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Dreams about pokemon?

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ミッドナイト ミュウツー
Not recently, although I have been getting some Poke dreams when I first joined here :p (I know who to blame now, haha)

But the one I remember so well, was one of my favorites.

So here we are, I am at the dinner table eating and having a pleasant conversation with my family. We had potatoes and beef. So then the scene faded out, then it went all black saying "Meanwhile in Japan"

It then went into a movie scene where it showed the different parts of downtown Kyoto, Japan. Then it showed this building (House) with lights flickering in the basement. The camera zooms into the basement with two scientists talking to each other, luckily subtitles were in this dream. So one takes a DVD of Pokemon, along with all the gameboy games, and throws it all into a machine that looked like a microwave from 2682 or so.

They were cheering because nothing was going wrong, so they turned the TV on, and put it to a Canadian channel (CTV to be accurate), then that's when a ray, or zap came from the machine, and into the TV. The television then broke making the scientists curse and hit each other. (Have no clue why). The scene eventually fades out, just as the fighting got good -.-;

So then it goes back to the "Meanwhile, back in Canada". It shows me turning off the Wii, can't remember the game off the top of my head. I changed the channel to watch the news on CTV... That's right. So after about 3 minutes the screen went to a fizzy green. I walked over to the TV, smacked it, and tried adjusting it, until the TV blew, and sent me a shock (The same colour as the ray of energy) The TV was now broken, I was really mad, but there was nothing I could do. So I went to bed

(Sleeping in a dream, real creative mind -.-)

So I wake up the next morning with a HUGE migraine. I walked over to the bathroom and noticed my eye colour was different. It was purple! Purple!. I thought I was imagining things. So after washing up, I went downstairs, and started to eat breakfast, I noticed the TV was fixed (Oddly). So as I am eating my cereal, my sister comes running in, and tries to make a huge scene, trying to disturb me. I simply closed my eyes, and pictured her being sent back upstairs through the floor.

Would you happen to know, she glowed purple, and went flying into her room.

o.o - my reaction
o.o - moms reaction
o.o - dads reaction
x.x - Sisters reaction

Now I know something is up, luckily I left the house before speculation got around (Oh what I have no clue yet!). So as I am walking, I can hear all these voices of other people talking, again closing my eyes, I pictured being in my sanctuary spot. Before you knew it, I vanished, and re-appeared at that spot!

-Dream Scene Fades-

It shows a Japanese television reporter, explaining what has happened.
"For all those that turned the TV to CTV at -:--pm to -:--pm (Can't remember times) You are all at risk of being zapped from the experiment. Explaining that those who got shocked, may of gotten some Pokemon genes, or personalities.

I immediately ran to my room, and pulled the game boy out, and loaded a pokedex on the computer. I then searched who I could possibly be.

(Break time, take a guess while I grab something to eat)

Ok I'm back. Continuing on, I spent about 2 hours searching (Apparently I searched from Gen 7 down to 1.) Finally spotting that I shared some odd abilities possessed by the legendary Mewtwo.

(The next day, funny how this dream is so far 3 days later!)

I woke up the next day, seeing that I have changed somewhat. A tail, a different skin tone. HEY! I'm a Mewtwo D= I shouted. I quickly then turned on my TV and locking the door. The Japanese people have reported finding 128 of the 829 pokemon, capturing, and now sent into tubes for studies. I immediately panicked, picturing myself as me again. Wow the transformation was complete. So , so far I know what I can do

- Teleport
- Change appearance
- Use Psychic

I finally gathered the thought that, as long as I was myself, no one would suspect and report me. So I headed out the door and walked calmly down the street. I eventually bumped into the woods where I take a normal walk. I came face-face with a Pidgeot. It was panicking. I immediately levitated quickly over (Looks like I found my 4th ability)

I told the Poke to calm down, and explain what is going on. All I heard was chirping, luckily Psychic comes into effect. I then told it to try picturing being himself/herself... Nothing happened. I guess it was something that only a Psychic can do.

