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Dream Continues! (803)


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Well, that's all folks! Gen 5 is now over.

Odd for Ash to desire to see his Pokemon first, before his mother. Guess the show never really wants to focus so much on Ash and Delia's relationship. As the show goes by, it seems like their interaction spaces out tremendously. It shows.

Glad the dub gave us a proper WTP? with Bulbasaur, and not freaking Zekrom like in Japan. Oh Japan.

Nice to see Bulbasaur again, and the Tauros... but that's it? Also a killjoy for the dub to cut out the portrait scene at the very end from the original. And to those who watch the dub only; rejoice as Charizard and Gliscor are both confirmed to reside at Oak's Lab, revealed by the portrait cut from the english dub.

Nice reference of Misty and Tracey, but from the sound of it, I can see them being an item now. Thanks writers? The cameos of all of Ash's friends in front of the sun was a great throwback. Gary, Misty, Dr. Brock, May, Max, Dawn... and Iris and Cilan. Those two may have ups and downs, presenting wise, but I will miss them.

Geez Ash, overkill much with using Pikachu, Pignite, Snivy, Oshawott, Unfezant, Scraggy, Leavanny, Boldore, Palpitoad, Krookodile and CHARIZARD to attack Team Rocket? It was epic though, but geez. They should have been dead by that giantic mesh of power. I suppose this episode mainly counts to give the entire Unova Pokemon one last appearance before they remain Oak'd.

Team Rocket appearing before Giovanni. Kind of a let down that they gave away their Pokemon to him for proof of their progress in Unova. They do seem upset that they had to resort to giving away their Pokemon. While we didn't get to see much of their personalities, TR did seem caring of them. They had good moments, especially during Team Rocket VS Team Plasma during Episode N.

But wait... Wobbuffet!? It's been 3 years now buddy. Now to prepare for that gag over and over. I still wish Team Rocket would get their other Pokemon back, too. But I'd like to see them with new Kalos Pokemon as well.

And now. Ash is off to Kalos. Ash mentioning the Leaders, the Elite 4 and Champion especially, gets me wondering what we'll see in the XY anime. I really hope we get to see them all.

Overall, I give the entire Black & White saga a 6/10. It had potential, still had great moments, but a lot of missed opportunities. Thanks for the memories BW. Best Wishes! Now we move onward, to XY!


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We now have a thread for discussion of the BW series as a whole. Please use that if you want to post a retrospective on the series itself.


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A little disappointed Iris and Cilan didn't get to meet Ash's other Pokemon. I loved seeing Bulbasaur again though.
Team Rocket leaving the Unova pokemon was sad, hopefully we'll see them again one day. Wobbufett's back though which is awesome


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"The Dream Continues!"

Well, this is it! The final dub episode of Black and White saga is finally here.

This episode started with Ash and Alexa finally reaching Pallet Town ... Ash's hometown. It's great to see Ash finally returning Pallet Town, but I didn't like how Ash was so excited to see his Pokemon before seeing his own mother first. Geez, what's with him? He should've decided to go see Delia First before seeing his Pokémon. After all, she is his mother. It's nice of Alexa to tell Ash visit his mother, it made Ash realize that it would be smart to see his mother first. Ash did reunite with Delia, but their reunion wasn't as heartwarming as expected. I was expecting a mother-son hug, but she just welcomed him home and took his laundry. I think it'd be better if the writers gave a little more focus on Ash and Delia's relationship in this episode. But hey, at least Ash showed a little emotion when Delia went to het the new cloths for him. It's nice to see Ash appriciating Delia and telling her she's the best, that was touching.

When Ash came to Prof. Oak's ranch, I was hoping for his older Pokémon to appear ... and guess what? Some of His older Pokemon did appear! It's so great to see Bulbasaur again, and all the Tauros too! But that's all? I'm kind disappointed that Besides Bulbasaur, Tauros and Charizard, none of the older Pokémon appeared in this episode. Oh well, at least we got see how Bulbasaur gathers Pokémon from diffrent regions by using a spacial Solar Beam as a signal.

Ash lying in the grass and thinking about achiving his dream was touching. It makes me wonder if Ash realized how many mistakes he made during his journey through Unova? It seemed to me that Ash did realize that he needs to train harder to become a Pokémon Master. I liked how He didn't think about just HIS own dream in this episode, he also remebered that his other friends are following their dreams too. It's really awesome when Ash was remembering Brock, Gary, Misty, Tracy, May, Max, Dawn, Iris and Cilan.

Ash also asked Prof. Oak if Tracy was there, but it turned out that Tracy is at Cerulean Gym... because Misty invited him?? Whoa, is it me or Tracy and Misty are spending more time with each other? Hmm... that's really somthing. Writers, you did the right thing this time. I'm really happy about this.

Just when Ash was getting excited about going to Kalos region, Team Rocket attacked him AGAIN! Geez Team Rocket, how anonnying could you guys get? On top of that, they mentioned that they've only came to steal PIKACHU!! Seriously TR? Just Pikachu, not the other Pokémon? I guess they did intend to stealing the other Pokémon, but didn't mention it. Team Rocket got so much screentime in the last episode, but this time Ash didn't let them steal that much screentime. When Team Rocket brought out their weapons, Ash pretty much pwned them with his Unova team. It's awesome when Pikachu, Pignite, Oshawott, Snivy, Unfezant, Scraggy, Leavanny, Boldore, Palpitoad, Krookodile and Charizard blasted Team Rocket off by using their moves all together! Sometimes I wonder how Team Rocket manages to survive huge attacks like this?

