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Dragonite. Broekn.

How broken is dragonite

  • He can stay where he is

    Votes: 85 79.4%
  • kind of broken

    Votes: 17 15.9%

    Votes: 5 4.7%

  • Total voters
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Well-Known Member
but stealth rock is broken seriously I hate how stealth rock made too many pokemons useless! (like most bug/flying and articuno)
Well, bug and ice types are usually pretty bad anyway. With stone edge, fire attacks and ice attacks everywhere, Bug/Flying types wouldn't see much use anyway.

And Articuno? Weak to Rock(x4, stone edge is very common), Fire(fire is also very common), Electric(part of boltbeam) and Steel(gyro ball/scizor), along with two resist(bug/grass, not too great), only it's immunity is useful. It's stats make it look like it could take hits, but not really. If it uses roost, it's typing becomes even worse for a second, giving it a Fighting weakness and removing it's one immunity.

What I'm upset about is Charizard and it's fellow fire types, which could be better anyway.


Its's a Psuedo-legendary. It's supposed to be kinda broken


Well-Known Member
It's not broken I've only seen him 2-3 Times in about 40 battles.

How I handle it: I send in my Porygon2. He traces Multiscale so I can spam that with Recover. I toxic D-Nite first to either A)Take out a large amount with Life Orb or B)To get residule damage. Then I use Ice Beam Everytime I recover to get full health so his Dragon Claw's don't do as much.


And what's left for the people who don't use hazards because they suck? Dragonite is the single cheapest Pokémon in the game, with Multiscale intact it will even survive an Ice move to the face and Stone Edge will not even scratch it.


Not brokn at all lol. As was mentioned earlier, scales are easily broken by stealth rock. This is only a problem if he's the first poke out and with even that, he can be dragon tailed , whirlwinded out. If it's a physical set,, and skarmory can wall, set SR, and whirlwind him out. I personally love the fact that dragonite rose up, because with the advent of salamence, swift swim kingdra, and mostly all subsequent dragons, he was basically obsolete.