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~Dragon Pokémon Fan Club~

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by s_a_l_poke, Nov 6, 2008.


Which of the following dragons is your favorite?

  1. Dragonite

  2. Altaria

  3. Flygon

  4. Salamence

  5. Garchomp

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. s_a_l_poke

    s_a_l_poke HeartGold+SoulSilver


    Welcome to the amazing
    by s_a_l_poke



    1. Follow the general SPPf rules and the Club rules. (depends)

    2. Do not SPAM (5), curse (3), **** (1), flame (15), troll (30), or double post (3). :)'s, o_O's, and ;025;'s are OK

    3. No one-liners. (5)

    4. Use good grammar. (1) no1 lieks 2 reed stuf liek diS!!!!!!1!

    5. Give credit if you submit fan-art. Unless you made it, of course. (15)

    6. To submit fan-art, just post it. I will add it to this post.

    7. Don't be afraid to report someone for breaking the rules.

    8. DO NOT EVADE BANS! (60)

    9. No fighting or arguing. (10)

    10. Good luck and have fun!

    Current Members:


    ;493; - "SALP" s_a_l_poke - Owner

    ;330; - ForteXXX - Co-owner

    ;148; - Killer Grunt - Co-owner

    ;487-o; - Elite Ralf
    ;487; - Fire Suicune
    ;384; - StreetBackGuy
    ;381; - Jessie&James
    ;149; - Baby-Faced Assassin
    ;230; - "Alli" Alli940
    ;149; - Retro Returns
    ;445; - TRINIINDI
    ;373; - Weempsnart
    ;149; - Bob Shmoe
    ;330; - CheeseMan22
    ;483; - "Sapphire" Sapphire Phoenix
    ;230; - ~Goth~
    ;334; - JolteonShock
    ;384; - PhantomSoul
    ;373; - -$Ci(-P-)$-
    ;373; - Yellow Torterra
    ;149; - JaimeGreenan
    ;443; - DylanJon
    ;330; - Suicune Lover
    ;445; - Dragon Master Lucky
    ;149; - Mi10tic Fan
    ;230; - The Meta
    ;334; - Giratina 76257
    ;330; - Flare Master
    ;149; - Raikou Fan

    Bad People:

    5 - 1 Week ban
    10 - 2 week ban
    15 - 3 week ban
    20 - 1 Month ban
    40 - 2 Month ban + mod report
    60 - PermaBan + mod report

    Every week, 5 points expire. Bans do not; they end after a certain period of time, but always stay as a black mark on your permanent record.

    Currently Infracted:

    Currently Banned:

    Were Once Banned:



    All you need to do is to ask if you can join, state why you like Dragons, your favorite Dragon Pokémon, and the password da~DSi~sux in the title. This is to see if you are actually reading this. Without the word, your entry post means nothing.

    Just because someone already chose your favorite, that doesn't mean you can't. I don't care if there are 2 Dratini fans or 62 fans or 94,762. Just as long as it causes no fights.

    Good: "Can I join? I've always liked Dragon Pokémon because they're so powerful, and I collapsed onto the floor in love when I caught Dratini in Red. As you might've guessed, I especially like Dratini."

    Bad: May I join? their so cool and I like dratenis =)

    Ugly: can i? join









    ~suicune lover

    ~suicune lover

    ~suicune lover


    ~suicune lover


    ~suicune lover


    Feel free to use any of these.

    Well, now that you've read all about the club,
    ~~~~~~Come and join the DPFC!~~~~~~
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2009
  2. Fire Suicune

    Fire Suicune Well-Known Member

    May I join? I'm a big fan of Dragon Pokes, well, most of them anyway XD I don't exactly know why I love Dragon types other than the fact that I love dragons in general. My favorite would be Giratina. Not because it's legendary, but I love it's design (the 6-legged one, at least), type combo, moves, and other things. And it's fun to draw XD

    I also love Flygon in second place. Just so awesome <3

    So....may I join please? =3

  3. s_a_l_poke

    s_a_l_poke HeartGold+SoulSilver

    You're in Fire Suicune. Do you want to be a co-owner? Right now you're a normal member.

    New Topic:
    What is the strongest non-legendary Dragon Pokémon?

    I would probably say Dragonite because it was the first pseudo-legend and because its stats are higher than Mew's. o_O
  4. Killer Grunt

    Killer Grunt Well-Known Member

    I'd also like to join. I like dragons because they just seem mysterious and are very powerful. My favourite is Dragonair because i think it looks really cool and i just like using him haha.

