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Dragonite V.S. Salamance


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This is a very big rivalry. Both of them have the same overall base stats and they follow the same evolutionary pattern. Who is batter and the true master of dragons? Dragonite or Salamance.;373;;149;


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Dragonite has more defensive points, while Salamance is much more faster. But I think Sceptile is the master of dragons :D.


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I'd have to say dragonite...I've beaten many people on WiFi with my Dragonite....but if properly trained a Salamence can be good as well...

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Salamence is better, but Dragonite can use stuff like Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Ice Beam, Focus Punch, Agility, etc. that make it a worthwhile choice. It's too bad that its defenses don't really matter so much since it'll just get Ice Beamed or whatever anyway.
Dragonite has always, and always will be my favorite dragon, it just seems so unique from the other blander dragons. Plus it can do a lot of things Salamance can't, like use the elemental punches, boltbeam and SubPunch.
idunno who is necessarily better but ive been a big fan fan of the games since i was 6 so im gonna have to keep it old school and say dragonite


Dragonite because it can learn Ice Beam. Though a Salamence with HP ice might take down Dragonite.


Dragonite. While it would be a very close battle, the type of attacks Dragonite can pull out would give it a slight advantage, plus the way it's body is built would make it much more agile.

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Let's see, Dargonite has more defensive, can have a good defensive set "with Roost, Sub , dragon claw and Fire Punch"....can be a hazer....also can learn DD...which is if it had good HP EVs and SPD EVs...it'd be last and be fast enough to sweep....on the other hand...Salamence is just pure sweeping with good speed...either special or physical.
It would be up to speed...but personally I would say Salamence.

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Both are killers. Dragonite`s attack is better but Salamence is faster, that why it has bigger chances for winning. I had a battle to someone and my Alan (Gastrodon) lost because was slow. That battle taught me something very important: faster pokemon wins- that why my vote goes to Salamence.


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That battle taught me something very important: faster pokemon wins- that why my vote goes to Salamence.

So a Machamp couldn't beat a Persian?

It would be close, but since Salamence would probably have Draco Meteor, I reluctantly say Salamence. But that's not saying Dragonite wasn't in with a chance.
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It obviously depends on their movesets and who's using it. Personally, I prefer Salamence. He looks cooler and has such a sweet story. ;_; Poor little Bacons, I mean Bagons.


Salamence is better in battle. He has stats much better suited to what he is for, sweeping. Dragonite is also a sweeper, but his stats aren't as good in that as Salamence. Really the only big thing Dragonite has that Salamence doesn't is enormous movepool. Salamence does have a good movepool anyway, but it doesn't match Dragonite's.