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Dream World Trading Thread

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PokeBreeder/Ev train

I have DW female polliwags(w/ encore) all UT I would be open to trade for other DW pokemon.
also have Jolly DW polliwags(also w/ encore) but would ask for more eggmoved/specific natured DW pokes
I'm looking shiny DW Pokemon. I only have Gligar, Growlithe, Dratini, and Vulpix. I'm also looking for all DW starters except for Charmander and Torchic, (proof is needed unless it's a mudkip), and a DW Leafeon, DW Vaporeon, and DW Porygon. CMT for Pokemon I'm offering ;).
PM/VM me or post in my shop if you're interested.
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The PPL'S Trader
Im Looking For the Kanto and Hoeen Dream World Starters. Any of them.

I can trade you a 10 Anv Tyrantair, 10 Anv Charizard any of my events or shines you must have proof though. and i really need a DW Growlitle Also


Writer & Trader.
Check my sig for my egg move'd DW female pokemon. I can give you an egg moved male to go along with the female as a package deal. I'm looking for any DW females that I don't already have :) Thanks!

Pokemon Ace

Dragon Master
Looking for DW Miltank, offering:

- Lv1 M Ferroseed: 31 Atk IVs, Leech Seed, Spikes (x7)
- Lv1 Timid Horsea: 31 HP IVs, DD, D Pulse, H Pump (x4 M, x4 F)
- Lv1 M Adamant/Jolly DW Aerodactyl w/ Roost (x1 Adamant, x1 Jolly)
- Lv1 DW Dratini (x4 M, x3 F)

Pm me if interested.
Hello Fellow Poke'-Enthusiasts!!:]

I'm looking for any of the following DreamWorld Pokemon (ALL must be UT, received during their proper release dated, and Legit of course );

Pokemon Labryinth Eevee Evolutions
Pokemon Peer Kanto Starters
CoroCoro November Issue
TCG Starter Set Sinnoh Starters
Pokemon Black and White Guide Hoenn Starters
Pokemon Popularity Poll Arceus
Birthday Togekiss
Pokemon Fan Mamoswine
DW Guidebook Porygon Event

Here's what I have; they're all legit and UT (btw, they are not in any order, sorry):

Nintendo Zone Jirachi
Japanese Birthday Charmander
'Sleepy' Japanese Pikachu (knows rest, sleep talk, snore and yawn)
Japanese PokemonCenter Meowth
Japanese Birthday Houndour
Japanese PC Yokohama Pikachu (knows thunder, surf and protect)
Japanese ANA Pikachu
Japanese Goonz Scizor
P-Ranger "Kyle's" Riolu
P-Ranger "Oblivia's" Shaymin
P-Ranger "Oblivia's" Heatran
SMR2010 Jiranchi
Michina Arceus
ALAMOS Darkrai
VGC09 Milotic
VGC10 Eevee
World09 Weavile
World08 Lucario
Japanese Pokemon Event 07 Mew
Gamestp Deoxys
SPR2010 Pichu
EUSMR09 Regigigas
NPower Pikachu
Nzone Pikachu
Japanese AND English "Hayley's" Mew
PKTOPIA Magmortar
PKTOPIA Electivire
PCNYd Altaria
WIN2011 Suicune
Aura Mew
Japanese AND English MYSTRY Mew
Shiny lv 100 English MYSTRY Mew (Don't know exactly were I got this one, sorry:/)
SPACE C Deoxys
TCGWC Pikachu (knows Surf, Thunderbolt, Light Screen and Quick Attack)
"ERIC's" Zigzagoon (knows Extremespeed)
Movie11 Shaymin
Japanese Pokemon Movie 08 Regigigas
Japanese Pokemon Movie 08 Shaymin
Japanese Pokemon Movie 09 Arceus
Japanese Pokemon Movie 09 Pichu
Japanese Pokemon Movie 10 Raikou
Japanese Pokemon Movie 10 Entei
Japanese Pokemon Movie 10 Suicune
TRU Shaymin
TRU Arceus
TRU Dragonite
TRU Regigigas
JEREMY Growlithe

I also have a legit shiny female Poochyena at lv 6 and a shiny male Gyaradose at lv 30. Both are in english and are also UT.

~~PM me with offers please!!!~~


The PPL'S Trader
Finnaly got my hands on a dw charmander and porygon! Need all the other starters from dw!!


Pokemon Breeder
Im taking requests for Seviper's with Dark Pulse. Please state what nature and male/female. Im interested in event/shiny/DW pokemon and possibly some rare items.


