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Dream Continues! (803)


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I get the feeling that Ash's reignited passion in this episode was supposed to be some lead in for his more skilled XY


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They do have a choice. It's not like they're going to skip the two intro episodes. And Japan schedule points out that we'll be catching up to them with three episodes.
Didn't the dub episodes for OS air at the same time they were aired in Japan until "The Problem with Paras?"


"How did you manage to faint while standing up?"
Didn't the dub episodes for OS air at the same time they were aired in Japan until "The Problem with Paras?"
Sorry. My memory of the English dub only starts at the DP saga. Don't ask me before that. :p


XY, gen of dreams.
First I'm answering you.
Didn't the dub episodes for OS air at the same time they were aired in Japan until "The Problem with Paras?"
Airing in synmdication is not airing at the same time than in Japan. The first 43 episodes aired in syndication from Monday to Friday in various open channels. However, at the end of the syndication period premiers thelast episodes (it ended with the Exeggutor one) used to have a gap that for years the dub viewers dreamed to have.

What in the?

They removed the picture scene? God this saga was treated like dirt even if it was the dub's fault this time.
The dub (or Cartoon Network USA?) is really tricky these days nad make edits when they want. For some of the CN tendencies TPCI have a solution (movie edited without ED and short scenes to evade a Movie 13 scenario) but this is tricky.

First the Episode N opening (who in Italy doesn't happen (!)) aired in Decolora Adentures episodes and now the 20-second edit because Cartoon Network US though that they are eating space from the commercials (when is not).

About the scheduled:
Next week the US have the Bulbasaur episode from Season 1. One week later the Charmander episode from season 1. Only next week US people hae two movies: Movie 8 and Movie 10.
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Didn't the dub episodes for OS air at the same time they were aired in Japan until "The Problem with Paras?"
I believe that was syndication. Syndication =/= synchronization if that's what you thought. :x

Anyway, they actually skipped the ending in the dub of this episode? The part with the picture of Ash and his Pokemon? Good grief. I mean I didn't jump for joy when it aired in Japan, but I still thought that scene would be shown in the dub.


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The reason it was skipped might of been due to them not even knowing. They might just thought after the ending was the typical Oak thing. so I can understand.


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It was a nice enough little ending even if Unova was the weakest saga. I have high hopes for XY the first two preview episodes we got really sold me on the characters and updated visuals so hopefully it's not too far off.


"How did you manage to faint while standing up?"
Ash wondered about the Kalos Elite Four.

Writers, you have set your fans to expect those four to appear, after the missed opportunity that was not seeing Grimsley, Shauntal, and the blond-haired black man.


Break the Limit
He asked about the E4 and Champion….almost as if he planned to challenge them one day…


T-they're not…are they?

Will we finally see the mythical Champion League?


Treasure huntin'
He asked about the E4 and Champion….almost as if he planned to challenge them one day…


T-they're not…are they?

Will we finally see the mythical Champion League?
It didn't happen in sinnoh, it won't happen now.

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This was a pretty good episode. It was nice to see all the familiar faces and pokemon as well as Wobbuffet's comeback!


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This was a very great Pallet Town episode, though i wished more of the oldies were shown especially Bayleef and Muk, i was looking forward to seeing the group pic but i guess it wasnt part of the episode. It sucks that we will have until 2014 for Pokemon Xy which explains the sneak peak


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Fine episode. It is saddening that the last part was cut out. Looking forward to Kalos now. But that's probably, if I had to guess, early February 2014. I'll miss Snivy now. Although I will have Serena's Fennekin to look forward to.


Well so ends the Unova Saga. I have to say, I had enjoyed some parts of the saga and enjoyed the Black/White games generation, but there were some dull moments and WTF moments. Yet i'll find myself rewatching this saga again soon when all the episodes finally come out on DVD. Its been over 5 years and I haven't looked back on that dreadful Sinnoh saga.
As for this ep, i didn't really like it too much. We didn't get to see any of the old gang (Ash's traveling buddies, or the old Pokemon just Bulbasaur) Just the Unova gang for some reason. And the photo of ash with his Pokemon scene was cut out. Plus i guess the tradition of Ash seeing Ho-Oh when he travels to a new place is dead.

