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Drayden Versus Iris: Past, Present, and Future! (762)


A tired little girl~

I just watched the battle between Iris and drayden...GEZZ. .___________.

Iris is like I've got this! Dragon Rush!
Dragonite gains altitude and does so*

Drayden: Stop it! (Or something.)
Druggion litterally grabs dragonite by the neck before he slams into druggion (Those claws look like they're gonna ****ing choke dragonite, I'm not shitting you.)
Drayden: fling it into the sky!
Sruggion throws dragonite by the neck into the air.

Drayden: Dragon tail!

Druggieon jumps up spinning to gain momentum, and slams dragonite back into the ground.

I found the neck grab to freaken brutal .___.;;;

I give the episode a high grade just because of that baddassery. xD
After checking Bulbapedia, I just realized that the US will be getting this episode in one month! That's pretty exciting. :3


Your Big Buff Bro
Really enjoyed this episode, and well spaced overall. It was good to learn more about Iris' endeavors from Drayden's Academy and what not. Opelucid city didn't strike me as interesting as I had anticipated. Guess the animators we're torn on what it should look like. At least the gym looked cool; just like the one in the anime exactly.

Glad to see Excadrill got a draw with Haxorus; that's some progress.

Dragonite fought well against Druddigon, but I knew he would lose.

Drayden's such an amazing character, although he is intimidating. Yet he's not as hot headed as some people like Prof. Rowan. Drayden's very calm yet orderly strict.

It was awesome to hear that Iris' has the possibility of becoming Gym Leader of Opelucid City, but again, I'm not surprised.

Having these two episodes focus on Iris was just what we needed. Now it's onward to the Pokemon League.


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It's a neat episode. It was tough for Iris to fit in at school. The battle was neat, even though Iris lost, she did her best.


Shooting bugs dead and pretending to be helpless.
When Iris said that she wanted to think about her happy place, I thought she was going insane.

Then the next shot has her on top of a tower, to which then I said, "Oh dear god, she's contemplating suicide!"

Yet again, another Iris' focused episode gives her a whole lot of character development. Hey, Cilan, when will you develop like that?

...Also, Drayden sounds a bit like Dr. Eggman.


ace trainer
wow ... so now we finally find out why iris never wanted to come back here.... never saw this side of her..... i like her more now hahah and drayden is a great character!


Well, this episode is good! I really liked finding out about Iris's past, kind of feel bad for her now...

So this was kind of like a two parter, sort of following on from the last episode and on their way from the Village of Dragons to Opelucid City. Actually, the city looks normal.
Haha, Iris is climbing a tower. It looks like Iris went to an academy but then set out on a journey afterwards. Man, those days over there must of been tough... :/

After, both Ash and Cilan learn of Iris's past they then set out to the Opelucid Gym! Wow, too bad Iris lost to Drayden but I didn't mind although I did hope Excadrill wins...
I liked the gym battle, the gym battle was good. Oh and yay! Iris's gets to chose to become gym leader of the gym, sooner or later! She proved she's stronger. :O

Yay, now they head off to the Unova League! Anyway, its a pretty good episode to finish off all of Iris's development but a little sad past.



WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
This was a decent episode. I felt the beginning was a bit slow, but it only picked up a bit when it came to Iris' and Drayden's battle.
I didn't care for the battle, it was boring IMO until Dragonite and Druddigon were sent out.


Pokemon Enthusiast
So the main bulk of the episode was further explaining Iris' past and the more that is revealed, the more interesting Iris becomes. What I found the most intriguing was Iris' maturity, at a reasonably young age she made the decision to leave the academy. Most of us wouldn't have dreamed of doing that because of the repercussions which may have occured. However, when she is slightly older Iris seems to have lost a little maturity but this may have been because of the journey she has been on.

Finally, I would like to touch on Drayden and the battle. The battle was exciting albeit slightly short but I found Iris' move choices made sense. Drayden is a very reserved character and it runs true with the nature of his position in the academy. He shows no emotion because he cannot show bias towards his students and this is the best way to make hard but clear decisions and maintain his strict attitude.

Anyway, onto the next one!


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Very nice episode showing off Iris's past, I can relate to her starting at a new school and trying to make friends. The battle between Iris and Drayden was very exciting not surprising Drayden in very tough and knows how to handle Dragon Pokemon weaknesses, but I still want to see an Ash vs. Drayden episode. Very good episode and Iris really looks cute in her school uniform.

Pokegirl Fan~

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This was an interesting episode. We learned more about Iris' past and also learned that Iris was going to eventually become the Opelucid City gym leader if she wanted to. The battle was okay. I give it a 6.5/10


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Great episode. It was great to see more of Iris's backstory, and cleared up the reason why she didn't want to go there in the first place. The battle between Iris and Drayden was great, too. The Elder, Drayden, and Martha all knew Iris had trouble, but knew she had potential to meeting her goals.


Team Awesome
Nice to see the flashbacks to Iris's past, and her experience with overworking her borrowed fraxure reminds me of how she work excadril until it became traumatized in a prior flashback. It makes a lot of sense now. Good gym battle too.



Lover of underrated characters
This was a good episode. I was disappointed Iris lost.


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Drayden Versus Iris: Past, Present and Future!

After the events in the Village of Dragons, Iris and the others finally reached Opelucid City. It's really dumb when Iris climbed to the top of the radio tower like a little kid. It's weird when Ash and Cilan apologizing to Officer Jenny for Iris' mistake. It wasn't their fault to begin with....so why whould they apologize?

Iris explained why she's too nervous to face Drayden and we got her backstory. The defeat Iris had when using Fraxture.... didn't seem that bad as she's making it out to be.

The battle between Iris and Drayden wasn't as good as I was expecting. Exacdrill vs. Haxourus was rushed and it ended with a tie. Then there's Dragonite vs. Druddigon......well, after Iris caught Dragonite, it was shown as an overpowered Pokémon, but here Druddigon was even more overpowered. It's weird how it blocked Dragonite's Ice Beam, but after watching Dragonite taking strong Ice-type moves in the Junior cup.....it's didn't surprise me. Even though I didn't like the battle, I'm glad Drayden's Druddigon kicked Iris' Dragonite's butt. That overpowered Pokémon really annoyed me in the Junior Cup episodes.

Drayden offering Iris to become the Opelucid city gym leader wasn't satisfying. None of Iris' battles made her look like a gym leader, and this battle didn't do either. Oh well, at least it brought her one step closer to her goal of becoming a Dragon Master.
I guess I was wrong.
I originally predicted that Iris didn't want to return to Opelucid city because then Ash would learn she was the gym leader and her and Ash would have to battle together.
I honestly never expected the reason to be because she dropped out of the academy and wa afraid of what Drayden would say should she return.

It was nice to get some more background on Iris and (sort of) see how she became the person she is today.