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Dragon Pokemon Fan Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by bob_shmoe, Oct 19, 2009.


Best non-legendary Dragon.

  1. Dragonite and evo's

  2. Salamence and evo's

  3. Flygon and evo's

  4. Altaria and evo's

  5. Kingdra

  6. Garchomp and evo's

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. bob_shmoe

    bob_shmoe Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the



    1. Follow the general SPPf rules and the Club rules.

    2. Do not SPAM (5), curse (3), **** (1), flame (15), troll (30), or double post (3). 's, o_O's, and 's are OK

    3. No one-liners. (5)

    4. Use good grammar. (1) no1 lieks 2 reed stuf liek diS!!!!!!1!

    5. Give credit if you submit fan-art. Unless you made it, of course. (10)

    6. To submit fan-art, just post it. I will add it to this post.

    7. Don't be afraid to report someone for breaking the rules.

    8. DO NOT EVADE BANS! (60)

    9. No fighting or arguing. (10)

    10. Good luck and have fun!

    Bad People:

    5 - 1 Week ban
    10 - 2 week ban
    15 - 3 week ban
    20 - 1 Month ban
    40 - 2 Month ban + mod report
    60 - PermaBan + mod report

    Every week, 5 points expire. Bans do not; they end after a certain period of time, but always stay as a black mark on your permanent record.

    Currently Infracted:
    No one!

    Currently Banned:
    No one!


    ;149; bob_shmoe-Owner
    ;148; Killer Grunt -Co-Owner

    Members (in no specific order)
    ;445; Lucas666
    ;380; par0003
    ;149; Dragon Houou
    ;373; -$Ci(-P-)$-
    ;149; Dragonite19
    ;381; sparkywonderplus
    ;330; Bossk
    ;149; leilukin
    ;230; ZFXZFX
    ;330; 11draco

    All you need to do is to ask if you can join, state why you like Dragons, your favorite Dragon Pokémon, and the password (I ate the cookie) in the title. This is to see if you are actually reading this. Without the word, your entry post means nothing.

    Just because someone already chose your favorite, that doesn't mean you can't. I don't care if there are 2 Dratini fans or 62 fans or 94,762. Just as long as it causes no fights.

    Good: "Can I join? I've always liked Dragon Pokémon because they're so powerful, and I collapsed onto the floor in love when I caught Dratini in Red. As you might've guessed, I especially like Dratini."

    Bad: May I join? their so cool and I like dratenis =)

    Ugly: can i? join


    [​IMG] ~bob_shmoe

    [​IMG] ~bob_shmoe

    [​IMG] ~bob_shmoe
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2009
  2. Killer Grunt

    Killer Grunt Well-Known Member

    I ate the cookie

    Well here i am officialy reaplying, cant believe its almost been a year since the last one started. Anyway i love dragon pokemon because they are extremely powerful and somewhat rarer than the other types. My favourite is and will probably always be Dragoinair since it looks so awesome. Oh and awesome password by the way! :D
  3. Bossk

    Bossk Like a champ.

    I ate the cookie

    Hey, can I join? I really like Dragon Types and all. I do like Dragonite. For some reason, I dislike Garchomp. I love Raquayza and <3 Flygon. I used Flygon and Salamence in Emerald

    Also, is Charizard aloud here?
  4. bob_shmoe

    bob_shmoe Well-Known Member

    You're both accepted.
    @Killer Grunt: lol, thanks. Also, would you want to return as one of the Co-Owners or would you rather not?

    @Bossk: I'd have to go with no, i'm pretty sure there's a fire type group and because Charizard's not an actual Dragon.
  5. leilukin

    leilukin Dragon Tamer

    I ate the cookie

    May I join? I love Dragon Pokemon because they are powerful. They are statistically the best Pokemon type. My all-time favorite would be Dragonite because of its wonderful stats and movepool.

    ZFXZFX Well-Known Member

    I ate The Cookie

    Can I join? I like Dragons for their awesome looks, Awesome moves, Awesome Battling, and just for being awesome. My favourites are probaly Kingdra and Dialga, but Kingdra is just a bit better.

    Also, I can make some userbars and Sprites for the club.
  7. bob_shmoe

    bob_shmoe Well-Known Member

    Your both accepted! ZFXZFX, Userbars would be great!

    Topic Time!
    What was the last Dragon Type Pokemon you used on your team?
    Dragonite for me, on LG.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2009
  8. 11draco

    11draco Well-Known Member

    I ate the cookie.

