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Dream World Trading Thread

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Looking for dwf bagon. Can offer dwf Riolu, dratini(with extreme speed if you want). Can also offer non-dw shines like Rayquaza, Muk, patrat, dugtrio, abomasnow, and others. PM if interested.


Looking to finish getting all dwf, check sig for details pm me plz


Looking for any dwf pokemon I dont have, list is in my signature of what i have got and what i can offer, pm me with offers :)


Trade completed!
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Funkmaster C

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Current DWF I needed on my desk five minutes ago: Elekid (pending), Doduo, Girafarig (pending), Gulpin, Hippopotas, Lillipup, Bouffalant!

But I'll take other DWF I don't have so feel free to offer more than just those.

Please review section 1.03(c) of my spreadsheet (link in my sig) to see what I have readily available for trade.
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Poke Trainer J

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Looking for Quiet Nature Zapdos with Lightningrod, If anyone has one for trade feel free to send me a PM.


Tory is my fav ♥
I have all the DWFs in my sig up for trade, looking for any shinies (dont care about nature or IVs as long as its legit) or non event legendaries in return.


Pokemon Breeder
Moving the trade up.
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Rainy Bluefoxie

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I have a dream world chimchar and piplup for trade, Please only very good offer only for these really rare pokes. I'm mostly looking for a shiny litwick, ponyta, latios or latias & A shiny dw poliwag,. Please no hacks or premier ribbons as none of my pokes are hacked. I also just got a dw turtwig in a trade as well.


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Looking for a female Politoed
will give anything in my sig

Violent Red

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Really want/need:

DWF Dratini !!!!

Also want:

DWF Zangoose
DWF Timburr

Can offer shinies/events/EV trained Pokemon/Egg move Pokemon/can breed what DWF Pokemon I have

Plz PM me :)

EDIT: Just acquired a DWF Dratini :')

Still looking for a DWF Zangoose and Timburr, PM me please! <3
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Really looking for a dw miltank. I can offer what is in my sig in return. Also taking offers on any other dwf I don't have.


Have some DWF poliwag up for trade


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Any of the released DWFs. (Note: I have to breed them first unless they're in my stock)

Events/shinies/some legendaries/DW Ditto/Some DWM or Genderless

Willing to do 2:1 deals depending.
PM me with offer.
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