Now for the Saga as a whole:


The Rivals - Although Tripp wasn't much of a rival to Ash, I really liked Bianca, Georgia, Burgundy and Steffen (Or is it Stephan LOL) Wish i could've saw them just 1 more time during the DA eps.
The Clubsplosion Tournaments - Definitely enjoyed them WAY better than the contests back in Sinnoh. I liked how the rivals all meet up together during these mini-sagas. And I also liked how the day-players got some battling scenes instead of just skipping over them a la montages.
Meloetta - Really enjoyed her traveling along with Ash and Co. was actually hoping she'd be a permanent part of the team but should've known better.
B/W Team Rocket - The change in TR was a refreshing one. They were actually more threatening than i've ever seen. And this was the only saga where we didn't see them in every episode like before which I didn't mind but unfortunately their change didn't last long.
Black and White Litterally - No one else is gonna call on it but I will. it was kinda unique and oddly coincidental that the title Black/White finally showcased diversity for the first time in the Pokemon Anime. Iris, Lenora to name a few. Hoping that continues from now on instead of just stopping here.
The Animation Today's episode for example had that over-the-top style of anime that i really loved and was completely scrapped from the Sinnoh saga. There were plenty of episodes that had it and i liked it along with the CGI that was upped this time around in certain scenes.
Episode N PThis was probably the best thing out the Saga. Enter the mysterious N, who was a fan favorite from the games and Team Plasma. Wished this saga was much longer.
Stand out Episodes There were plenty of eps i enjoyed. The Gothitelle episode, The episodes with Luke making movies, The Genie-Trio 2 parter, Ash and Co stuck in a haunted mansion with the Litwick, Giovanni return and Meloetta, N and Reshiram just to name a few.


Iris and Cilan - sorry Iris and Cilan fans but they just didn't thrilled me. They either annoyed me or bored me. At times both. Cilan with his no-it-all isms and that "evaluation time" crap. then Iris, also a no-it-all, always calling out other people as kids other than herself. sad to say won't miss them too much. Will miss Axew though
Showcase of Pokemon Lacking - meaning that there were 157 Pokemon this generation i get that but there were some Pokemon I felt didn't have much of an appearance/fanfare in the anime. Cofagrigus, The 4 season Sawsbucks, KlingKlang, Volacorona just to name a few.
Pokemon Voices - Is it just me or were the VAs not even trying this time around. Alot of Pokemon just sounded meh. No uniqueness in their voices like the nostalgic days, and pretty much all of them said their names when some didn't need to. They could've had some unique grunts or bells and whistles.
Sinnoh TR - When the DA saga was beginning TR was dumbed down once again probably due to their fanbase missing their comedic ways. I missed their ways back in the Kanto/Hoenn days not the Sinnoh days which they acting like once again and i couldn't stand them then and can't now and probably won't in the Kalos region. Shame
The Unova League - Yeah didn't enjoy it as much this time around. It felt really rushed and that whole ordeal with that Cameron Kid dumbing his way through the league was really f'd up. I hate to say this but the Sinnoh league faired better than this one and that's saying alot.
The DA saga - In a word, boring. Compared to the Orange Island saga, that was better than this one. Just going from Island to Island with little to no purpose showcasing Pokemon already seen before.
Ash's Pokemon Rotation - At first i thought this was a unique idea to have Ash have more than the limited 6 Pokemon from the past sagas but the fact that we didn't see much of them really irked me. Palpitoad, Krookodile, Boldore, Unfeazant should've had more screentime.
Charizard's return - yeah its a con because i thought having Charizard back would be great. But all Ash had his powerhouse Pokemon doing was pretty much nothing except mostly scouting the air for TR or his Pokemon, or popping TR's balloon just like he has his bird Pokemon do. And didn't even see much of him during DA! What a waste.