    I want to join! I like dragons, because they are strong, look so cool and have really great movepools! my favorite is Flygon, because he has cool typing and looks so awesome!

    The last Dragon for me to use was my Salamence, on my competitive battling team.

    Salamence@Life Orb
    Brick Break
    Draco Meteor

    I love my mixmence!
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2009
  9. Killer Grunt

    Killer Grunt Well-Known Member

    Yeah sure ill be a co-owner again ill definately have time for that.

    Anyways on to the topic...

    What was the last Dragon Type Pokemon you used on your team?

    I have a feeling it was Dragonair on diamond, i was meant to be training it to a Dragonite but i guess i got bored and just gave up. That seems to happen way to often whever i try to train a dragon.
  10. sparkywonderplus

    sparkywonderplus Pokemonner

    i ate the cookie

    can i join?!?!?!

    i love dragon pokemon
    ever since i was 5 i got my first gameboy, and my first game was pokemon. I loved the dragons, or the ones that looked like dragons, and naturally i love to draw and i always drew them. that little phase of mine evolved into making my own dragons and drawing them. now people say im amazing (i'll be sure to post some of them soon) and i have pokemon and the dragon pokemon to thank for that!

    my favourite is latios because ive never gotten one in any of my games ever before, so in my mind i see him as uber rare :p.
  11. bob_shmoe

    bob_shmoe Well-Known Member

    Your accepted. @Killer Grunt Okay, thanks. Okay, I set that poll up mainly to decide our Mascot Dragon. If anyone disagrees that I should change something or you don't like that idea at all please tell me in a kind manner. Right now Dragonite is winning by not so much.....I see no one cares for Altaria, lol.
  12. Bossk

    Bossk Like a champ.

    What was the last Dragon Type Pokemon you used on your team?
    Um.....Flygon/Salamence in emerald

    OH WAIT I used a Kingdra a while back on a random team for Platinum maybe? I never remember one for Pearl

    I'm going to do a team with all dragons maybe.

    Also, can I have Dragonite changed to Flygon, please? I like Flygon better
  13. Dragonite19

    Dragonite19 Dragonite Fan

    I ate the cookie

    May I join? I have been in love with dragon pokemon since I saw my first Dratini in Red. I have had a dragon on each of my teams since the 3rd gen. My favorite dragon is obviously Dragonite, as stated by my screename.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2009
  14. bob_shmoe

    bob_shmoe Well-Known Member

    Dragonite19, your accepted. I have made a mascot picture. It's basically a bunch of Dragonite pic's, sprites and text. I've added it to the first post. @Bossk Yes, it's changed.
  15. Bossk

    Bossk Like a champ.


    lol. I have a topic

    How do think of your Favorite Dragon Pokemon?
    I think of Flygon as a grace in the dusty sandstorms, a peaceful, swift Dragon, able to fly in the gentlest air currents and fly with ease through a sandstorm
  16. bob_shmoe

    bob_shmoe Well-Known Member

    How do think of your Favorite Dragon Pokemon?
    I think of Dragonite an agile pokemon even though he is bulky, sometimes rougher than he intends to be, a very happy pokemon but can be fierce if need be.
  17. Dragonite19

    Dragonite19 Dragonite Fan

    Thanks for letting me join. I like to think of Dragonite as jolly. He always looks so happy. I also like to think of Dragonite as bulky. He looks like he could take a fair amount of hits in battle. I also like to think of him as the biggest powerhouse. Doesn't it look like he could wipe out Dialga with one hyperbeam?
  18. bob_shmoe

    bob_shmoe Well-Known Member

    Your welcome!

    I'd say in sprite form, yes. But if you have seen Dialga in Pokemon Battle Revolution no..... Dialga is huge on PBR! I've almost evolved Knight my Dragonair on LG! He's at 50, after i'm done on here I think i'll get back to training him.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2009
  19. ZFXZFX

    ZFXZFX Well-Known Member

    What was the last Dragon Type Pokemon you used on your team?
    Diamond it was Dialga, but the most recent was Flygon on Emerald.

    How do think of your Favorite Dragon Pokemon?
    Well, I live near the water so I'm into Sea Creatures :D Kingdra looks so awesome aswell! Kingdra just shows how Majestic Sea Creatures can be, also doing the same for Dragons!
  20. leilukin

    leilukin Dragon Tamer

    What was the last Dragon Type Pokemon you used on your team?
    Garchomp and Giratina in my Platinum, still playing it.

    How do think of your Favorite Dragon Pokemon?
    Dragonite looks gentle, but it is powerful as well. It has very diverse movepool as well.
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