Then I rope and net came out, and captured the Pidgeot, the scientists asked me if I was something as well. I quickly said "No" with a hurried look on my face. They then told me, if I found any others, to let them know. "We have captured every single one, but one. A Mewtwo!"

They then scurried off. I thought to myself, I am the only one? I cannot let the others suffer like this!

Then it goes to a cut scene of me practicing my abilities with the song (Beating Around the Bush - AC/DC)

I was ready for an attack on Japan. I took a plane, (Trying to be casual).

I eventually made it to the place where they kept all the other people/pokemon.

I slipped in behind the guards with another song playing (Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes)

Left, front, center and back, I stopped the enemy in their tracks. I sneaked over into the room, where one scientist stood.

"How dare you trying to save them!!!" He shouted
"You have no right to keep them as prisoners" I snapped back.

He then transformed into this dark type pokemon. Oh my, never mind. It was Darkrai.

The dream scene goes into widescreen, and a slow motion dash from both the Scientists and I, then it says

"To be continued!"
" You have to get up sucker :p"

I woke up at 5:10am, because it was storming out, and woke me up

I kinda swore, saying that the dream was a messed up action film...

Went back to sleep, and dreamed of.... What was it?... Being in a traffic jam.. Oh well


Catching up on XY
Had a dream yesterday that there was a Haunter and a Gengar playing funny tricks on me, and I enjoyed them. But then a Gastly came along and began to boggle my mind around, cause illusions, and scare the crap out of me. Caused me to wake up. Funny thing is I watched the Pokemon episode "Illusion Confusion" just a few days prior. :)


Well-Known Member
The only pokemon dream i remember was a lucid dream! :D
i was standing on a field of grass and playing with some of my pokemon.
then i noticed that pokemon dont exist and figured out i was dreaming.

my reaction: 'oh my god, i'm dreaming, i can actually do whatever i want now!'
and then i started to rise into the air and flew around with my pokemon next to me :)


Derpy and awesome!
i had another one!

ï was in some br toy store, and was looking for pokeballs. i just found the usual boring ones with monfeno, pichu, arceus, prinplup, grotle, palkia and dialga, but i walked around the shelf, and found some unova pokeballs with tepig, snivy, oshawott, pikachu,, pawniard, frillish and rufflet, and i was sooo happy!
when i found out it was a dream i became soooo depressed.........


Cute o3o
The only dream I remember about Pokemon was a wet dream..I don't think it's appropriate for here.

No, I am just kidding. But the only dream of Pokemon I remember is when I dreamt that alien Charizards flew here from Mars, killed 90% of humans, but then we invented the Poke Ball and defeated them. Then I became King of Earth.


Well-Known Member
I had one once in Pokemon red that I went outside the trees next to Pallet Town and found a Golduck.


Donw with CIPHET!
Right after I got Sapphire back in 2004, I had a dream that I had a friend over. I had just started a new file and had beaten Team Aqua in the Petalburg Woods. Then I heard my parents reminding me to take turns playing the game so that this random friend (probably not a very good friend, either) could have an opportunity to play too.

So I give it to my friend. Then out of nowhere, in the middle of the woods he runs into a Level 93 Poliwrath (completely unobtainable at the time, of course). I'm sitting there confused and he lets out a very shocked and disturbing scream almost directly in my ear. My body seizes up, I get cold chills and wake up seriously confused.

I've had a bunch since then, of course, but none were nearly that... strange.


hmm i dreamt of Jessie has evil laughter and lightning flashes behind her. she has Crobat and Gengar. she looks powerful alright, and i only have Pokabu. he is pretty excited. i think maybe he wants to battle. but poof, my dream ended.


i had a wierd dream of the anime the other day

----i dreamt of the best episode-mini saga ever

the whole gang was in it it was like a fanfic

but i opened my eyes and it was only just a dream.....