All iin all I give this Saga a 60/100. Not bad but not good either and i had high hopes for this Saga. Well on to Kalos. See y'all in 2014
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yes I'm back
Just finished the episode and I thought it was decent. A bit surprised at how aloof Ash and his mother were to each other. He seemed more interested in his pokemon and she seemed more interested in his dirty laundry.
Very disappointed that the dub cut out the end. Yeah it was only a few seconds and not a big deal but I was looking forward to that part. It was nice seeing Bulbasaur again though.
Finally Best Wishes is over and XY can begin. So excited! But I think they are taking a long break, right? I wonder if the first two episodes will air together or not (since they are already dubbed)...


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So we return home to where it all began.

This episode made me smile from beginning to end and in my opinion it was an apt conclusion to the saga. I particularly enjoyed all the interactions between characters but I expected the interaction between Ash and his mum to have more warmth, perhaps with a hug or something. The task for this episode was to set up Ash's journey to Kalos but I think it achieved that and more and it was great to see a few past party members. The highlight of the episode was when Ash was looking back on his journey and all his past companions were seen in the sky, it just rekindled some good memories.

We've already seen the beginning of Kalos which shows a promising outlook so without further ado...

Onto the next adventure!!!

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There was no reason for the dub to ignore the scene - DP's ending in Jap was after the credits and the dub changed it to before the credits, the same could have been done here bare in mind "Next Time.. A New Beginning showed up i'm sure they could have found a way.


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I watched the dubbed episode and it was okay. Not the best last episode of a serie, but not the worse either. I actually enjoyed Ash being at home; it was warm and I felt happy to notice BW is the very first serie I started from the first episode to the end. I saw every single episode of this serie (compared to all the others), so it has a special place in my heart. I liked it more than many people here. But as I watched AG and DP afterward, due to my curiosity, I realized how some things could have been changed to be better or some things that were truly lacking in the past that were added here.

About the episode, nothing spectacular, but just great. Emotions were mostly part of the previous episode, so this one didn't have that much, aside maybe of the emotional conflict between Ash and his mother. I'm glad we're moving on to XY. The serie showed, so far, incredible episodes, so I'm excited. Good bye, BW, I really enjoyed watching you all the way. It was fun.

Like G4Pokefan (good idea, by the way!) did, I think I'll mention my list of positive points about the overall serie (because I don't like to talk about bad sides of a serie when it ends).

Positive points.

Iris and Cilan: I found the companions this time really nice. Their interactions were cool to see, and I'm one of the only people who liked Iris's "Such a little kid" phrase. It made me smile every time I heard it. Iris was a one-of-a-kind girl. Very different, physically and mentally, from the past girls. As for Cilan, a fresh, new male partner made the serie very enjoyable. And he was funny. :p

The clean graphics: Something that I hate from AG and biggest half of DP was the low quality of the picture. BW was so neat, I was mesmerized by it almost every time. It made the serie much more enjoyable, to be honest; I know the techniques couldn't allow this quality at the time, but I truly like when picture is clear (thanks to my quality-freak father, I guess).

The good Pokémon personalities: Many Pokémon had some great personality, especially Snivy (my favorite of Ash's entire Pokémon so far), Emolga, Dragonite, Pignite, Stunfisk and Krookodile. Some of them were unique and it made the show better that way. Their interactions with other were quite good and even if some appeared quite rarely, their screen time were very precious.

The rival diversity: Many rivals to be pleased with! Stephan, Bianca, Virgil, Trip; all different kinds of personality! Only downside was Cameron, who I hated, but still. They were all so different, it made the atmosphere to vary times to times.

And plenty more, but I guess I'll let it like that. :p