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Dreams about pokemon?

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Funny how so many years have passed and despite my, let's call it, addiction to Pokemon i rarely have any dreams involving them. A few years back i recall dreaming something about Zapdos. I think i had one or two more Pokemon related dreams over the years but the only one i can remember is the one i had a few weeks ago. I think it was Ash, May and Brock training May's Swellow (o_O) in the sunset running in green fields. lol go figure.


Guardiana Cristálica
Well, I actually had a very very funny dream, it happened like in 2 - 3 years before, when I was younger, I dreamt it was another Pokémon Season named 'Pokémon: The Ultimate Challenge' and I was the main protagonist, it had an opening and an ending (I loved the opening, so epic), It happened in Johto, in the dream, the narrator said: ''In our last episode, Marcus helped Falkner with the Bellsprout Tower battle against Team Rocket, and Marcus challenged Falkner to a Pokémon Battle for the badge, after the epic fight, Falkner was defeated by Marcus, and Marcus earned the Zephyr Badge, and know, in today's episode, our heroe, Marcus, will be heading to Azalea Town, hoping that he will beat Bugsy, but, what will happen if near the route there are some 'real' ghost stories?''. I was like wow, and yes, I had a talk with Falkner, he's amazing, when I was walking in the forest, I ended up in a restaurant, I forgot the name, but there were an old couple (old timers) saying that their restaurant and home was haunted by some spirits, and those spirits haunted the clients, so they were waiting for someone who could help them to make the spirits go to the other life, I said: ''Yes, why couldn't I?''. The old couple thanked me, and both of them told me to be careful, since the place could be cursed. When I was walking deeper into the restaurant, I felt that I was being possesed by someone, and I could make things levitate, after a while, the spirit left my body, and it was a Ghastly, he looked very happy with me, and I asked the Ghastly why he's haunting the restaurant, he asnwered me with Pokémon language, obviusly, but I understanded that he was only there because nobody wanted to take care of him when he was still alive, suddenly, Team Rocket appeared (and yes, they said what they commonly say, you know, ''Prepare for trouble, and make it double...'') and Jessie said: That Ghastly could be useful for our boss as a gift!, then James replied: Let's do it Jessie!, we could get promoted!, Meowth said: Imagine how happy will the boss be if we catch that Ghastly!, he could use him to haunt intruders in the headquarters, and then, the boss will say: ''''Thanks to Jessie, James and Meowth now I can sleep without being disturbed''''. I said: Hey! Don't steal him! He has to be free!, then Jessie, James and Meowth were laughing at me, and they sent their Pokémon to fight against me (Arbok and Weezing), and I threw a Pokéball and I sent out Pidgeotto, I used gust and Arbok used Poison Sting, Weezing used Smokescreen, and we couldn't see anything, then Pidgeotto tried to use Gust again and he cleared the smoke screen, but Arbok bited him and he was very tired, so I had to return him to my Pokéball, I was useless because my other Pokémon were exhausted, but then I remembered that I had a Vulpix, and I threw the Pokéball and Vulpix appeared, he used ember and attacked Arbok, but they counter attacked, in that moment I thought I was going to lose against them, and Jessie, James and Meowth were trying to piss me off, but Ghastly used his psychic abilities and he knocked Arbok and Weezing, so they were sent and exploded their balloon, after the fight, the Ghastly looked at me and he was happy, so he picked a Pokéball and got caught, like if he were wanting to be my Pokémon friend, I was running to the entrance and the old couple were thanking me so much, and for conmemorate the momment, they invited me to dine, I was happy, when I finished having my dinner I opened the door and I was outside, and there was a beautiful sunset, I saw it and the old couple asked me if the dinner was good, I told them yes, and they said that the next route it takes me to the Union Cave, they told me to take care, and they were very happy, and they also said that I could go again whenever I wanted, I waved my hand while I was leaving, and they were too, and I was following the path with a beautiful sunset illuminating my path. After that, the narrator said that ''After all this haunting adventure, Marcus made another friend, and with a ray of hope on his way, he's even nearer to accomplish his dream to become a Pokémon master, this story will continue''. (Yes, with that text that appears when the shows is ending, after that, there weren't credits, there was a Pokémon Karaokebox, with music from the Pokémon Anime, it was being played ''Road to Viridian City''. It was so amazing, after that, the full Johto Journeys opening theme was played as an ending theme.

It was just simply amazing.
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Metagross Guy

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I thought being 17 made me stop with pokemon dreams but no..it didnt..
About four days ago i dreamt i was walking by a huge lake with my girlfriend then out of no where comes a Salamance..he floated awesomely over the evening's water for a bit then all i remember was an Orange glow powering up in his mouth and heading for us...I suspect it was Hyper Beam.


Creaming in PAIN!
I once dreamt that I was fighting pokemon by my self(I had no pokemon so...PUNCH!)in a tower.When I got to the top there was a Giant Charizard.When I was about going to battle it I wakened up.I was like:NOOOOOOO!BTW the battle with the charizard was in a little plataform.And the battles where in this order:

1-a bunch of caterpies
2-a Pikachu.Comanded by Ash.
3-a Gyarados.
4-zubat flying.It was like a test.I had to evade them
5-Lots of random pokemon.
6-The Giant Charizard


Don't Mess With Me
I have wet dreams about Ash and Gary.

