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Dragons of Mind

The Teller

King of Half-Truths
For those of you who liked my Quarterly Fic, here's the long anticipated sequel (no continuity required)! Keep in mind that this is a Courage the Cowardly Dog/Pokemon crossover fic, and is to be read like a typical Courage episode.. If y'all like it, I can keep doing more. I'm sure I can pull out a whole season out of nowhere (no pun intended). Anyways, enjoy!

Dragons of Mind

The Bagges are in the town of Nowhere. There are very few cars driving around. There are familiar faces walking around town, such as the parachute lady, the little red-haired black girl, and the sole Asian man. Courage is on a leash that is held by Eustace. He is walking on two legs and no one is questioning this.

"I could of sworn that the fabrics shop was around here somewhere," says Muriel, looking around.

"Blah blah blah!" replies Eustace, looking straight ahead. "When's lunch?!"

Courage is looking around nervously, already afraid of nothing in particular, even though the chapter hasn't really started yet. The Bagges walk up to Shirley the Medium. Shirley starts speaking without provocation, interspersing her lines with beats from her old and moldy saxophone.

"Ooooh! The dragons of two minds! *beats* How to stop them, you must find! *beats* Not by violence or with sword! *beats* Make them listen to your word! *beats*"

Courage is shaking tremendously.

"I know that 'sword' and 'word' don't rhyme. I don't write the prophecies, I just recite them to random passersby."

"Rrrrgggh, not interested!" says Eustace, walking straight past Shirley, dragging Courage with him, who is now being choked to death by the leash.

"Oh!" Muriel says.

"Come on, Muriel! I'm hungry!" says Eustace.

Muriel gingerly walks around Shirley, who continues to stare at the Bagges as they walk away.

The Bagges enter a tall building. They pretty much appear instantaneously at the top of the building, which is several stories tall.

"Oh my," says Muriel, dejected that she still hasn't found the fabrics store yet, and that it wasn't on top of a 20-story high building.

Suddenly, a portal to another realm opens in the sky. From within, Zekrom and Reshiram fly out. Zekrom immediately throws lightning at Reshiram, who fires a stream of fire at Zekrom.

Courage witnesses this and screams.


As he is screaming, Courage turns into a self-portrait in cubism, all the color literally drains from him and puddles onto the floor, all the blocks fall apart and bounce onto the floor, and then Courage goes back to normal.

"Where's my lunch?!" Eustace demands.

A stream of fire hits Eustace. Eustace is reduced to a pile of soot and glasses and hat.

"Ow!" says the pile.

"Aaaaahhhh!" screams Muriel.

Courage picks her up and moves her out of the way before a bolt of lightning can strike her. Courage then proceeds to dart about the entire upper floor of the building, dodging lightning and fire every time. Soon, Courage starts to get tired from carrying Muriel, who is not exactly the thinnest of women. He begins panting.

"The world of ideals is the true world, the world we must strive for!" booms Zekrom.

"The world of truth is the ideal world, the world we must stride for!" Reshiram booms.

"The world of ideals!" Zekrom yells, slinging a thunderbolt at Reshiram, who dodges it.

"The world of truth!" Reshiram yells, flinging a fire stream at Zekrom, who dodges it.

Courage exits the building, still carrying Muriel, panting profusely. He starts to run away from the commotion, before running across a short, balding old man.

"I figured it out! The dragons of two minds! The violence! The sword! The rhyme! I must-"

And then a slab of concrete falls on top of him, squishing him like a bug.

"Ohhhhh..." he moans underneath.

Courage runs past him. Then Courage runs up to the Major General and his Lieutenant. There is a tank behind them.

"Don't worry, fine citizen! The military will take care of this from here!" says the Major General.

"Tank's all prepared and ready for war, Sir," says the lieutenant.

A fire stream blasts through the tank, destroying it instantly. There is an explosion that only catches the Major General and his Lieutenant within the blast radius.

"As I just said, the military will take care of this from WAAAAAAAY over there!" says the Major General.

"We're all prepared to leave in a cowardly fashion, Sir," says the lieutenant.


"Ahhhhhhh!" they both yell, running away.

Courage is still hoisting Muriel above his head, by the way.

"Courage, we should DO something!" says Muriel.

"No!" Courage whines.

"Courage, remember the prophecy? 'The dragons of two minds.'"

Muriel whips out her sitar and strums a few beats.

"'How to stop them, you must find.' *beats* 'Not by violence or by sword.' *beats* 'Make them listen to your word.' *beats*"

Muriel puts away her sitar.

"Courage, I think we have to talk to the dragons to get them to stop."

Courage groans, not liking this idea. He turns around, and runs back to the building, still carrying Muriel. He runs up the 20 flights of stairs and up to the edge of the building. Zekrom and Reshiram are still fighting.





"Bacon! Eggs! Hamburger!" says the soot pile.

"What's all the commotion about?" asks Muriel.

The two dragons instantly stop fighting and fly up close to Muriel. Courage shakes, expecting pain and doom.

"We are having a discussion over whether a world where one seeks the truth is better than a world where one pursues their ideals," says Reshiram.

"Yes, a heated and electrifying discussion indeed!" says Zekrom.

"Truth? Ideals?" asks Muriel.

"Truth!" roars Reshiram. "A world built on lies is a world of the blind!"

"Ideals!" roars Zekrom. "The truth isn't always right! One should create their own truth based on their own ideals!"

"Truth!" Reshiram yells, slinging fire.

"Ideals!" Zekrom yells, slinging lightning.

"Oh my. What should we do, Courage?" asks Muriel.

Courage places a hand underneath his chin and thinks. Then a light bulb went off in his head and materialized over it as well. Courage puts down Muriel and runs off-screen and returns a moment later with a pile of soot and Shirley.

"Stupid dog!" yells the soot.

"Baba! Bababababa! Abababababa!" Courage yells to Shirley, followed by a pitiful whine.

"Fine, fine, have it your way," says Shirley, clearly annoyed to be involved at all.

She pulls out the saxophone again and does an incredibly long solo that would make any saxophone player proud. Then she reaches into her pocket and pulls out some magic sparkles and sprinkles it on the soot pile. The soot pile instantly transforms back into Eustace.

"Eh?" he says.

"I just needed the dust for the spell. The melody was just for show. I do weddings and bar mitzvahs, but no children's parties!" she admits before walking away.

"Oh Eustace! Cha back!" Muriel exclaims, hugging Eustace in a one-way hug.

"Where's my lunch?!" Eustace yells back.

Courage looks up hopefully at the two dragons, who had witnessed the whole thing.

"We understand now," says Zekrom.

"The stupid farmer has always mistreated you, and always will. That is the truth," says Reshiram.

"But the stupid farmer's presence is what makes the sweet old lady happy, and her eternal happiness is your ideal," says Zekrom.

"You acknowledge the truth of this world and strive for your ideals. You recognize the existence and importance of both and mix both together," says Reshiram.

The two dragons then float upwards into the sky, with another portal opening above them.

"So, too, must we do the same in our world," says Zekrom.

"Thank you," they both say, before disappearing into the portal.

The portal then closes. Courage smiles up at the sky.

"Where did ya run off to? Have ya lost yer marbles?" Muriel asks.

"Rrrrrgh, hungry!"

"Come along then," says Muriel. "I thought I saw a beautiful shawarma shop just down the road from here."

Muriel and Eustace leave for the exit. Courage starts to go with them when he looks behind him. His shadow starts to warp as Darkrai starts to emerge from it. Darkrai is quickly swatted with a giant flyswatter. Courage, holding the flyswatter, looks to the audience and gives his signature laugh. The camera irises out on him.