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Dragon's Scale sign-up

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i heart manga!!!
this is a magical RPG with mythical creatures and items.


in a world millions of lightyears away... lies a magical item so strong, whoever finds it can get anything they want... were the journey begins...

you are a human in the world of ranissagika. you have all heard of the mythical item by the name of Dragon's Scale, but you never knew the truth. now, a mysterious girl with long, flowing, golden hair around the age of 15 appears in the arms of a religious dragon statue, sound asleep. in a group of children including you, there is whispering and gasps when the mysterios girl awakes. she floats down to the group, who are too scared to . "i am Chinatsu, godess of light and warmth. i am here to aid you children in a search for the Dragon's Scale. if you choose to come, i will bestow upon you 1 power, wich you will use to overcome challenges in your path. step foward to recieve your gift." she says.

your job is to go on a journey to find the Dragon's Scale, and defeat enimies with your power aong with Chinatsu.


Name: could be anything in any language- just please try to be creative.
Age: between 13 and 17
Appearance: you could have any appearance; how you look in the RPG
Power: the power Chinatsu gives you- please nothing that will instantly destroy or avoid enemies like flying, desinagration, super speed, etc.
Friends(optional): anyone also playing the game who you would like to be friends with and tam up or help in times of need(very useful).


i will only be excepting a limited amount of players, so hurry up and join!


Really and truly
Please read the RPG Rules before starting a role-play of your own - the plot needs to be at least 400 words, no background information is given, the world needs to be properly explained, and your sign-up sheets is lacking in some vital fields. Please just be sure to read the rules before you try again.

Not open for further replies.