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Dream World Trading Thread

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U & I
Dream World Events:
Pokemon Cafe Female DW Burmy - Coming soon!
Pokemon Cafe Female DW Smeargle - Coming soon!
Pokemon Cafe Female DW Eevee - Modest (Proof of obtaining will be posted soon.)
Pokemon Dreamworld Birthday Togekiss - In the Forest (Can SR for Nature) (Proof of obtaining will be posted soon.)
Pokemon TCG Adamant Chimchar - Received in trade and proven as legit
Pokemon Popularity Quiz Adamant Arceus - Received in trade and proven as legit
Befriend a Pokemon Glaceon - Inside the Forest (Proof of obtaining will be posted soon)
Befriend a Pokemon Timid/Modest Espeon Friend Board
Befriend a Pokemon Jolteon - Coming Soon
Befriend a Pokemon Leafeon - Coming Soon
Befriend a Pokemon Vaporeon - Coming Soon
Befriend a Pokemon Umbreon - Coming Soon
Befriend a Pokemon Flareon - Coming Soon
Pokemon Black and White Guide Mudkip - Received in trade and proven as legit.
Pokemon Peer Charmander - Received in trade and proven as legit.[/I]

Looking For (Dream World Events MUST BE IN DREAM BALL!!!/Proof of obtaining MUST BE SHOWN!!!):
Pokemon Peer Bulbasaur
Pokemon Peer Squirtle
Pokemon Black and White Guide Torchic
Pokemon Black and White Guide Treecko
Pokemon Black and White Multiplayer Guide Flawless Timid Porygon
Other DW Events i don't have.


New Member
LF DW Charmander offering UT WIN 2011 Celebi and GMSTP Jirachi
ps can you breed a DW charmander and it have the solar power ability still?


Well-Known Member


DW Events:
JP Chlorophyll Bulbasaur* (GL profile page | DW Bulletin)
JP Unburden Treeko* (Campaign Photo | GL Profile Page | DW Bulletin)
JP Speed Boost Jolly Torchic (Campaign Photo | GL Profile Page | DW Bulletin)
JP Iron Fist Adamant Chimchar (DW Bulletin)

JP Inner Force Lonely Umbreon (DW Bulletin)

JP Poison Hand Timid Croagunk (DW Bulletin)
JP Thick Fat Mamoswine* (GL Profile Page | Obtaining | Sending)
JP Rash Arceus (DW Bulletin)
JP Porygon (Refer to here for the detail+proof)

JP Pokemon Cafe Female DW Eevee (DW Bulletin | PGL Profile)
JP Pokemon Cafe Female DW Burmy (PGL Profile)

*Reset upon trades, so you can request nature OR IV spread (like, "Outstanding", and you may request for "25 IVs and above" for no more than 3 stats) OR Hidden Power (type only) as well. Just remember, the more specific you get, the longer it'll take, since I'm soft resetting, not RNG'ing. Nickname is possible, of course, providing that it's Japanese or no longer than 5 letters.



Impish Immunity Gligar (Flawless)

Timid Drought Vulpix (31/30/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70; Hypnosis)
Jolly Marvel Scale Dratini (Flawless; Extremespeed, Thunderwave)

Timid Drought Vulpix (Lv. 50; 31/30/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70; 6 HP, 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed with Fire Blast, Will-O-Wisp, Protect, Energy Ball)



Dream World
Timid Drizzle Female Politoed (Lv. 56; 31/x/31/29/31/31; 252 Special Attack, 6 Special Defense, 252 Speed; Scald, Hypnosis, Ice Beam, Psychic)



DW female pokemon UT:
Timid Drought Vulpix (26/28/29/31/26/28, Heat Wave)
Modest Harvest Exeggcute (x/26/31/31/x/31, Leaf Storm)
Rash Moody Remoraid (10/31/28/31/29/12; Toxic, Ice Beam)
Quiet Hydration Lapras (14/x/31/31/31/31)
Timid Hustle Rattata (19/23/30/x/31/31)
Bold Marvel Scale Dratini (19/31/30/10/31/31)
Lax Swift Swim Poliwag (15/30/31/31/28/31)
Modest Vital Spirit Elekid (31/31/31/29/24/21)
Lax Vital Spirit Elekid (23/31/31/27/31/30)
Brave Vital Spirit Elekid (31/31/31/24/23/29)



