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Dreams about pokemon?

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Experienced Trainer
Ever had one before? Last night, I had a dream that a guy from my school got married to Yellow from pokemon.... yeah it's especially weird since we are freshmen in high school, and Yellow is like 12.... I think I'm a little too obsessed with pokemon, haha. anyone else?

Emperor Empoleon

Honor of Kalos
I had a weird one..

I was on top of a train that was headed for a cliff, fighting robots, and there was this Blastoise using Hydro Pump with me and a rainbow colored sky O____x (did I mention we were joined by Jackie Chan?)A valiant effort it was...Til the train got to the cliff..

Then I woke up 8D

Ace Trainer Alex

wants to fight!
I do occasionally dream about random battles in the street in front of my house or along the road or in the large field nearby with my Torterra or my Machoke. Abagoura has been popping up a bit lately as well.


Raiden Maximus
Well I used to dream I was playing pokemon when I didn't have the game.

The latest one was when I dreampt of starting my pokemon sapphire journey with my mudkip. It was really different compared to when I actually played the game.


Experienced Trainer
As if it's not bad enough that I hardly have dreams, but when I do, they don't make any sense, freak me out or disturb me, or make me wonder what the heck is wrong with me.

I mean seriously, marrying yellow? What the heck did I eat? Oh yeah! I ate halloween candy!

I like yours Emporer Empoleon, it sounds so random! Just like me!
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An outcast...
I had this one thatr was really weird a few years back.

i was trying to catch an Arcanine, but the it turned into a devilish Snorlax and ate me. But then i bursted out of his brain and his brain was made of gelatin, so i ate it and it was cherry flavored. then some random Blastoise came in and yelled out "BUY OXICLEAN!" then he threw up all over me, and then he melted into a pool of acid. After that a Ho-oh came and grabed me and dropped me on a rainbow, but the rainbow turned into a Magikarp. hen the magikarp yelled "DON'T RESIST THE POWAH OF CHEESE!!!" Once i waked up, i was freaked out.


Experienced Trainer
Dude.... that is awesome!


From Zero To Hero
The only dreams I have are of playing an English version of BW.


Happiness is a Beautifly
I had a dream once where my friend and I were having lunch with Aaron (of the Sinnoh E4) and Pod of Isshu. o_O

Dark Eevee

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I occasionally have dreams involving Pokemon. Only sometimes it's how it's depicted in the anime. Most of the time it's like a dark version of Pokemon Special.


KO, fast as possible
When I first started playing my first, diamond, I had obsessive dreams of battles.
Sort of like: FIGHT. *insert move here* kill. Repeat.
Then would wake up really early and play the game. I killed that game.
Kind of morbid... uhh...


Seeker of the Blood
Staff member
I had one once. It was short. A Steelix fell on my house.


∩( ・ω・)∩
I often dream about pre-existing Pokémon and what they'd be like if given evolutions (in other words Fakémon...).

The other day I dreamt about a Charizard evolution - it had its back horns jutting up at an angle like an inverted goats; a white mane protruding from the back of its skull and down its spine; yellow eyes with black pupils and black markings around on the skin (similar to Rayquaza's eyes); torn up wings and scar marks across the body; a huge flame at the tip of its tail; and it was an overall darker red colouration. It also had larger claws on the fingers and feet, not to mention sharper teeth that speared up from the mouth.

Yeah, it was somethin' like that all right!
(Don't ask me how I remember so many specific details, I just do, okay! Haha.)
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Fighting Type Prof.
What's sad, is ever since I found, washed and put my old pokemon bedspread on my bed, I've dreamed about pokemon every single night. (What? It's the warmest blanket in the house, and my heat sucks. I have to keep warm somehow)

The most recent one that I can remember is:

I was in the parking lot of this huge corporate looking building (coulda been Silph...) and the sky was dark, overcast. I remember Lt. Surge being there (he looked like he does in the games, not in the Cartoon). He said something about a "Big rain coming...might flood." It did flood. Quite a bit. We got a bunch of people into this ark, and Lt. Surge and I went looking for this Eevee that was missing (why Eevee?). We got stuck outside, in the rain with water up to our waists. It was coming down in buckets, and we were looking everywhere for the wayward Eevee. Too bad I woke up before I found out what happened, but I remember the water rising higher and higher. I thought I might drown.

I also dream about other pokemon, too. Mostly my team and a few other favorites (the other two hitmons, croagunk, sneasel, ect.). I recall a dream about a badly burned Ash Ketchum, too. (He was burned as badly as little Alessa Gillespi in Silent Hill: Origins)

I actually wrote down a dream I had about Brock, changed the name to "David Chou" and turned it in for English Comp. I. My professor (and the rest of my classmates) loved it. It was horrific. (Brock gets carted off by these cultists, they tie him down and are going to sacrifice him to this demon that looks like the Ahriman, only it eats the cultists, and Brock escapes, only to be put in a loony bin.) He (the teacher) told me it was "Lovecraftien", and that I am a very skilled writer of horror (which, gentle SPPfers, is the greatest complement I've ever gotten in my entire life).

(Kodama, your sig scares the **** out of me. What the hell is it?)

I'm glad that some of you have good pokemon dreams...mine are always nightmares, as are all of my dreams. ;(



∩( ・ω・)∩
(Kodama, your sig scares the **** out of me. What the hell is it?)
Whaaa-? You don't think they're adorable?!

They are Kodama aka 木魂 in Japanese Kanji! In other words they're adorable little forest spirits that lurk in trees. The specific ones in my sig are from the movie 'Princess Mononoke' ... it's a great film, I recommend it.

I sincerely hope they don't give you nightmares btw! ^^;

Ultimate Champion

The Great Pokémon Master
When I was much younger, I remember having a dream in which I was flying around the Earth with my six Pokémon, ordering them to fire Hyper Beams at any cities I could find and destroying them.


Water Pokémon lover
I don't remember any of my dreams about Pokémon, but a friend had one a long time ago, and it's still one of his favorite dreams. He dreamt that he was trading Pokémon using the GBA cable, and that he, while trading, cut the cable. As you'd have probably guessed, their Pokémon didn't appear on the other player's game, but in real life.
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