I occasionally will dream that I'm in the anime, or sometimes just playing the handheld games. I especially like when I have vivid dreams about having my own Pokemon, it makes me so happy. Although I usually get pretty disappointed when I wake up. >___<


Original Series Fan
A few months ago, I dreamed I was Ash, though I forget what I was going (Probably walking, one of the most common activities in the anime)

And then I woke up.


I have wet dreams about Ash and Gary.
Son. ಠ_ಠ
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What the heck...?

Anyway, no, I don't think I ever dream about pokemon.....that would be way too weird anyway.....

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
Although not exactly a dream, I once had sleep paralasis and thought a Jynx was hovering over my bed. Needless to say, it was a rough night.
*slowly pats you on head*

I am unfortunately unable to remember a lot of my dreams at the moment, but I have a feeling I had a Pokémon/Tremors crossover (with maybe ET) a couple nights ago. And my goodness it was STUPID. Made me question myself if it was a secret/repressed paranoia I had as a child. Though I was freaking out a little... I thought it was real for a second.

Though earlier in that dream I was at church on, like, a Wednesday and there were rather creepy things going on (the bugs from the JumpStart 4th Grade PC game were there bothering everyone). There was a room where there were a bunch of Pokémon sitting around talking about something. Don't know if they followed me home or not for the Tremors moment...

I think I had a Mewshipping dream sometime in the past month.


Don't Mess With Me
I have a lot of nightmares about Missingno. and other glitches like it. It'll either be that I'm inside the game myself, and I'm being overwhelmed by pixelated creatures, or I'll just be playing the game and constantly running into Missingno. over and over and over again.

Those are some of the worst nightmares, since I have an actual phobia for glitches.


Well-Known Member
I remember a horror dream from when I was young. I slept with a charizard doll (though I started playing much later) and I had a dream where ash tries to train his charizard, and fails. then we go back to his house and charizard turned to Binky Barnes from Arthur, and then he chased me, and I ran, and I fell into a bed, and he jumped at me, and.... then I woke up.
I think my subconsious was trying to tell me that Binky is a pedophile.
edit: did you notice that charizard apeared in almost all of our dreams?
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Del Mundo

Ghost Fan
I sometimes have dreams about ev training.... When I wake up, I go AWWWKRAP that was all for nothing?!?


I once dreamt that I was a Jirachi and some Pokemon hunters were trying to capture me! And when I woke up in the morning, it was rather amusing to think about it. ._.
I had a dream where I was playing a game in a house and I was about grabbing a Oshawott doll and saying "Oh my Oshawott. I forgot my Oshawott!" since I was playing "Escape from the Dungeon" in my dream.


Creaming in PAIN!
Remembered another!I went to Hearhome(In the game)and it was rainin glue,it was snowy and sunny at the same time.I was walking in the flowers to protect myself and a wild mesprit appeared in the flowers(I actually caught it before).the pokemon i send is a Bad Egg instead of my Lv 100 torterra!then I wake and check my torterra.

PKMN Trainer Rex

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One pokemon dream had was a mix of Yugioh and Pokemon. Instead of pokeballs you call pokemon with pokemon cards, like in yugioh "I summon Dark Magician" kind of thing. And i had no card, So I had to fight the Poliwrath hand to hydro pump.

Corroded Arceus

Shiny Hunter
A few nights ago, I dreamt that I was playing either Ruby or Sapphire, and that I was going through Rusturf Tunnel. I encountered a Ralts (I know Ralts can't be found there, but hey, this was my dream. :p) and caught it with some difficulty. When I got out of Rusturf, I looked at it's profile, and noticed that it was light blue. I was sooo excited.

I love dreaming about getting shinies.


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What? Why does almost everyone else have normal, happy and, quite frankly, story book-like dreams?

I had a dream about Pokemon recently but because it was a dream it made about as much sense as Charlie the Unicorn...

So, I was in some weird place that looked like a school but probably wasn't. I walked around for abit and saw some guy who, of course, I didn't know. He said he wanted to show me something and then disappeared. Obviously because it was a dream I was like "Yeah that's normal ok." I walked into a room and there was just these two pokemon fighting. I can't exactly remember who they were but I think one of them was like Pikachu or Raichu.

Some guy who looked like Ash was there and instead of stopping the fight, he just stood there motionless. I went over and asked the Pokemon what they were doing and one of them just said "Hey!" and I jumped to another place because, ya know, it's a dream.

That's about it.

I have a lot of nightmares about Missingno. and other glitches like it. It'll either be that I'm inside the game myself, and I'm being overwhelmed by pixelated creatures, or I'll just be playing the game and constantly running into Missingno. over and over and over again.

Those are some of the worst nightmares, since I have an actual phobia for glitches.
See this is more like it. I used to have phobia like dreams about light bulbs. I used to get up to go to the bathroom but the light bulb would grab me and hang me by the ceiling and it used to scare the crap out of me.


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I had a dream just the other night where my saphire and leafgreen kept in freezing everytime I tried to face a gym leader.
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