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Dream World Trading Thread

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Pokemon Breeder
Looking for DW dratini PM me what you want for it must be female

domino effect

New Member
Does anyone have: Female Poliwag
Female Lapras
Female Dratini
I can offer some other dream world pokemon. PM me for more info.
I'm in need of a DW Female Clamperl.... I can get Jap. Dittos or Flawless Dittos for it lol~

VM or post in my Shop.


Random Master
Im need of a DWF woofer urgently, Will offer flawless shiny in return

Jet black

The Turtle Hermit
I am look for these pokemon

DW Squirtle
Snover Adamant or Modest nature with good iv's
DW Porygon
DW Blissey
Navel Rock Lugia
DW Torkoal Male or Female (preferably Female) with Stealth Rock in dream ball
Shiny Tirtouga Male Must Know Flail
And Rugged Mountain DW females

Rugged Mountain (Haves)


And any other Dream World Pokemon I dont have pokemon that don't have (mainly female DW)

Manor pokemon (Haves)

Offering these pokemon

DW Bagon Male Jolly with Outrage UT in dream ball
DW Hippopotas Male Adamant with Superpower UT in dream ball
(New) DW Tyogue (Male Only) Jolly with Mach Punch UT in dream ball
(New) DW Larvitar Male Adamant with Stealth Rock UT in dream ball
(New) DW Magnemite Quiet with Recycle UT in dream ball
US DW Crogunk Male Adamant
DW Eevee Male Timid Nature with Egg moves Wish, Yawn and Synchronoise Nearly Flawless
(Good Offers Only)
DW Vulpix Male Modest Nature with Egg moves Hypnosis, Hex and Heat Wave Nearly Flawless
(Good Offers Only)
DW Rotom Hasty Nature with the move Signal Beam (In Dream Ball)
DW Taruos (Male Only) Jolly Nature with Iron Tail
DW Banette Female Adamant Nature with Cotton Guard
DW Sableye Female with egg moves Sucker Punch and Recover
DW Shuppet Female with egg move Destiny Bond and Pursuit
(New) DW Spiritomb Female with Icy Wind (In Dream Ball)
DW Ralts Female with egg moves Destiny Bond and Shadow Sneak
DW Abra Female Modest or Timid Nature with egg move Skill Swap
(New) DW Mawile Female with Ice Punch (In Dream Ball)

Shines im offering

DW Shiny Female Feebas Sassy Nature with egg move Mirror Coat holding Prism Scale
DW Shiny Female Growlithe Hasty Nature with egg moves Close Combat and Flare Blitz
Shiny DW Dratini Male Adamant Nature with egg Dragon Pulse, Extreme Speed and Dragon Dance
Shiny DW Pichu Female Hasty Nature with egg moves Fake Out and Encore

5 Gen Shines

Shiny Druddigon Male Adamant Nature with egg moves Glare Fire Fang Sucker Punch
Shiny Ferroseed Female Impish Nature with egg moves Spikes Leech Seed
Shiny Woobat female Naive Nature with egg move Roost
Shiny Rufflet Male Adamant Nature
Shiny Purrloin Male Modest Nature with Snarl and Hidden Power Fighting
Shiny Blitzle Female Jolly Nature with egg moves Me First, Double Kick and Double Edge
(New) Shiny Litwick Female Timid Nature with egg move Heat Wave
(New) Shiny Axew Male Naughty Nature

4 Gen Shines

Shiny Male Riolu Jolly nature with the move Ice Punch, Blaze Kick Drain Punch
(Good Offers Only)
Shiny Male Cranidos Hasty nature with the move Fire Punch,Thunder Punch and Superpower
(Good Offers Only)
Shiny Female Cherubi Sassy nature with the move Giga Drain and Synthesis
(Good Offers Only)
Shiny Male Snorunt Adamant nature with the moves Spikes, Avalanche and Secret Power
(Good Offers Only)
Shiny Female Froslass Naive nature with the moves Trick, Water Pulse and Icy Wind
(Good Offers Only)
(New) Shiny Rhydon Male Adamant with moves Avalanche, Thunder Punch and Aqua Tail
(Good Offers Only)
(New) Shiny Bagon Male Hasty with the moves Dragon Dance, Shadow Claw, Fire Fang and Outrage
(Good Offers Only)
(New) Shiny Cyndaquil Male Modest with the moves Extrasensory and Heat Wave
(Good Offers Only)
(New) Shiny Treecko Male Jolly with the moves GrassWhistle, Seed Bomb, Drain Punch and Thunder Punch
(Good Offers Only)
(New) Shiny Squirtle Male Modest with the moves Brine, Icy Wind and Water Spout
(Good Offers Only)

