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Dream pkmn trainer plush do you wish? ^^

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Moon Fennec Angel
Okay this a very random thing that's popped out of my odd brain lol

What pkmn trainer plush would you love to be created?

Me personally Wes *I luv him giggles*


Well-Known Member
Rui all the way.

Lamington Luffy

I'm gone, bye.
Luffy! oh wait.... he's a One Piece character ._.

Hiroshi then ^^
Whitney doll.
*Courtesy of Yoru Ryu*

Yep... I want that. If I had the skills, I'd make it. *Huggles his imaginary doll* :D

Hyper Chibi Absol

The Dark Goddess
Wes or Steven! <3

Yoru Ryu

There's a Bush Plushie in one of the galleries... well, it looks like him anyway ¬¬

It's pretty cool, that link, though. They even have a Plush of Tim the Enchanter from Monty Python -^^- You always find the cutest Plushies!

Yoru Ryu

Angel-FoX-crescent said:
Plushies are cute but I bet ya that a Wes plush has not been made huh?

If one were to be made it'd probably be an Ash or Gary one... probably.

OFF TOPIC: And Holy feck P_B! You have Bill in yer sig ^.^ *ignore the spam*
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