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Dream team creations...!

Discussion in '4th Gen RMT' started by Lt. BLEU™, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Lt. BLEU™

    Lt. BLEU™ Top Class Lieutenant

    hey there guys quiet new here so ya know i neede some help for creating a good team.....

    here's how it goes
    -ice beam
    -signal beam
    -need a move here
    -bug buzz
    -shadow ball
    -energy ball
    -close combat
    -shadow claw
    -focus punch

    p.s since this team is battle tower i'm thinking onn going all out offensive
    please suggest me held items,ev's and natures,

    any other changes would be gladly appreciated please pm me with the same thank you v.much!!

    Last edited: Dec 14, 2012
  2. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    Good luck using Beautifly in the Battle Tower ;)
  3. Lt. BLEU™

    Lt. BLEU™ Top Class Lieutenant

    thank you very much mate.....!!!:)
  4. Rosez66

    Rosez66 Ace trainer

    If you want a tougher bug flying pokemon which can hit hard specially try out yanmega, firstly it has higher special attack I think and also the abilities that it gets are just amazing.
  5. Lt. BLEU™

    Lt. BLEU™ Top Class Lieutenant

  6. Lt. BLEU™

    Lt. BLEU™ Top Class Lieutenant

    How does this one look?
    -bug buzz
    -signal beam
    -sludge bomb
  7. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    Empoleon should use Agility in somewhere. EV's should be 156 Hp / 252 SpA / 92 Spe ; since after one Agility you outspeed most Base 110's and lower.

    As said , Yanmega is better.

    Yanmega @ Choice Specs / Life Orb
    • Timid
    • Tinted Lens / Speed Boost
    • 4 Hp / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
    - Bug Buzz
    - Shadow Ball
    - Air Slash
    - Hp [Ground] / Hypnosis

    You have two Ability's to choose from here , but on a Specs set Tinited Lens is better since you still hit everything for neutral damage atleast.
  8. Lt. BLEU™

    Lt. BLEU™ Top Class Lieutenant

    hmm.....so yanmega it is then....... :)
    thank you very much....!!!(^_^)
  9. Rosez66

    Rosez66 Ace trainer

    Also you may want to try out starmie instead of empleon as starmie has higher base sp. Atk and higher base speed And it can learn the bolt beam combo. Although it doesn't have the same defences as empleon it has access to recover which is better in some ways if your interested I will post a detailed description later.
  10. Lt. BLEU™

    Lt. BLEU™ Top Class Lieutenant

    sure does sound good.......please if ya could gimmie the discription.........:)(^_^)
  11. Rosez66

    Rosez66 Ace trainer

    Ok. Well. It has been been a while since I last used a starmie, well any water type as I don't use my rain dance team anymore but a good moveset and such would be the following. -

    Starmie, timid- the reasoning for this is to pack a bit extra speed
    Life orb- extra oomph and the recoil can be recovered of so no worries that is if you can take a hit.
    252 Sp.Atk 252.speed 4.Hp
    I'm not fully sure about the ability of starmie although take aloof on this website for the ability.
    The moveset should include
    Thunderbolt and ice beam for amazing coverage these two together can hit most pokemon for at least neuter all damage and that will be useful in the battle tower in particular.
    Physcic to cover the fighting, ghost, poison types for super effective damage.
    Ether a choice of recover for the healing, signal beam (?) I think it can learn it because if it can it would have great coverage against dark and physcic types, or if it can't then just throw hydro pump onto it for high powered with STAB coming from a high special Atk.

    Anyway hope I have helped. And good luck
  12. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    • Starmie @ Life Orb
    • Timid
    • Natural Cure
    • 4 Hp / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
    - Surf / Hydro Pump
    - Thunderbolt
    - Ice Beam
    - Recover / Psychic

    Pretty straightforward set. Hydro Pump offers more power , but less accuracy than Surf. Recover is useful for healing off LO damage.
  13. Ditto B1tch

    Ditto B1tch Well-Known Member

    If you have Empoleon and Infernape, why don't put Torterra in Beautifly's place? Anyways, I would take that bug out and put another Pokemon, it's serious. Any Pokemon that total base stats are below 500 aren't suggested to use at Battle Tower. Being Empoleon your special sweeper, and Infernape the physical sweeper, I would add an annoying Pokemon in this team.

    Nature: Modest (+ S Atk, -Atk)
    -Surf/Hydro Pump
    -Ice Beam/Signal Beam
    -Signal Beam
    -Flash Cannon
    Item: Mystic Water, Nevermeltice, Silver Powder or Metal Coat
    EVs: 252 Special Attack, 126 Defense, 126 Special Defense, 4 HP

    Despite being a mixed sweeper, this Empoleon will be grown to become a special sweeper. EV training is very important. Though with Special Attack maximized, some foe opponents are supposed to resist to this moveset, like Blissey and Snorlax, for example.

