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Drapion moveset for my team


New Member
so far i have the following

drapion @ scope lens
nature: need suggestion
ev's: need suggestion
ability: sniper
-cross poison
-toxic spikes

please tell me if this is good or does it need to be changed, if so please suggest
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Drapion@Scope Lens
Night Slash/Crunch
Cross Poison
Ice Fang
Swords Dance/X-Scissor


Johto Champion
Best Drapion =

@Scope Lens
Ability: Sniper

Night Slash
Cross Poison
Swords Dance
Ice Fang

You will critical hit a lot with cp and ns as they have high critical hit ratios + Scope Lens helps that even more + Sniper powers up critical hits + STAB (same type attack bonus). Now Swords Dance a bit before and you will be sweeping like there's no tomorrow. Ice Fang is there to cover Drapion's Ground weakness.