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Dream World Trading Thread

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Dragon Tamer
I'm looking for all of the following dream world Pokemon or their evolutions, the only thing that matters is that they have there hidden abilities, and obviously no hacks. Please PM me for details.

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Death Blade99

hi everyone i need a DW venipede and a DW karrablast check my sig for what you want then pm me


is really a dinosaur
Looking for a dreamworld sentret with its HA, frisk, male or female. Willing to trade shinies/legendaries in BW/BW2 or XY. Going to try to get it transferred over to XY. PM me.

Venusaurus Rex

Shiny Hunter
I'm looking for a female Weak Armor Omanyte so I can breed a competitive omanyte for XY that has move tutor moves. I have multiple shinies,nearly all of the legendaries, and a few 3-4 iv male combees. PM if you're interested so I can give you my FC.


I'm looking for any female Eevee caught in the dream world. I don't care about nature or anything. I just want her in a dream ball so I can breed her in gen6. If you have one you wouldn't mind trading me, please PM me.


Psychic Master
This is the list of DWFs I'm looking for

#190 Aipom
#227 Skarmory
#546 Cottonee
#551 Sandile
#557 Dwebble
#588 Karrablast
#616 Shelmet
#626 Bouffalant

I can offer and DWF pokemon not in this list.


Pokemon Breeder
Looking for any DWF in their Dream Ball, have DWF vulpix, poliwag, tenta, slowpoke and other to trade for them. please send me a PM if you have any and we can make a trade :D


Shiny Hunter
I have HA Eevees with the egg moves wish and yawn. They are NNable and I can give them pokerus if you want. I'm looking for older gen legendaries, specially Latias.
Don't care about natures and etc, Just legit and uncloned.


New Member
desperately need a female hidden ability torkoal in gen 5.

Regigigas lvl 68

calm ev trained milotic lvl 50

latias lvl 40

lvl 49 ev trained kingdra

shiny japanese gastrodon lvl 30

HA japanese dragonite lvl 73

dusknoir lvl 48

any starter gen 1-3


rotom w lvl 15

virizion lvl 45

HA female corsola lvl 56

HA kingler lvl 56

HA female hariyama lvl 59

HA pinsir lvl 21

All come with pokerus and a pp max or rare candy. Looking for a female HA torkoal


Dream Ball <3
Looking for a female Gligar with its hidden ability Immunity. I can offer HA female Dratini, Slowpoke, Gible, Lucario and Eevee (w/ Wish). If you want something else, let me know, I'll see what I can do :)
PM me if interested.

I can breed you one if the dratini or gible you offer are in the Dream Ball


Active Member
Looking for a female Dream World Druddigon in black 2 or white 2. If you have X or Y I have lots to offer including perfect pokemon in X and Y. Or my larvesta, braxien, and something else friend safari.


Poison fan
Looking for a Dream World Sableye in B/W/2.
It can be found by trading with Curtis in BW2, if you're playing as the girl.

Offering Several DW pokemon and items.
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Active Member
Looking for a Dream World Sableye in B/W/2.
It can be found by trading with Curtis in BW2, if you're playing as the girl.

Offering Several DW pokemon and items.

Hey i've got Sableye do you have any female DW druddigon on your B/W/2?

Shyo Dead

Golden Star
Have Hidden Ability Seedots for trade and bulbasaurs with giga drain/power whip

looking for HA Dratini and HA Starters also whatever you have for offer is cool

have other stuff for trade as well if those arent what youre looking for

Send PM


Aquatic apprentice
Take a look at my SIG and pm me with a response of what you want .

I am looking for anything DW I do not have(must be female) modest zapdos(willing to offer multiple DW females)
thank you for your time
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