Pokemon Breeder
Offering female dw mareep


I got a lv. 10 Duduo and a lv. 10 Igglybuff! PM if interested!


LF the stuff in my sig. pm me if ur interested in anything from it.


IV Breeder
I'm seeking a DW Tauros with a jolly/adamant nature with -good- IVs, if you have a pokemon like this, please PM me and I'll let you know what I have to offer, thanks!


Writer & Trader.
These are the DW pokemon that I have to offer. You can request either female to pass on ability, or male to pass on egg moves, or both!. This list will be constantly updated. Keep in mind I also have the base form of every breedable pokemon, as well as some competitive items for trade

Dex. No - Pokemon - Gender - DW Ability - My Egg Moves

#016 - Pidgey - M/F - Big Pecks - ?
#029 - Nidoran - M & F - Hustle - ?
#037 - Vulpix - M/F - Drought - Hypnosis
#043 - Oddish - M/F - Run Away - Synthesis
#060 - Poliwag - M/F - Swift Swim (Turns into Drizzle) - Encore
#077 - Ponyta - M/F - Flame Body - Hypnosis
#079 - Slowpoke - M/F - Regenerator - ?
#083 - Farfetch'd - M/F - Defiant - ?
#084 - Doduo - M/F - Tangled Feet - Brave Bird
#102 - Exeggcute - M/F - Harvest - ?
#108 - Lickitung - M/F - Cloud Nine - Zen Headbutt
#114 - Tangela - M/F - Regenerator - Leaf Storm/Leech Seed/Giga Drain
#115 - Kangaskhan - F - Inner Focus - Double-Edge
#129 - Magikarp - M/F - Rattled
#133 - Eevee - M/F - Anticipation - Wish
#142 - Aerodactyl - M/F - Unnerve - ?
#147 - Dratini - M/F - Marvel Scale - Dragon Dance

#161 - Sentret - M/F - Frisk - Double-Edge
#163 - Hoothoot - M/F - Tinted Lens - ?
#165 - Ledyba - M/F - Rattled - ?
#177 - Natu - M/F - Magic Bounce - ?
#179 - Mareep - M/F - Plus - ?
#198 - Murkrow - M/F - Prankster - Brave Bird/Roost
#207 - Gligar - M/F - Immunity - Night Slash
#227 - Skarmory - M/F - Weak Armor - ?
#234 - Stantler - M/F - Sap Sipper - Megahorn
#235 - Smeargle - M/F - Moody
#241 - Miltank - F - Sap Sipper - ?

#261 - Poochyena - M/F - Rattled - Ice Fang
#320 - Wailmer - M/F - Pressure - ?
#333 - Swablu - M/F - Cloud Nine - ?
#341 - Corphish - M/F - Adaptibility - Metal Claw
#345 - Lileep - M/F - Storm Drain - ?
#369 - Relicanth - M/F - Sturdy - ?

#399 - Bidoof - M/F - Moody - Aqua Tail
#403 - Shinx - M/F - Guts - ?
#412 - Burmy - M/F - Overcoat
#422 - Shellos - M/F - Sand Force - ?

? Means I have egg moves available but am still experimenting
Bold denotes my best available pokemon. Will want slightly more in return.

...and more coming soon! I am most interested in shiny pokemon, other DW pokes I don't have, competitive battling items, or interesting egg move pokemon. And if you have a Shiny Relicanth I will give you almost everything I have :p

Feel free to PM me!
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Claydol User
Offering a DW female oddish with teeter dance!

PM me for offers


Advanced tier
wants list:
i would like any of the following dream world events, however you must show me a screen shot to proof me that your event is a legit one

dw torchic (speed boost)
dw treecko (unburden)
dw squirtle (rain dish)
dw bulbasaur (chlorophyl)
dw piplup (defaint)
dw turtwig (shell armor)
dw mamoswine (thick fat)
dw croagunk (poison touch)

