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..... dragon team -_-


Arcane Of The Wild
seems my last thread was a great lols factor. epic win for me.
That title sure attracted people.

My last thread had 15 pokemon because I didn't know what to use so... I put up multiple sets. Since I don't know which ones to use. I also asked you to not post until Im finished and you guys locked my thread which I don't appreciate.

Now I just need some help deciding which pokemon to use and I did say I needed to get the pictures didn't I???

Now please don't rate it till Im done.

BTW I did read the rules I said in my post I need to format it correctly -_-.
So you understand what I posted -_- so please don'tt tell me to read the rules when I did so already. But it can't be helped since it looks like I didn't/

Obselete Victory

is irked by idiocy
Um...once again, please don't post unfinished threads. Save a word document.


pimping aint easy
So where's the team D;

Next time just go to Competitive Single rates 6.0 and work on your team one at a time, read more about your choices, look for which one fits in the best, then post up your team.

It's like read a novel with half the pages ripped out.


pimping aint easy
If you are still confused about it, just lurk around other pokemon website and read up on guides, strategies, and movesets.


Arcane Of The Wild
hmm okay will do

no one close this thread please ^_^ or I'll have to make another to post my CRMT