OHKO's him ?

Then Dracovish got OHKO'd by what I'm guessing is Scale Shot.

Draco Meteor was the obvious and only highlight of the battle.

Things outside the battle were better. Ash and Iris were acting like old friends. She showed her power (but I thought she needed to actually come in physical chemistry contact to use that. Maybe that's an upgrade).

Nice seeing that Iris was afraid of Drayden after breaking the roof. They still have a father daughter like friendly relationship.

Iris was heavily nerfed. She used no strategy whatsoever. Angrynite straight up bodied Happynite at first but then lost easily.

Ash moved upto Hyper Class. That's a pretty big jump (184 -> 99) but atleast it's not off screen.

For the most important and unclear part, can anyone who knows Japanese translate what Drayden said about Iris becoming Champion ? That's what I want to know.

Overall, the non battle parts were good, the battle was mediocre. Should have done a two parter with interactions and explanations in the first episode. Battle in the second.


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Honestly the episode was OK.

I also find out it slightly strange that we didnt get an interaction between Pikachu and Haxorus?

Dragonite is an absolute beast! This probably the first time we have seen a regions champion lose on screen (other than drake that is). Boy journeys just straight up said F to the 20 years of image built about being a champion.

Can anyone tell me what the conversation with iris and dragonite was about?

Also i predict those people to be Volkner Nessa and Bea(obviously).


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She really is a Champion now... But I can't understand how... Drayden seems to explain it...

No, they just glossed over it. "She's Champion now" and that was pretty much just it.

Not very good episode in general tbh, they really should've given Iris at least two episodes instead of blowing most of her one and only on a not-really-very-good battle.


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Seeing Volkner in Hyper Class is great since up until now, of all Gym Leaders he was always the one implied to be at least Elite Four level in both the games and anime.

Iris says her goal wasn't Unova Champion, but instead to be a Dragon Master, so she's aiming for it.

That sort of seems to imply that more specifically her goal is to match or defeat Lance since he's presumably the strongest Dragon-type specialist in the world (further backed up by her asking the village elder as a kid what the strongest Dragon-type in the world is; showing she's been thinking from a worldwide perspective the entire time).

Would also make sense since Lance is apparently stronger than most Champions so it'd be a goal that is harder than becoming a Champion.