Darn, Team Rocket sure got in a trouble when Giovanni asked if they've captured any Pokémon in Unova. That led them to give away their Unova Pokémon as a proof of their progress in Unova. Oh whatever, I didn't care about TRio's Unova Pokémon since they didn't show any personality during the BW saga. Even though TRio had to give away their Unova Pokémon, they got back....What you know? It's Wobbuffet!! Whoa, it's been three whole years since he last appeared in the anime.... so it's good to see him again.

After spending the day at Pallet Town and thinking about becoming stronger, the next day Ash is ready for going to the Kalos region. I gotta admit, Ash's new cloths are awesome, and he looks great in those cloths. Anyway, Now Ash is off to Kalos, where dreams and adventures begins!

Overall, I thought this was pretty good episode, because it's a Pallet Town episode. We haven't had a Pallet Town episode since AG, so it was so great to finally have a Pallet episode. I would've liked to see more of Ash's older Pokémon besides Charizard, Bulbasaur and Tauros, sadly they only appeared in the Picture. . .but the whole scene with the group shot was Cut from the English dub!! Why TPCI, why? Geez, why did they cut an imopronat scene like that? The group shot confirmed that both Charizard and Gliscor are permanently back at Oak's Lab. Maybe they skipped the picture scene because it was after "NEXT TIME... A NEW BEGINNING" in the original.

This time TPCI kept four pieces of the original BGM in the dub, which was a little disapponting. Oh well, at least they kept the BGM during the scene where Ash was remembering his friends. Also, Sarah's voice acting was not good as usual. Ash's voice sounded rough in some parts of this episode. I hope she won't use this voice for Ash in the XY anime dub.
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The Gazing Eye
I cannot recall previous homecoming episodes but Ash seemed pretty insistent in getting stronger (during the bedroom scene) and winning the league in Kalos. The tense atmosphere at home and Ash's sighs not getting first place in the league in Unova seem to be an indication of this.

Now at last we are come to the doorsteps of our home to end and start our journey once more.


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ok episode... severly disapoointed final footage and shot of ash with all hjis pokemon at the end was not in it.. they could have squeezed in the footage while the plane was flying then got back to the final shot with the next time new beggining part.


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I was re-watching this and I think the Japanese version of this episode does very good at closing BW. I really like how the music in this episode was mostly BW tracks we haven't heard since the beginning of the saga. Very nice touch.


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This isn't one of BW's better episodes - I liked the group shot at the end and Ash thinking of his friends, but everything else fell flat for me. I don't think it really has a leg to stand on other than setting up the new series.

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So I watched this episode a few weeks ago on the official website just for the LOLs, and all I can say is...

(from memory) "I'm going to see all of the Pokémon in the world one day! No matter what it takes!"
Umm... are you sure about that?
With the last episode of BW now finished (soon to be watching the first episode of X and Y), I realized I don't have too much longer to go now before I'm totally, 100% caught up with this show in it's (current*) entirety.

* - meaning when it comes to the episodes released here in NA


How sad that Alexa had to tell Ash to visit his mom 1st instead of Oak's lab. I liked the photo of Ash and his Pokemon in the end though. 7.5/10


Team Awesome
Wow, the moment Wobbuffet showed up again... squeeeee!!!!! I just love how he chimed in like he always did and Team Rocket freeze in surprise. :D

I also loved Ash thinking back on Gary and all his traveling companions, and it was a nice touch that they showed them in order of first appearance and updated Brock's look. I wish we had gotten to see more of Ash's old pokemon, but at least we still got to see Bulbasaur and the Tauros. It was weird to hear Ash do WTP alone, though.

Anyway, yaaaay, time to finally meet Bonnie, Clemont, and Serena. :D



Lame how we didn't get to see all of Ash's old mons till the end in the photo cameo. Why did Ash only give Bulbasaur attention...


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Not the best Pallet Town episodes, but it makes up for the fact that at least references all of the companions, and Bulbasaur's appearance makes up for the terrible episode before. My favourite pokemon in the anime, always happy to see Ash's Bulbasaur. Would have liked to have seen Ash's other pokemon, like how his Sinnoh team have adapted to the lab, and what friendships they made with the others there, but I suppose his pokemon are growing so theres many of them now to give focus too.


For being the final episode of Best Wishes, this episode was a bit of a letdown for me. I liked that Pansy visited Okido-hakase's lab and how she convinced Satoshi to pay Hanako a visit, but the absence of Kenji was a shame. I should be thankful that we saw Satoshi's Fushigidane, but the reunion itself felt insufficient.

Mrs. Oreo

Finally Ash and Alexa paid a visit to Pallet town. Oak's excitement when he met Noivern was funny and seeing Bulbasaur again was great. Too bad that we didn't see Ash's old friends tho and that Ash didn't stay too long. ^^;


What a good way to end BW. I liked when Ash spent time with his older Pokemon that will be at Oak's forever as he will never use them on his team battle ever again since Ash only likes Pikachu and Charizard and catches new Pokemon to replace his older ones.


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The post-credit scene that shows that Delia has hung a framed photo of her son Ash, his Pikachu and all his other Unova and reversed Pokémon at Professor Oak's Laboratory, excluding Squirtle and Primeape, onto the wall has been cut from the English dub of this episode. So, I wonder why you think?