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Draya's Master Shop of Darkness (simple banners and sprites)

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by draya the dark master, Jun 8, 2011.


What do you think of my Works???

  1. How do you contain so much awesomeness <3

    57 vote(s)
  2. I like it =P

    29 vote(s)
  3. its ok... *looks away*

    5 vote(s)
  4. Dont Quit your Day Job -_-

    7 vote(s)
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  1. draya the dark master

    draya the dark master Sort of Undead atm♥

    Draya's Master Shop of Darkness ~sol

    photobucket lags... alot
    i do all pic with transperent backgrounds
    if the background is white it should fix itself up in a coupple of hours
    Shop of Darkness is:CLOSED

    1. All SPPf Rules Apply
    2. If I am taking a while with you work... DONT RUSH ME
    3. Don’t be rude... please and thankyous are always nice
    4. Give credit either under your sig or as a link
    5. Feel free to leave a message after I’m finished with you work
    6. I hate spam. If you have any questions feel free to drop a PM
    7. Only 5 on the waiting list at the most (i will close the shop if there is too many)
    8. If the shop is closed THAT MEANS NO MORE REQUESTS
    9. Only a maximum of 3 requests at a time... if you are on the waiting list, please don’t ask me for something else (unless you wish to edit)
    10. if you are alredy on the waiting list dont request again... just edit you last post then drop me a vm/pm so i know
    11. Breaking these rules will result in a strike

    Strikes and their meanings:

    <x> strike one is a warning
    <xx> strike 2 is a one day ban
    <xxx> strike 3 is a week ban
    <xxxx> you are banned for life... now we don’t what that do we

    [​IMG]What I can Do[​IMG]

    Crazy Psycho pokemon
    full size
    100 x 100
    Small size
    50 x 50

    Form for Crazy...

    Pokemon Chaos

    Form for Chao's...

    Dream world Splices
    these take a while so i may do other requests before yours

    Form for DW splice...

    Trainer's Card

    Badge sets...

    Form for trainer card...

    Team Pose
    Grounds... (i can recolour them on request)

    Form for team pose...

    Cosplay Trainers


    Form for Cosplay trainers

    Custom Trainers

    Form for Custom trainers

    Sprites of Darkness


    Form for Sprites of darkness

    User bars


    Form for User bar

    Simple Banners:
    No forms for this... just ask for a banner and be specific
    Please try to suply links where posable

    Examples of What i have done




    all CLOSED for requests...

    1) kyogreblue3
    2) PikaPal_Lyra
    3) Totodile is BEAST
    4) BreloomBoxer
    5) Dudette101

    [x] pokemon player
    [x] Poketris79
    [x] GuardChomp
    [x] King of Pichus
    [x] Sgeckledorf Spoongeblorb
    [x] BreloomBoxer

    no bans yet :)

    Egg and evolution by PokemonTrainers
    Lickys and flyer By PikaPal_Lyra
    zorua/zoroark illusion by PikaPika677
    Neo Rocket grunts by Lil Legend
    shadowed be evoloution by arceusvictini
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2011
  2. XLugiaReshX

    XLugiaReshX 名誉

    yay im first :3
    I would like a team pose
    Pokémon (1-6): <All 5 Gens included... 5th gen sprites> lucario, hydregion, shiny latios and latias, swampert, shiny glaceon
    Trainer Sprite: <choose any trainer sprite or put in a link for an original one> female character from black and white
    Ground (recolour optional): <#next to wanted ground> ground #2
  3. Regiultima

    Regiultima Rises with Magnetism

    I would like a team pose
    Pokémon (1-6): Zoroark, Milotic, Chansey, Dragonite, Electivire, and Mienshao
    Trainer Sprite: Pokemon Colosseum main character with Snag Machine
    Ground (recolour optional): 4 with Black recolor
  4. memond

    memond The Dragon Slayer

    can i have a large black banner that says "Peevish Ghosts" in blood red letters. featuring the pokemon litwick, gastly, misdreavus haunter, lampent, coffagrigous, froslass, mismagius golurk, normal form rotom, spiritomb. and Chandelure.
  5. draya the dark master

    draya the dark master Sort of Undead atm♥

    For XLugisReshX


    For Regiultima


    Hope you like them =)
    feedback it always good
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2011
  6. Casty

