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Dragonite Discussion

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Yes, but Leftovers Empoleon with 252 Sp.Atk(this is a set that I'm currently testing) deals ONLY 52% when Multiscale is NOT active(I'm wondering how, however, because it should OHKO it at 99%) with Ice Beam. Meanwhile Dragonite is Dragon Dancing, and then he proceeds to sweep my entire team unless I have a Weavile.

252 SpA Modest Empoleon w/ Leftovers using Ice Beam on the standard LumDD Dragonite deals up to 67% damage with Multiscale intact. That same Dragonite, even Adamant 252 Atk at +1, fails to OHKO without Earthquake. The same Empoleon can also score up to 56% damage against the bulky DD variant, which also fails to OHKO at +1 without Earthquake.

EDIT: Oops, I forgot to edit in the IVs on the damage calculator. Ice Beam actually does up to 74% to LumDD and 62% to the bulky DD sets. Again, with Multiscale intact.


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Mutiscale dragonite

i like having multiscale dragonits but it always in PO gets hit by an status or entry hazzard which ruins its ability.

Hey I am in need of a Mutiscale dragonite, if you don't mind would you add me at JORDAN 4811-7442-0753. I would love you would trade me one of yours. Please and thank you.


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