Drought Vulpix
Harvest Exeggcute
Moody Remoraid
Hydration Lapras
Hustle Rattata
Marvel Scale Dratini (become Multi-Scale as Dragonite)
Swift Swim Poliwag (become Drizzle as Politoed)
Flame Body Ponyta
Rain Dish Surskit (become Unnerve as Masquerain)
Regenerator Tangela
Harvest Tropius
Big Pecks Chatot
Unnerve Aerodactyl
Defiant Farfetch'd
Run Away Oddish (become Stench as Gloom, Effect Spore as Vileplume and Healer as Bellossum)
Big Pecks Pidgey
Rain Dish Tentacool
Infiltrator Hoppip
Forecast Castform
Pressure Wailmer
Sap Sipper Miltank
Swift Swim Anorith
Frisk Yanma
Damp Horsea
Plus Mareep
Cloud Nine Swablu
Sand Strength Shellos
Guts Shinx
Justified Growlithe
Volt Absorb Pachirisu
Weak Armor Skarmory
Adaptability Corphish
Wonder Skin Skitty
Quick Feet Zigzagoon
Magic Bounce Natu
Speed Boost Cavanha
Rattled Poochyena (become Moxie as Mightyena)
Own Tempo Lotad
Sap Sipper Marill
Hustle Nidoran M (becomes Sheer Force as Nidoking)
Hustle Nidoran F (becomes Sheer Force as Nidoqueen)
Steadfast Scyther (becomes Light Metal as Scizor)
Vital Spirit Elekid
Limber Buneary
Swift Swim Psyduck
Rattled Sudowoodo
Storm Drain Lileep
Immunity Gligar (become Poison Heal as Gliscor)
Sheer Force Krabby
Hydration Barboarch
Sap Sipper Stantler
Inner Force Kangaskhan
Lightningrod Goldeen
Rain Dish Wingull
Water Veil Buizel
Friend Guard Igglybuff
Tangled Feet Doduo
Early Bird Sunkern
Insomnia Delibird


And many more. Visit my thread for the whole offer list.


DW starters except Bulbasaur and Treeko (MUST HAVE PROOF OF LEGITIMACY, but allow me to say, that doesn't mean you can offer me legitly obtained DW starter which were hacked afterward though. I do hack check the pokemons a lot deeper than the Hack Check thread, so just take note of that.)

Can also take other fair offer.

PM/VM if interested
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PSN: blakk21
hey i have a Male UT DW Modest Bulbasaur (obtained by Mat o_O) VM me for trades if interested. and sorry i have no proof for it.....


Advanced tier
wants list:
i would like any of the following dream world events, however you must show me a screen shot to proof me that your event is a legit one

dw torchic (speed boost)
dw treecko (unburden)
dw squirtle (rain dish)
dw piplup (defaint)
dw turtwig (shell armor)
dw mamoswine (thick fat)
dw croagunk (poison touch)

Dream world pokemon up for trade:
;004; cahrmander (solar power)
caterpie (run away)
pidgey (pig peacks)
rattata (hustle)
spearow (sniper)
nidoran female (hustle)
nidoran male (hustle)
vulpix (drought)
zubat (infiltrator)
oddish (run away)
psyduck (swift swim)
growlithe (justified)
poliwag (swift swim)
bellsprout (Gluttony)
tentacool (rain dish)
ponita (flame body)
slowpoke (regenerator)
farfetch'd (defiant)
Dodou (tangled feet)
krabby (sheer force)
exeggcute ( harvest)
lickitung (cloud nine)
tangela (regenerator)
kangaskhan (inner focus)
horsea (damp)
goldeen (lightningrod)
staryu (analytic)- since staryu is genderless i'll clone before trdae it
scyther (steadfast)
tauros (sheer force)
magikarp ( rattled)
lapras (hydration)
;133; eevee (anticipation)- i'll trade it for japanese events i don't have
;134; vaporeon (hydration)
;135; jolteon (quick feet)-
http://i52.*******.com/2ynm4ox.jpg http://i53.*******.com/w9zix1.jpg
;136; flareon (guts)-
;137; porygon (analytic)-
omanyte (weak armor)
kabuto (weak armor)
aerodactyl (unnerve)
dratini (marvel scale)
sentret (frisk)
hoothoot (tinted lens)
ledyba (rattled)
igglybuff (friend guard)
natu (magic bounce)
mareep (plus)
marill (sap sipper)
sudowoodo (rattled)
hoppip (infiltrator)
sunkern (early bird)
yanma (frisk)
wooper (unaware)
;196; espeon (magic bounce)
;197; umbreon (inner focus)
murkrow (prankster)
girafarig (sap sipper)
gligar (immunity)
qwilfish (intimidate)
corsola (regenerator)
renoraid (moody)
delibird (insomnia)
mantine (water veil)
skarmory (weak armor)
stantler (sap sipper)
;235; smeargle (moody)- i'll trade it for japanese events i don't have
http://i53.*******.com/2v8qrlh.png http://i52.*******.com/vpiw6t.png
elekid (vital spirit)
miltank (sap sipper)
;258; mudkip (damp)-
poochyena (rattled)
zigzagoon (quick feet)
lotad (own tempo)
taillow (scrappy)
wingull (rain dish)
surskit (rain dish)
azurill (sap sipper)
skitty (wonder skin)
electrike (minus)
carvanha (speed boost)
wailmer (pressure)
swablu (cloud nine)
barboach (hydration)
corphish (adaptability)
lileep (storm drain)
anorith (swift swim)
feebas (adaptability)
castform [(forecast)move: water pulse] since castform is male i'll clone before trading him.
tropius (harvest)
clamperl (rattled)
relicanth (sturdy)
;390; chimchar (iron fist)
luvdisc (hydration)
staravia (reckless) [evolved from starly to make sure they have their dw ability]
bidoof (moody)
shinx (guts)
;412; burmy (overcoat)- i'll trade it for japanese events i don't have
http://i52.*******.com/dm46ft.png http://i52.*******.com/23kp28p.png
pachirisu (volt absorb)
buizel (water veil)
shellos (sand force)- the both of them west & east
drifloon (flare boost)
buneary (limber)
glameow (keen eye)
bonsly (rattled)
chatot (big pecks)
finneon (water veil)
mantyke (water veil)
;468; togekiss (super luck)
;470; leafeon (chlorophill)-
http://i54.*******.com/5p21ed.jpg http://i52.*******.com/21kf95y.jpg
;471; glaceon (ice body)-
http://i55.*******.com/2hremi8.png http://i55.*******.com/24yr1gy.png
;493; arceus