    Actually i just thought i used to beat my friends alot with dragonair which may also explain why i like it so much ;)
  5. s_a_l_poke

    s_a_l_poke HeartGold+SoulSilver

    Sure, you're in. You can be a co-owner as well. Now, let me go edit the 1st post... *goes*
  6. elite ralf

    elite ralf Well-Known Member

    may I join?

    my fave is giratina coz it's got 2 formes and it's ghost type. it's pretty cool they paired dragon with ghost....that makes me love giratina even more.......... ^^
  7. Killer Grunt

    Killer Grunt Well-Known Member

    Yay co-owner :D anyway on to the topic:

    What is the strongest non-legendary Dragon Pokémon?

    Im not familiar with there stats but i think it would be a close call between Dragonite and Salamance. I think Dragonite has an advantage though because it can learn ice type moves.
  8. s_a_l_poke

    s_a_l_poke HeartGold+SoulSilver

    Sure, but try to use good grammar. itz anoyin wen PPL tak liek diS...

    OK, you are now officially a co-owner. You can accept anyone into the club, ban people, and many other things. PM or VM me if you need more explanation.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2008
  9. Fire Suicune

    Fire Suicune Well-Known Member

    Sorry I didn't respond sooner, I had this thingy at school I was helping with >.<

    I assume I can be co-owner? If I can, that'd be cool. If not, it's fine.

    What is the strongest non-legendary Dragon Pokémon?

    Well, I don't look at stats all that much, so if we're going be preferences, then...Salamence, I guess. I've used it the most out of the dragons, except for Flygon, and it didn't faint that much, if ever (after it evolved, at least). If there is an actual strongest one, I wouldn't know.

  10. Killer Grunt

    Killer Grunt Well-Known Member

    Since i have been getting into drawing again recently i may draw something for this club. I like to draw scenes with various pokemon in them so thats what i would do for this. If i do decide to do it is there any dragons anyone wants to especially see in it?
  11. s_a_l_poke

    s_a_l_poke HeartGold+SoulSilver

    Great, you are now officially a co-owner! You can do everything Killer Grunt can do (see 3 posts above).

    Killer Grunt, it's nice that somebody is finally going to do art! Do whatever you feel comfortable with. I have to say it'd make most sense to do Dragonair, Salamence, Garchomp, etc. Do whatever you want!
  12. ForteXXX

    ForteXXX Call me…… Ilforte~!!

    Hi, I've always liked Dragon pokemon because they are so beastly and are way stronger than all the other pokemons ^_^ so may i join? My favorite Dragon pokemon would have to be Flygon, it was one of my first ever pokemons and she's just awesome.

    I would say that Dialga or Palkia would be the strongest Dragon Pokemon. Palkia can rip through teams with rain support, while Dialga can rip teams in half and be a wall with its extremely useful resistances, though, Palkia beats Dialga one-on-one.
  13. s_a_l_poke

    s_a_l_poke HeartGold+SoulSilver

    Sure, of course you may. (Flygon is a she?)

    I agree with you, Palkia can beat Dialga in 1 or 2 turns. However, the topic said non-legendary. Eh, who cares. *_* Read, you have eyes!
  14. ForteXXX

    ForteXXX Call me…… Ilforte~!!

    Oh, so that's why you didn't say Palkia(weird, I usually read every thing @_@) well then the strongest dragon imo would have to be Chomp since its so strong it got banned to ubers! And yes, Flygon is she, don't ask. Flygon is a she and Salamence is he and Salamence is a sexist always shoving Flygon down to BL ;_; poor Flygon!!
  15. Jessie&James

    Jessie&James Beautiful...

    Can I join please? I love dragon Pokemon and I like Latios best! :)
  16. s_a_l_poke

    s_a_l_poke HeartGold+SoulSilver

    Great, you can join as soon as you lengthen that post. Why do you like Dragons? What is special about them? Please explain.

    wut :( That was just random. P.s. Both my Flygons in Pearl are male.
  17. ForteXXX

    ForteXXX Call me…… Ilforte~!!

    I agree, beyond random, I should start a random club! jk! And I'm almost positive that your Flygons are Salamences in disguise trying to get Flygon into UU…
  18. streetbackguy

    streetbackguy Charizard owns

    can I join please? I love dragons cuz they're powerful, they look cool, and they only have two weaknesses! my favorite is charizard, but if he doesnt count, it is rayquaza then :)
  19. Jessie&James

    Jessie&James Beautiful...

    I don't really have lots to say but I like Dragon Pokemon best because they are cool and strong and they also don't have many weaknesses other than ice and dragon.
  20. Baby-Faced Assassin 34

    Baby-Faced Assassin 34 Well-Known Member

    Can I join? I've always loved Dragon Pokemon. They're the strongest and the most powerful Pokemon. My favorite Dragon Pokemon is Dragonite, they're gentle giants.
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