Dream world pokemon up for trade:
;004; cahrmander (solar power)
caterpie (run away)
pidgey (pig peacks)
rattata (hustle)
spearow (sniper)
nidoran female (hustle)
nidoran male (hustle)
vulpix (drought)
zubat (infiltrator)
oddish (run away)
psyduck (swift swim)
growlithe (justified)
poliwag (swift swim)
bellsprout (Gluttony)
tentacool (rain dish)
ponita (flame body)
slowpoke (regenerator)
farfetch'd (defiant)
Dodou (tangled feet)
krabby (sheer force)
exeggcute ( harvest)
lickitung (cloud nine)
tangela (regenerator)
kangaskhan (inner focus)
horsea (damp)
goldeen (lightningrod)
staryu (analytic)- since staryu is genderless i'll clone before trdae it
scyther (steadfast)
tauros (sheer force)
magikarp ( rattled)
lapras (hydration)
;133; eevee (anticipation)- i'll trade it for japanese events i don't have
;135; jolteon (quick feet)-
http://i52.*******.com/2ynm4ox.jpg http://i53.*******.com/w9zix1.jpg
;136; flareon (guts)-
;137; porygon (analytic)-
omanyte (weak armor)
kabuto (weak armor)
aerodactyl (unnerve)
dratini (marvel scale)
sentret (frisk)
hoothoot (tinted lens)
ledyba (rattled)
igglybuff (friend guard)
natu (magic bounce)
mareep (plus)
marill (sap sipper)
sudowoodo (rattled)
hoppip (infiltrator)
sunkern (early bird)
yanma (frisk)
wooper (unaware)
;196; espeon (magic bounce)
;197; umbreon (inner focus)
murkrow (prankster)
girafarig (sap sipper)
gligar (immunity)
qwilfish (intimidate)
corsola (regenerator)
renoraid (moody)
delibird (insomnia)
mantine (water veil)
skarmory (weak armor)
stantler (sap sipper)
;235; smeargle (moody)- i'll trade it for japanese events i don't have
http://i53.*******.com/2v8qrlh.png http://i52.*******.com/vpiw6t.png
elekid (vital spirit)
miltank (sap sipper)
;258; mudkip (damp)-
poochyena (rattled)
zigzagoon (quick feet)
lotad (own tempo)
taillow (scrappy)
wingull (rain dish)
surskit (rain dish)
azurill (sap sipper)
skitty (wonder skin)
electrike (minus)
carvanha (speed boost)
wailmer (pressure)
swablu (cloud nine)
barboach (hydration)
corphish (adaptability)
lileep (storm drain)
anorith (swift swim)
feebas (adaptability)
castform [(forecast)move: water pulse] since castform is male i'll clone before trading him.
tropius (harvest)
clamperl (rattled)
relicanth (sturdy)
;390; chimchar (iron fist)
luvdisc (hydration)
staravia (reckless) [evolved from starly to make sure they have their dw ability]
bidoof (moody)
shinx (guts)
;412; burmy (overcoat)- i'll trade it for japanese events i don't have
http://i52.*******.com/dm46ft.png http://i52.*******.com/23kp28p.png
pachirisu (volt absorb)
buizel (water veil)
shellos (sand force)- the both of them west & east
drifloon (flare boost)
buneary (limber)
glameow (keen eye)
bonsly (rattled)
chatot (big pecks)
finneon (water veil)
mantyke (water veil)
;468; togekiss (super luck)
;470; leafeon (chlorophill)-
http://i54.*******.com/5p21ed.jpg http://i52.*******.com/21kf95y.jpg
;471; glaceon (ice body)-
http://i55.*******.com/2hremi8.png http://i55.*******.com/24yr1gy.png
;493; arceus

munna (telepathy)
darumaka (inner focus)
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U & I
Dream World Events:
Pokemon Cafe Female DW Burmy - Coming soon!
Pokemon Cafe Female DW Smeargle - Coming soon!
Pokemon Cafe Female DW Eevee - Modest (Proof of obtaining will be posted soon.)
Pokemon Dreamworld Birthday Togekiss - In the Forest (Can SR for Nature) (Proof of obtaining will be posted soon.)
Pokemon TCG Adamant Chimchar (Flawless) - Received in trade and proven as legit
Pokemon Popularity Quiz Adamant Arceus - Received in trade and proven as legit
Befriend a Pokemon Glaceon - Inside the Forest (Proof of obtaining will be posted soon)
Befriend a Pokemon Timid/Modest Espeon Friend Board
Befriend a Pokemon Jolteon - Coming Soon
Befriend a Pokemon Leafeon - Coming Soon
Befriend a Pokemon Vaporeon - Coming Soon
Befriend a Pokemon Umbreon - Coming Soon
Befriend a Pokemon Flareon - Coming Soon
Pokemon Black and White Guide Mudkip (Flawless) - Received in trade and proven as legit.

Looking For (Dream World Events MUST BE IN DREAM BALL!!!/Proof of obtaining MUST BE SHOWN!!!):
Pokemon Pia Charmander
Pokemon Pia Bulbasaur
Pokemon Pia Squirtle
Pokemon Black and White Guide Torchic
Pokemon Black and White Guide Treecko
Pokemon Black and White Multiplayer Guide Porygon - Pending
Other DW Events i don't have.
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