Dream World Females I can breed

1. Vulpix
2. Poliwag
3. Dratini
4. Lapras
5. Skarmory
6. Feebas
7. Magikarp
8. Lilleep
9. Drifloon
10. Shellos
11. Carvanha
12. Ponyta
13. Swablu
14. Gligar
15. Growlithe
16. Anorith
17. Corphish
18. Zubat
19. Staravia
20. Miltank
21. Girafarig
22. Lickitung
23. Tropius
24. Nidoran F
25. Hoothoot
26. Butterfree
27. Wooper
28. Omanyte
29. Exeggcute
30. Stantler
31. Hoppip
32. Taillow
33. Slowpoke
34. Farfetch’d
35. Corsola
36. Tangela
37. Barboach
38. Murkrow
39. Shinx
40. Surskit
41. Seaking
42. Igglybuff
43. Burmy
44. Smeargle
45. Eevee
46. Natu
47. Mareep
48. Maril
49. Krabby
50. Poochyena
51. Aerodactyl
52. Electrike
53. Kangaskhan
54. Tentacool
55. Horsea
56. Elekid
57. Glameow
58. Chatot
59. Delibird
60. Buneary
61. Stunky
62. Scyther
63. Clampearl
64. Lotad
65. Sudowoodo
66. Spearow
67. Musharna
68. Darumaka
69. Pichu
70. Banette
71. Sableye
72. Abra
73. Shuppet
74. Spiritomb
75. Smoochum
76. Mawile
77. Illumise
78. Meowth
79. Spoink
80. Houndour
81. Spinarak
82. Drowzee
83. Croagunk
84. Mankey
85. Bagon
86. Absol
87. Makuhita
88. Cacnea
89. Chinchou
90. Seel
91. Magby
92. Larvitar
93. Torkoal
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Hi everyone .
I'm looking for a DW UT Poliwag ,
DW UT Vulpix,
DW UT Dratini ,
& a shiny UT Axew .
I'm willing to trade a DW UT Adamant Carvannah ,
a female Jolly UT DW Growlithe,
a female DW UT Shuppet,
a female DW UT Exeggcute,
Zen Mode Daramuka,
a female DW EV trained Sharpedo ,
a Careful EV trained Cradily,
an Adamant EV trained Honchkrow,
a Modest EV trained Rotom-F,
an Adamant EV trained Cloyster,
Most starter Pokemon,
Various 4th gen shiny Pokemon,
Most Legendaries.
If you're interested in any of the poke or have any questions , feel free to PM me .
Thanks :)


New Member
9 female DW gligars/ looking for offers

I have 9 female immunity (DW) female gligar's for trade. I also have nidoran (f)'s and nidoran(m)'s with their dream world ability as well. Message me to trade


Well-Known Member
I am offering dwf poliwag vulpix, larvitar, Shuppet, cacnea, and mawile. looking for other dwf pokemon.


Lonely Preschooler
I'm in need of a DW Female dratini! PM me if you're interested in trading. I have DW Females among other pokemon I can offer


Water Pokemon Master
Looking for a female dw tentacool. i have female dw vulpix, mareep, poliwag, magikarp and slowpoke i can trade for it.


Mushroom lover Storm
I have DW female swablu, female execute, and a female Shinx. Also a DW female Cradily, DW Nidoran♀,DW female Kangaskhan and a female DW Luvdisc, DW female Ninetales, DW female Shellos, DW female Stantler, DW female Mr.Mine
a near flawless DW female sableye:20/31/31/31/31/31( i guess)
a good IV DW female ninetales:30/x/28/30/7/28
looking for flawless pokemons
I would like any DW pokemon. Please PM me if you want any of those above.
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<- Pure Delight
What I have to offer:

Note: All nonevents bellow are female with their nature listed next to the ones I have.