    Nature: Adamant (+ Atk, -Sp Atk)
    -Flare Blitz
    -Close Combat
    -Stone Edge/Shadow Claw
    -Swords Dance
    Item: Charcoal, Hard Stone, Black Belt, Leftovers, Shell Bell
    EVs: 252 Speed, 252 Attack, 4 Defense

    While Empoleon is your special sweeper, Infernape will be your physical sweeper. Infernape goes for speed, that's why half of its EV are focused on Speed and the other half on Attack. One Swords Dance and your power base moves will be strong enough to knock out most of opponents in one hit (considering you'll cause a normal damage).

    Nature: Careful (+ Def, - Sp Atk)
    -Confuse Ray
    -Double Team
    Item: Leftovers
    EVs: 252 Defense, 252 Special Defense, 4 HP

    Man, I defeat lots of trainers at Battle Frontier in Emerald with Dusclops, it should be a lot easier with Dusknoir in Platinum. You should start using Double Team before causing confusion, and Protect sometimes if recovering HP was needed. Then, when you evasiveness rasies a bit, then use Toxic/Curse. Toxic will not hit poison, steel and immunity foes, and Curse may put you in serious risk. However, Curse will not be a problem if your evasion has raisen up and if you keep using Protect. Have in mind that while foe fails on its moves, Dusknoir's Pressure ability will still in effect making it spends an extra PP everytime it attacks. Since you intend to use this team in tower of battles, it's not a problem the fact this Dusnkoir will use lots of PP to sucessfully faint foes because HP and PP are fully restored after each battle.
  14. Rosez66

    Rosez66 Ace trainer

    Just a quick note although evasion and confusion is fantastic and all the battle tower has serious HAX. I mean in the third round my quagsire was flinched three times and was critical hit two times by rock slide. And I know that the evasion won't do as much good asa you might think in the battle tower especially in later rounds. So that strategy with dusknoir is almost out of the question. Although you could replace double team with a priority move like shadow sneak to quickly finish of a weakened opponent.
  15. Ana_Julía

    Ana_Julía The Girl You Want!

    Looks like this team is all about OFFENSIVE!!
    Just a side note: while this works, doesn't expect to go much far. I just got a poor streak of 100 with a OFFENSIVE team. For BT i prefer the old strategic team :)
    That's all up to you, though. But if you'll want to go far, i would sugges AT LEAST something with that deal with hax. Hax can end a good team in 3 minutes, and believe me, its annoying, the far you'll go, more Hax come.

    By the way, don't know why, but i like his Dusknoir set, it *can* be effective if he's the lead, otherwise, i wouldn't suggest. But i wouldn't suggest Yanmega, either.

    Anyway, good luck on BT ;)
    And follow Aura SensaiSets <hehe
  16. Lt. BLEU™

    Lt. BLEU™ Top Class Lieutenant

    mahn this team sure pulled some screws outta my head it's awesome......but then ya know i've made my team after lookin' up at palmer's team........!!
  17. Lt. BLEU™

    Lt. BLEU™ Top Class Lieutenant

    umm.......woahkay and wat is "hax.....??":p
  18. Ditto B1tch

    Ditto B1tch Well-Known Member

    Man, the team was built by you, I just suggested moves, EV and items as you asked.
    I took Beautifly out because it is very crappy to be taken to a tower of battle.

    So, you have a balanced trio:

    Infernape - physical sweeper

    Empoleon - special sweeper

    Dusknoir - staller
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2012
  19. Lt. BLEU™

    Lt. BLEU™ Top Class Lieutenant

    so.......is there some other good staller that might be used cuz i may not get a dusknoir......since it requires trade and i have a single ds and no good wi-fi connection at the very moment for atleast another month.....
  20. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    Heatran makes a very good Staller , but it may require SRing to get a good one.

    • Heatran @ Leftovers
    • Calm
    • Flash Fire
    • 244 Hp / 66 SpD / 200 Spe
    - Lava Plume
    - Toxic
    - Protect
    - Substitute

    All pretty standard. The EV's allow you enough to outspeed Max Speed Breloom , which although not seeming much of a threat can put you to Sleep and setup / kill you with a Fighting Move.

    In that case , you should replace Infernape , since Heatran and Infernape together aren't very good.

    • Salamence @ Lum Berry
    • Lonely
    • Intimidate
    • 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
    - Dragon Claw / Outrage
    - Earthquake
    - Dragon Dance
    - Fire Blast

    EV's allow for Porygon-2 not to get a SpA boost and the rest is standard. Fire Blast is useful for beating Skarmory if Salamence is setup and you don't want to switch to Heatran.

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