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Dream World Trading Thread

Discussion in 'Trade Forum' started by ellie, Mar 25, 2011.

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  1. infernoboy

    infernoboy Intermediate Trainer

    looking for Dream world charmander
  2. Bolt the Cat

    Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder

    I've got nearly a box full of spare DW Pokemon that I'm trying to get rid of. There are a few things I still want, but if you have nothing to offer you can just trade me a junk Pokemon. I do have a ton of other DW Pokemon I can breed you, but I'm less willing to trade those ATM.

    Offering (female unless otherwise specified):
    DW Nidoran x 6
    DW Shinx x 4
    DW Tangela x 3
    DW Goldeen x 1
    DW Marill x 1
    DW Miltank x 2
    DW East Sea Shellos x 1
    DW Skarmory x 1
    DW Buneary x 1
    DW Munna x 1
    DW Drifloon x 1

    DW Female Teddiursa
    Anything else if you don't have any of the above

    PM me for offers. My FC is 4985 6541 8572.
    Last edited: May 5, 2012
  3. Ninefails

    Ninefails New Member

    I'm looking for a DW Vulpix of any gender. I have a DW Hippowdon, DW Kangaskhan, DW Spoink, and a DW Farfetch'd. No one probably wants these so I can also offer to trade a Gen V legendary if anyone wants.
  4. zoom2420

    zoom2420 New Member

    LF: chlorophyll bulbasaur
    Offer: I have tons of event pokemon and shinies so pm me and we can try to work out a deal.
  5. ReshiramBlue

    ReshiramBlue Doubles Contender

    LF DW female pichu offering dw vulpix or poliwag female
  6. Silvershark

    Silvershark HAWLUCHA!!!

    Offering a shiny, flawless, DW female Chinchou:
    level 1 | UT
    Chinchou *shiny* (female)
    OT: Jeremy | ID No.: 58803 | Nature: Bold | Characteristic: Mischievous
    Ability: Water Absorb | Type: Water/Electric
    Location: Abyssal Ruins | Met: 3/11/2012 (Hatched)
    IV: 31/27/31/31/31/31 | Hidden Power: Dark
    Moves: Supersonic | Bubble ​

    In exchange I'm looking for a male Corsola with three flawless stats and the moves: Stealth Rock, Barrier, Mirror Coat, and Recover; or a male Horsea/Seadra/Kingdra with the moves Disable and Outrage.
  7. Golden_Sifter

    Golden_Sifter New Member

    Anyone with a chatot want to trade?
    I have a female dw Eevee I can trade...
    PM me if you want to talk
  8. ChrishMC

    ChrishMC Member

    Edit. Trade completed
    Last edited: May 2, 2012
  9. Trentgolay

    Trentgolay New Member

    Looking for a female dw slowpoke. pm me and we can work something out
  10. Eeveelutionz

    Eeveelutionz New Member

    Looking for a female storm drain lileep/cradily. I am willing to trade: Male bold feebas with hypnosis, male gentle or timid zorua, Male or female modest poliwags with water absorb, female timid or modest yanma with speed boost.

    Please message me if you are interested!
  11. Archangel Azazel

    Archangel Azazel Fallen Angel

    Offering DW females: Mawile, Burmy, Shinx (nicknamed LIXY), Gastly, Bannete, Misdreavus and Kangaskhan. Koffing added.

    DW Males: Japanese Shinx, Mamoswine, Togekiss, Trapinch, Ponyta, Jumpluff, Spinarak, Surskit, Poochyena, Aerodactyl, Murkrow, Torkoal, Phanpy, Misdreavus, Pidgey, Burmy (Japanese), Larvitar, Skorupi (japanese), and Cacnea. Also a Gligar.

    PM if interested.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2012
  12. boyerboy

    boyerboy Feel the...BANG!

    Anyone want a Female DW Meowth?
  13. boyerboy

    boyerboy Feel the...BANG!

    Anyone want a Female DW Meowth?
  14. Ekho's.tomb

    Ekho's.tomb Chupacabras Hunter~

    Im offering all the DW females in my signature, in this moment Im really need a Power herb! PM if you are interested


    Trade done
    Last edited: May 5, 2012
  15. Taigastyle

    Taigastyle hardened battler


    I'm looking for a DW f: Abra and Nidoran. PM me and I'm sure we can work something out.
  16. Shiny_Mudkip

    Shiny_Mudkip ITS PURPLE!!!!!

    If anyone has a dreamworld tentacool and willing to trade it I have a ton of pokemon including dreamworld just put up a pokemon you want and I will see if I have it. White Friend Code: 3654 5966 1064 Trainer Name: Danny
  17. Falconblade

    Falconblade Banned

    Looking for a DW Eevee, 31 IV's in Atk and Spd, Adamant or Jolly nature.

    Offering Hasty DW Event Lucario (UT).
  18. Big Vyce

    Big Vyce Member

    Dw #001

    Ok I have 5 DW bulbasaurs
    lonely x/x/x/29/29/31
    Rash 31/x/30-31/x/x/x
    Bold x/x/x/31/x/31
    2X modest 1st just 31 sp.atk 2nd HP/sp.atk 31 IV's

    I want a DW tentacool, DW superpower spinda impish if you can, Impish conkledurr w/ drain punch. Also I will give a free 1 to whoever helps me evolve my poliwhirl into Politoed AND TRADE IT BACK I will also help anyone who needs evo via trade or item. Because I'm a good person LOL. PM me if you are interested.
    Last edited: May 2, 2012
  19. sephiroth138

    sephiroth138 New Member

    looking for dw female ralts, offers in sig.
  20. Touqina

    Touqina New Member

    I've got a bunch of female DW vulpix. looking for DW eevee, tangrowth, sableye, spiritomb, any dw starters and shinies. make an offer.
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