Miss Alexis

Event Collector :)
I had a weird dream once where I was at my schools football field having a pokemon battle with another person. It was pretty cool, I had a staryu out and he was using hitmonlee I think and commanding staryu and having it listen to you was one of the greatest feelings I ever experienced! I remember commanding it to use water gun then rapid spin and it did as it was told! But because it was a dream, certain parts of it faded out and now I can only remember that part.


Well-Known Member
I had a dream that I was at the beach and I found Black and White, then I saw Dawn, and then someone kidnapped her. The whole beach clapped, because she was gone. Then a man came up and kicked me in the shins. I then woke up, realizing it was only just a dream~

Pokemon is wierd like that.

See if you guys get the reference in my post.


I also had a wet dream for Pokemon, but I won't mention it here

I did however had a dream that I was jumpiing on a trampoline and Jessie and James came out saying "Prepare for trouble, and make it double) I was like... aww man not again


Unidentified Ghost
I had a Pokemon dream last night. I just dreamed that someone redid a Flipnote (animation program on DSi) that I made, and they made it look amazing. That would be pretty cool, since I'm not very good at making them.


It's been a while...
One time I had one.
I was sitting somewhere, bored. It was a hot day, and I was with some other people (expedition?). Then, out of nowhere, I see a Chimchar but realize it was just my imagination. When I saw a crowd starting to gather, I noticed a glass container thing and saw a Chimchar in there. It looked like it was sleeping, but the tail flame wasn't out. Then the dream went to something different.
I was in a dark cave with a (talking) Lucario who was trying to warn me about something... but I wasn't paying attention. :( It sounded important. Hmm didn't he say something about a Riolu...? Lol I have no idea.


Master Trainer
I had a dream that I was training my Blaziken but Kratos from God of War and Ezio from Assassin's Creed were helping me. Kratos was yelling "ALWAYS ATTACK HEAD ON" and Ezio said "No be sneaky and let the field protect you" Then they started slapping each other and I ran away and beat the elite 4 with Blaziken and my other team members. As I got back they were still fighting but Master Chief, The Arbiter, The Gears of War guys, Sub Zero and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, Altair, Cole Mcrath, Mewtwo, and a few others were still fighting like crazy. I think I might have drank to many sodas that night


The Pokemon Observer
I'm writing Pokemon Fanfic, therefore I'm ALWAYS daydreaming about the plot of the story.

I know that "daydreaming" is completely different from "dreaming", but first let me finish my words first.

Whenever I go daydreaming (usually close my eyes, sit back and relax, and focus my mind for approximately 1 hour) about the story of my Fanfic, my brain goes tired quite very quickly, so very often I just fell asleep while I'm still daydreaming about the Fanfic plot. Then I often sees short dreams very close to what I just daydreaming previously.

These dreams during my nap time was never long, and I usually forget them very quick if it is not relevant to my fanfic.
However, there was one scene from one of the dream I had a years back then which I was consider as unforgettable, as it had became one of the major plot in my story:

Christina (the protagonist of my fanfic, designed base on Kris(Crystal)), Tatsuki (friend of Christina, designed based on Gold(Crystal)), Red (of Pokemon Adventure), and Christina's "Partner" Pokemon, Zephyr(Scizor's name), four of them standing on a hill of a grassfield (if I remember correctly, it feels like somewhere in Indigo Plateau), watching the fire-red sunset with very determined expression, talking something very important (I forget).

To tell the truth, I had already forget all the small details of this dream, but only that sunset scene was still very clear in my mind up until now.


Well-Known Member
I find myself dreaming about Pokemon often. Dreaming or daydeaming, I do both. :p
I dream about Pokemon a lot at night because I tend to sing the theme songs in my head until I fall asleep. XD Also, like the guy above me said, I find myself daydreaming about the plot of the fanfiction I'm writing right now. (Or trying to write. :p)


today, well another short pokemon dream, i dreamt of aspear berry tree being guarded by Ridley (well i called him that name) and lucario. i remembered he said that tree was part his farm and he and lucario were guarding the farm from intruders. however they were somewhat happy to see me...

but i like how lucario runs, very cool lol.
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