    Casty Well-Known Member

    Hello, I would like a banner.
    Images: Milotic
    Background: Anything that fits, but if I had to choose - this one, just without the frame.
    Text: Team Hoenn - Where The Elements Collide
    Size: Large, maybe somewhere around the size of your Zekrom banner
  7. draya the dark master

    draya the dark master Sort of Undead atm♥

    finished a coupple =)

    here is your edited team pose... i played around with it a bit and i think it turned out really good =)



    I really enjoyed doing yours... the first is the original one the second i played around with a bit...

    if you would like me to resize just ask (i honestly think their a little big)



    dont forget to leave a comment =)
  8. i would like a user bar please
    Which type of user bar: pop out
    Colour of bar: I want it to be sky blue and half of it gray
    Sprites: I want Palkia and Dialga in it!!
    THANK YOU!!!!! XD lol
  9. XLugiaReshX

    XLugiaReshX 名誉

    Thanks Draya I'll add it asap :p
  10. johnbriner

    johnbriner New Member

    Wow! your works are good, very nice colors, and the concept is great! Keep it up!
  11. Casty

    Casty Well-Known Member

    Superb work! <votes for the first option> No need to resize, it's a tourney banner and I needed it to be large. Thanks a lot :D
  12. draya the dark master

    draya the dark master Sort of Undead atm♥

    this took a while but the end result looks awesome... if you want any edits or resizes just ask :)


    Finished with your user bar... *hugs*
    hope you like :)


    please leave a comment :)

  13. YEs thank you it is sooooooo awesome!!!! Hahaha thanks!!!! I would give a 9000/10!!! Yup it's over 9000!!!!!! *hug* XD
  14. memond

    memond The Dragon Slayer

    it looks awesome! Thanx! :D
  15. original150

    original150 "timey wimy stuff"

    I would like a team pose please
    Pokémon (1-6):dewgong,wartortal,pollytoad,oshuott,teddyarsa,mightyana
    Trainer Sprite:leaf green\fire red boy
    Ground #1
    (sorry about mixed gens)
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2011
  16. arceusvictini

    arceusvictini Taking over Serebii

    Could I have a banner, please? A Victini on the left and a Ho-oh on the right. In between them, could you write, in orange hex no #FF7722, We will never give up, and in another line, The Battlers.
  17. i would like a user bar:
    Which type of user bar: <traditional or pop out> Pop out please
    Colour of bar: <i can do whatever rely> a dark murky purple color
    Text: <what you would like it to say and the colour of text> Team Rocket Corporation (and any color that is visable)
    Sprites: <which Pokémon or player sprites you want> Koffing and Ekans

    If you accept we will be using these for the new group Team Rocket Corporation, thank you.
  18. draya the dark master

    draya the dark master Sort of Undead atm♥

    hope you like it... i enjoyed making it :)


    i got yours done now because it was easy... so i made a 2nd one too, ENJOY :)
    i did the old sprites because it reminded me of the old Series



    if the background are NOT transperent... its because photobucket is lagging... AGAIN!!!

    Please leave a comment :)
  19. Wow they are fantastic, thank you very much!
  20. pokemon player

    pokemon player Sylveon, tho.

    Can I please have a banner and a userbar?
    i would like a user bar!
    Which type of user bar: Pop out
    Colour of bar: Purple
    Text: Join the Peevish Ghosts clan!
    Colour of text: whatever goes
    Sprites: Cofagrigus and Banette

    For the banner I would like a dream world artwork Dewott to the right and on the left saying Dewott: The ninja of the sea. The background I want is the sea or something similar. Text colour is whatever goes with the background.
    Can't wait!
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