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Dread, Harmony, and a few other poems. [poem, free verse]


Waiting for summer
((Ok, some more poems! Here they are, please comment! I'm open to criticism!))


She creeps through the night,
mischievious and malicious.
Her demonic intent,
her purple body floating, her witch hat on,

She chants her curses,
and causes misery.
She has a sick sense of humor,
causing nightmares and the like.
And worst of all,
she is dread.


No human knows true harmony,
only the great one does.
His ever changing body,
the most powerful of entities.

Looking over the universe,
the universe is its daughter,
and the pokemon are all of its great great grandchildren.
The one who started all that is natural.

It reflects the day when it was born,
before the universe existed.
It rendered its power,
and created its two sons, Palkia and Dialga,
then it made the three siblings of the spiritual world, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf.
The balance of the two,
its ingenious plot.
Harmony can not be achieved without it,

((I'm gonna release the other poems once I get some comments so yeah, comment please!))

EDIT: Here's some poems to end this little chapter-like thingy of poems xD.

Platinum Dream

The silver sky, tinged with pink,
cries with the angel's tears.
The rain like liquid platinum,
the sacred bird reaches for the heavens,
glowing in the seven colored aura,
flying from the melancholy world below.

The human's world,
cursed with contradictions and faithlessness.
The red bird flies against the mountains of man-made steel.
A once sacred shrine, a bustling city at present.
The once sacred meadow, a paved sidewalk and street.

The red bird soars into the silver sky.
the gold edges of magnificent sunlight fight their way through the depressing clouds.
The sun cracks the seal to heaven once more,
as the silver clouds float away.

The red bird shines in gold,
the platinum portal appeares,
he flies at a hasty pase,
for a rainbow only lasts so long.
The bird of the seven colors majestically flies through the platinum portal.
Unbeknownst to the mortal world.

And the bird of seven colors,
Ho-oh rests his soul once again.​
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