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Dragon Battle! Ash VS Iris!! (1154)

No, they just glossed over it. "She's Champion now" and that was pretty much just it.

Not very good episode in general tbh, they really should've given Iris at least two episodes instead of blowing most of her one and only on a not-really-very-good battle.
Well that's a rip. Incredibly unfortunate, yet also incredibly expected.


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Iris was doomed to lose. The problem is how she lost. This battle was extremely rushed, should have been a 2 parter.
How Iris lost is equivalent to how Goh catches (legendary) Pokemon. It's almost like the writers should've practiced writing more PWC episodes instead of Goh fillers of him chucking balls at Pokemon. Unfortunately, it seems like they saved all their "creativity" for Hyper/Master class and based on this episode, the future looks bleak.


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Was Iris an actual regional champion or was she some sort of "Unova Dragon Champion"?
I mean, in that shot she's referred to as a Champion, they show Claire instead of Alder or any of the Unova elite four.
From a beast Dragonite vs a newbie Dracovish. And the problem is that Angrynite was straight up slaughtering Happynite but then lost to Dracovish without landing a hit. We know that Dracovish is weaker than Happynite.
Seems like Ash is mastering type advantage here. He understand that with Happynite is at disadvantage as Angrynite has Ice Beam. He recall Happynite and replace it with Dracovish who not only can take Ice Beam due to Water typing but also posses Ice Fang that is super effective against Angrynite.
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From a beast Dragonite vs a newbie Dracovish. And the problem is that Angrynite was straight up slaughtering Happynite but then lost to Dracovish without landing a hit. We know that Dracovish is weaker than Happynite.
It looks even worse since angrynite used to shrug off ice moves from an ice type before.

Honestly as much as i complained about all the PWC fights being 1v1, this might’ve been the time where that would’ve been much better. The parts with vish was just awkward.

Just make the ep haxorus vs dragonite, and put all the animation and choreography muscle behind it like ash vs misty.


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Iris says her goal wasn't Unova Champion, but instead to be a Dragon Master, so she's aiming for it.

That sort of seems to imply that more specifically her goal is to match or defeat Lance since he's presumably the strongest Dragon-type specialist in the world (further backed up by her asking the village elder as a kid what the strongest Dragon-type in the world is; showing she's been thinking from a worldwide perspective the entire time).

Dragon Master is a title given out by the Dragon Village, it's not some vague "strongest dragon type specialist ever" thing. It doesn't imply having
to be some sort of impossibly powerful Trainer either; Shaga is one, and he's definitely not stronger than Wataru.


well i have to say that the episode was ok and only highlight was the dragonite and dracovish learning new moves is that draco meteor there was nice flashbacks of iris axew evolving and Cilan and clair shown as well as the ash winning as well. So Iris is a champion of unova and the last when they shown a silhoutte i wonder whom the trainers will be i guess volkner,bea and sabrina or lucy i guess
Resourceful? The only time I can think of where she did that sort of thing was Emolga vs Sawk, by spamming Attract to lower Sawk's defenses. Otherwise Axew only ever won matches by sheer luck or Des Es Machina Outrage. And Excadrill just muscled it's way through, same with Dragonite
I will talk about a single battle since I am on phone. In Excadrill vs Haxorus battle, she knew that she couldn't match Haxorus' attack head on so she used strategy to get around. She used the ground to her advantage. That's something you would expect from Ash or any other shonen character.
Man. The battle was so stiff before the Draco Meteor. They just ran up in a straight line when moving.

Iris was nicely interacting with Drayden and Ash.

Gou got something. No one cares.

Angrynite tanked the hurricane like nothing but Ice Fang from a newbie Dracovish OHKO's him ?

Then Dracovish got OHKO'd by what I'm guessing is Scale Shot.

Draco Meteor was the obvious and only highlight of the battle.

Things outside the battle were better. Ash and Iris were acting like old friends. She showed her power (but I thought she needed to actually come in physical chemistry contact to use that. Maybe that's an upgrade).

Nice seeing that Iris was afraid of Drayden after breaking the roof. They still have a father daughter like friendly relationship.

Iris was heavily nerfed. She used no strategy whatsoever. Angrynite straight up bodied Happynite at first but then lost easily.

Ash moved upto Hyper Class. That's a pretty big jump (184 -> 99) but atleast it's not off screen.

For the most important and unclear part, can anyone who knows Japanese translate what Drayden said about Iris becoming Champion ? That's what I want to know.

Overall, the non battle parts were good, the battle was mediocre. Should have done a two parter with interactions and explanations in the first episode. Battle in the second.
I thought that was Psycho cut but I think you might be right.


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But I definitely agree that this episode should've been a 2 parter. We do need explanations here. There are a few plot threads that need to be answered.

1.) Champion status for Iris
2.) More appearance for Haxorus (To showcase itself more)
3.) Goodra (Is it Iris' or just a place holder)
4.) Is the roof in Opelucid Gym that fragile. Get better structure support Drayden.

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So... Iris's Dragonite got hit with the nerf button? Single Ice Fang taking it down while Ice moves during its BW run were like mere flicks on the wrist to it.

Yeah but when something is literally chewing on your head and clamping it down, cutting off oxygen as it is (not gonna lie I got flashbacks of when totodile bit a kingdra's mouth shut only this was much worse)...I freaking cringed during that moment because once in it's jaws angrynite could no longer move properly if at all...

did kind of get a kick out of it's "what am i even looking at" face when Dracovish hit the field but dang getting eaten was extreme, i guess now it knows how Ash feels, and of course Iris would fangirl over Dracovish.

I really hope Draco Meteor replaced Hyper Beam.

So Goh caught two of the monkey's...nice to see Pansage wasn't one of them, so maybe Cilan has the rights to it?

It looks even worse since angrynite used to shrug off ice moves from an ice type before.

was it's head and upper torso being chomped on at the time though? Cause not being able to breathe can do alot of damage in itself.


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I don't care. Here we are after a decade, witnessing Iris fulfilling her dream to become a Dragon Master and the Champion of Unova. I wasn't expecting a thriller battle anyway. Journeys lack on that department compared to Sinnoh/Kalos saga.

Love Haxorus to bits, one of the best Dragon species. Ideally, it would have been better if the chemistry between Iris and Dragonite didn't change the momentum, but it's alright. Yet another enjoyable episode from Journeys, and one that drives me to restart a new save in Black 2, too.

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You don't see it, the bulge?

How about a side view of Lucy: https://cdn2.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/4/40/Pike_Queen_Lucy.png/250px-Pike_Queen_Lucy.png

You don't see the pompadour style spike hair, or Lucy's bangs? Whereas the in the Silhouette there is no bangs. It's just straight back hair like Sabrina.

Look okay I don't know all the hair descriptors but its hair that juts out separately from her hair that's combed back. AKA Jutting Hair equals spiky hair.
None of that makes it spiky. Misty has spiky hair. Lucy's hair is long, mostly straight, rounded and soft. It is in no way sharp or spiky.

witnessing Iris fulfilling her dream to become a Dragon Master
No, Iris states herself that her becoming a Champion doesn't make her a Dragon Master and she's still a long ways off. Same as with Ash on how becoming a Champion doesn't make him a Pokemon Master.


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If Ash's newbie pokemon are strong enough to beat a regional champion, then his infernape is probably going to be stronger than Sinnoh Cynthia's Garchomp at this point lol.

But I'm glad Volkner is back. That means Flint is definitely going to be a part of the PWC.