Exeggcute [Bold]
Darumaka [Hardy]
Munna [Docile]
Kangaskhan [Brave]
Poochyena [Hardy]
Nidoran[M]/Nidoran[F] [Jolly]
Eevee [MM] [Jolly; Quiet; Bold; Modest; Timid; Careful; Adamant]
Murkrow [MM] [Quiet]
Growlithe [Adamant]
Vulpix [MM] [Modest]
Shinx[MM] [Adamant]
Ponyta [Jolly]
Tangela [Docile]
Zubat [Impish]
Gligar [Adamant]
Buneary [Jolly ]
Farfetch'd [Rash]
Chatot [Modest]
Skitty [Jolly]
Maril [Mild]
Smeargle [Sassy]
Aerodactyl [Adamant]
Feebas [Lonely]
Electrike [Jolly]
Staravia [Jolly]
Milktank [Adamant]
Dratini [Modest]
Poliwag [Bashful]
Swablu [Admant]
Slowpoke [Quirky]
Lickitung [Hardy]
Magicarp [Adamant]
Natu [Jolly]
Hoothoot <Pending Nature>
Wingull [Modest]
Spearow [Naive]
Bidoof <Pending Nature>
Kabuto [Jolly]
Hoppip [Lax]
Clamperl [Modest]
Sentret [Admant]
Tropius [Timid]
Anorith [Adamant]
Ledyba [Quiet]
Corsela [Timid]
Scyther [Rash]
Shellos [Adamant; Bold ]
Staryu [Quiet, needs to be cloned]
Oddish [Bold]
Doduo [Impish]
Ralts [MM] [Modest, Adamant and Jolly ]
Suppet [Bashful]
Mime Jr. [Adamant]
Skarmory [ Hasty ]
Drouzee [Modest]
Pichu [Rash]
Illumise [Bold]
Sableye [Impish]
Spiritomb [Modest]
Houndour [Timid]
Abra [Modest]
Wailmer [Hardy]
Pacharisu [Timid]
Psyduck [Jolly]
Meowth [Bashful]
Stunky [Serious]
Mawile [Modest]
Barboach [Jolly]
Smoochum [Timid]
Glameow [Admant]
Meditite [Brave]
Snubbull [Hardy]
Surskit [Timid]
Spinarak [Adamant]
Sudowoodo [Naive]
Omynite [Docile]
Ratatta [Careful]
Lapras [Rash]
Girafarig [Bashful]
Yanma [Jolly]
Burmy [Naive]
Taillow [Impish]
Wobbuffet [Hasty]
Lileep [Modest; Careful]
Carvanha [Serious]
Zigzagoon [Adamant]
Corphish [Calm]
Buizel [Adamant]
Tentacool [Relaxed]
Spoink [Timid]
Quilfish [Lax]
Wooper [Hardy]
Mantine [Rash]
Elekid [Bold]
Sunkern [Calm]
Krabby [Modest]
Pidgey [Bold]
Delibird [Serious]
Luvdisc [Serious]
Cacnea [Hardy]
Bagon [Timid]
Absol [Adamant]
Torkoal [Hasty]
Spinda [Rash]
Ryhorn [Adamant or Jolly]
Croagunk [Hardy]
Mankey [Hasty]
Hippopotas [ Hardy ]
Magby [Mild]
Teddiursa [Quirky]
Phanpy [Mild]
Machop [Rash]
Shellder [Brave]
Chinchao [Hardy]
Chansey [Gentle]
Larvatar [Hardy]
Skorupi [Impish]
Numal [Rash]
Makuhita [Adamant]

Goldeen [Naive]
Horsea [Hasty]
Finneon [Impish]