munna (telepathy)
darumaka (inner focus)


Everyday Im Shufflin
I am seeking a DreamWorld Riolu, with prankster ability (obviously).
I guess just PM me and we can work something out. I own a lot of pokemon to trade...

Offering DW: Mareep, Lotad, Bidoof, Tangela, and Oddish.
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Covered in Bees!
Looking for shiny dw vulpix.
I have shinies, legendaries, dw female eevees, and with time, dw female poliwags. Also as many heart scales as you could possibly want, master balls, some evo stones, and I believe Leftovers.
Thank you
Pm me if you have what I want, and we can work out a deal.


New Member
Hi, I'm STILL looking for a female DW Skitty and Wooper, my offers are in my sig, I also obtained DW female Lileep recently, pm me if interested.


breedin' n grindin'
I've been MMing Azurills with the DW ability Sap Sipper and I have boxes of them to give away. The father has some good IVs. They also have the egg move Muddy Water which will be STAB when it evolves. PM me or Aaaamory on AIM if interested.

I'll take throwaways or anything in my want list for them. I also collect DWs so you can see what I already have in my sig. Please don't ask for any of those because I cannot breed any of them at this time but I do have a couple of extra DW magikarps.


Looking for DW shinies and Events. Do not offer me: DW shiny eevee, DW shiny Gligar, or DW shiny Dratini. I already have them. I'm offering the pokemon in my trade shop!! The link is in my sig!!


Covered in Bees!
Want ut dw bulbasaur. I don't care about proof, I trust the universe. No hacks please, though. Willing to offer dw female eevee's, dw female poliwags, and dw female vulpixes.
CAn add some Heart Scales if requested. Thank you. Pm me with offers.


Well-Known Member
Anyone want to trade a Female DW eevee for a Female DW dratini?
EDIT: Lmao forgot to say PM me if your willing :D
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??? Aspiring author?
I'm looking for any DW pokemon, especially flawless ones.

I will offer any chainable shiny and some RNG breedables.
These shiny are 100% legit and UT verified by me (most are with my OT)
shiny pawniard,
shiny scraggy,
shiny darumaka,
shiny sandile,
shiny dwebble
shiny audino,
shiny purrloin,
shiny sceptile,
shiny Zorua,
shiny pignite
shiny Volcarona,
shiny axew,
shiny sceptile,
shiny zangoose,
shiny golduck,
shiny terrakion
shiny cobalion
shiny golett
shiny politoed
shiny shuppet
shiny mamoswine
shiny crobat
shiny solrock

-DW Smeargle
-Poke Rnch MEW
-Jap-movie 14 victini (Fusion Flare, Fusion Bolt, V-Create, Searing Shot, UT Lvl 50, cherish ball)
-Porygon – 31/25/15/31/27/31 IV Spread-no not the friggin DW one, i dont see DW in front of it like the rest, do u?
-DW JAP Bulbasaur
-DW JAP Charmander
-DW JAP Umbreon
-DW Flareon
-DW Espeon
-DW Jolteon
-DW Glaceon
-ANA Darkrai
-ALAMOS Darkrai
-Jap-GOON Scizor
-Shiny Wishmkr Jirachi
-DW JAP Turtwig
-DW JAP Mudkip
-10ANIV Moltres
-10ANIV Entei
-10ANIV Articuno
-10ANIV Celebi
-10aniv Blastoise
-10ANIV Charizard
-10ANIV Bulbasaur
-10ANIV Alakazam

Dream World Pokemon UT Available:most are female
Tangela x2
Nidoran (m)
Ponyta x2


Grass Lover
Looking for a DW Female Anorith ;)
Offering lots of DW Females (no events).
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