Dream World Events:
~Korean "Befriend a Pokemon" Glaceon
~English "Befriend a Pokemon" Leafeon
~Korean "Befriend a Pokemon" Leafeon
~English "Befriend a Pokemon" Jolteon
~English "Befriend a Pokemon" Umbreon
~Korean "Befirend a Pokemon" Umbreon
~English "Befriend a Pokemon" Espeon
~English "Befriend a Pokemon" Vaporeon
~English "Befriend a Pokemon" Flareon
~English Holloween Banette
~Japanese DW Bulbasaur, Flawless
~Japanese DW Charmander, Flawless
~Korean DW Croagunk
~Korean DW Togekiss
~English DW Croagunk [My personal one] <Pending Nature>
~English DW Croagunk, Jolly
~Korean DW Charmander
~Japanese DW Treecko
~Japanese DW Mudkip
~Japanese DW Turtwig
~Japanese DW Torchic, Flawless
~Dw Korean Rayquaza, Gentle.
~DW Jap. Porygon

My wants:

~All Females from the Rugged Mountain's area, With DW ability, Adamant, and in Dream balls! [I need:, Burmy, Cacnea, Mankey, Machop, Phanpy[Pending], Trapinch, Hippopotas, Teddiursa[Pending], Makuhita, Spinda, Skorupi. [I will offer 3-4 regular DW females for each one! ]
~Event Pokemon
~DW Lucario
~Shiny female Charmander, Nicknamed "Victoria", Must know Hidden Power [Ice or Electric] and Dragon Pulse.
~Shiny female Eevee, nicknamed "Kebechet", Must know Wish and be Bold nature. [Pending]
~Shiny female Eevee, nicknamed "Anput". Must know Wish and Have the Careful Nature
~ Two Shiny Stunfisks, Male and Female, Both Nicknamed "Derpfish", Pain Split and Yawn
~Shiny DWf Croagunk, Nicknamed "Medea", Must know Drain Punch and Bullet Punch
~Shiny DW Milktank, Nicknamed "Taurus", Must know Curse and Double-Edge
~Shiny Female Deino, Nicknamed "Gemini" Must know Earth Power
~Shiny Female DW Krabby, Nicknamed "Cancer", Must know Knock Off
~Shiny Rufflet, Nicknamed "Libra"
~Shiny Female Skorupi, Nicknamed "Scorpio", must know Poison Tail
~Shiny Female Riolu , Nicknamed "Sagittarius", Must know Vacuum Wave
~Shiny Female Dearling, Nicknamed "Capricorn" Synthesis and Grasswhistle
~Shiny Female Panpour, Nicknamed "Aquarius" Must know Hydro Pump and Aqua Ring
~Shiny DW Female Feebas, Nicknamed "Pisces" Must know Hypnosis
~Shiny Male Snivy, Nicknamed "Ophiuchus", must know Magic Coat
[When Released] DWf Sneasel, Nicknamed "Harlequin", Must know Ice Punch, Pursuit and Crush Claw

~DW Starters! [Especally; Korean DW events]
~Shiny HADOU Events [ Regirock, Registeel, Mew]
~Battle Subway items [Red Card, White Herb, Red Herb, Cell Battery , Toxic Orb, Flame Orb, Absorb Bulb, Eject Button , Wise Glasses, Scope Lens , Zoom Lens, Wide Lens, Muscle Band, Focus Band, Choice Band, Choice Scarf, Choice Specs, Focus Sash, Bright Powder, Life Orb, Iron Ball, Air Balloon , Binding Band, Rare Candys ]
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Stones of Baked Clay
Looking for DW Lucario , Korean Starters , Korean DW Rayquaza (any nature I do not have)
Korean Banettee , Korean Porygon , Korean Togikiss , Korean Crogunk , Korean Mamoswine And Korean Togikiss.


Herping the Durp
Looking for DW female Lapras, can offer any DW females in my signature.


Looking for a Flawless/Near Flawless, Adamant DW Torchic and Modest, Near Flawless, HP Fire DW Bulbasaur. Offering a DW Modest, Near Flawless, HP Electric Charmander for either.
PM me.


New Member
looking for female DW dratini and DW male larvitar w/ stealth rock. offers on siggy, pls pm if interested.

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EV Trainer
Looking for DW gligar female, and DW sableye female

Have DW females meditite (jolly) and banette (brave)

Have DW males phanpy (careful), Nidoran (jolly), Trapinch (bold, gigadrain), Houndour (modest)
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